Overcomer Of Your Struggles – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY

soldier-759302_1280Overcomer Of Your Struggles

God’s prophecy
pronounced in the gathering
of the saints of God

Recorded on May 21st, 2006 at 1:30 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 7 min 20 s         MTM20060521DVD

Original recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2006 and 2016


1 Consecration unto God is a thing that is important, saith the Lord, your God.

2 Without consecration, you will not be able to have my salvation.

3 Ah, if you enjoy yourself in the things of this world, tonight I guarantee this unto you, I promise this unto you

4 through my Word, through my honour, saith the Lord, you will not be able to see my face.

5 Yes, you will not be able to see my face, if you have no consecration for my Word;

6 because my Word is Life; my Word is the source of your salvation tonight.

7 Do not reject out of hand what you hear tonight in here; no, to the contrary, put it in your heart and let it germinate.

8 Give a chance to this sprout to produce a tree so that you take root,

9 but do not let the roots get choked by the cares of this world; no; because me, I am the Lord who is a jealous God.

10 You cannot come to me and go back and come back to me as the man can go to the prostitute.

11 Ah no, no, no! You cannot graze on my pasture and commit a thing with the Lord; because I am a God of honour.

12 I am a clean God. I am a holy God. Even Moses one day rendered a testimony in my honour.

13 He even declared: “O Lord God,

14 who can be magnificent as the Lord God is magnificent? Who is holy as the Lord God is holy?”

15 Moses, my servant, rendered a tribute to my holiness one day.

16 Yes he glorified me before his nation and he uplifted me before my people,

17 but has this lead the people to continue to serve me? No, my people preferred the pleasures of this world.

18 My people always went against my Word, but you tonight, bond yourselves to this Word.

19 Bond yourselves unto me, saith the Lord, your God; for I am your God.

20 It is me who called you, it is me who chose you, it is me who cherishes you,

21 through the Word, through my Christ, which I gave you.

22 Yes, my Son was the offering necessary for your salvation tonight.

23 And you tonight, what will you do? Will you walk out there once more without God in you?

24 or will you accept this salvation which can lead you to me, towards my power and my glory in my Kingdom?

25 My Son is in my Kingdom tonight, in order to prepare a place for each one of you,

26 and Jesus before he left the Earth He said unto his disciples: “If this was not so, I would have also told you that.”

27 My Christ is no liar. Everything He declared, He always declared the truth according to me, saith the Lord.

28 Ah, people have always been Scribes and Pharisees,

29 have always been arrogant people, have always been without pity against Jesus, always, always, why?

30 Because He was walking with me. Jesus, each time He had a Word to bring up, He always said:

31 “I am not speaking up through my own self.”

32 “No, I am not speaking up through my own authority, declared Jesus, but I speak up in the name of my Father.”

33 “I am announcing unto you what I saw of my Father

34 and I am announcing unto you the same things my Father told me to say unto you.”

35 This is the reason why Jesus was always detested by people,

36 because He gave them the same truth I had announced unto Him, according to all He saw of me;

37 but tonight Christ is not among you in the flesh, but He is here with the Word, He is here through his Spirit.

38 Accept Him in your heart; because without Christ, you will not be able to come to me.

39 Jesus Himself said it: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”

40 No one can reach God but by Him.

41 I created only one mediator between God and mankind and his name is Jesus.

42 Jesus-Christ, bond yourselves strongly unto Him; ah, because the end is at hand, because the end is at hand!

43 The famine of the Word is very close. The famine of the Word is very, very close.

44 Ah, the famine of the Word of God is at hand here on Earth.

45 Yes, it is a rare thing to find places like this place here where the Word is preached as it is written, saith the Lord.

46 The famine of the Word is at the door. Bond yourselves to this Word!

47 Bond yourselves to this Word; for it is this Word that is Life, nothing else, nothing else!

48 There is nothing else on this Earth that will give you this strength to make it to heaven, nothing, nothing else but my Word, saith the Lord.

49 Nothing, nothing, nothing else but my Word can give you this fortification which you need

50 in order to inherit the kingdom of God, and which will let you make it;

51 for I know this, saith the Lord, it is through labour and sorrows that you can reach heaven.

52 Yes, your own struggles, my son, and your own struggles, my daughter,

53 I know that they are often burdensome,

54 but my Word is sufficient for you: my Word is your comfort, my Word is your fortification.

55 Realize that even though you often thought you were struggling alone, how many battles have you lost?

56 I was always with you. I always fortified you.

57 Even here during church meetings, you received the fortification you needed to receive to go on.

58 You always came out of your struggles as an overcomer of your struggles. Always!

59 You never were a loser; for the Lord, your God, is not a loser.

60 The Lord is a winner and He wants his children to be winners.

61 This is why I walk with you, saith the Lord.

62 I am walking along within you so that you are not a loser, but in order for you to be a winner with me, saith the Lord.

63 Ah, the Scribes and the Pharisees have imagined they had exterminated my Son and even the devil rejoiced.

64 Even the devil rejoiced believing he had exterminated my Son.

65 Ah, Jesus has not been a loser. Jesus is a winner since the day He is sitting with me.

66 Since the day I resurrected Him, He is sitting at my right, saith the Lord, and He is the winner

67 and this is how I want you to be, this is how I want you to be, saith the Lord tonight.

68  I want you to be winners! I want you to be overcomers!

69 I don’t want you to be walking with sadness;

70 yes, for I don’t want any root of bitterness to be growing inside the heart of my children;

71 because the root of bitterness is full of disappointments and it brings only sadness,

72 but to the contrary, you must be purged of these things, saith the Lord, your God.

73 Walk on high grounds; for I am with you until the end.

74 As long as you will walk with me, I will be with you.

75 Yes, I made it known unto you this afternoon: I only love whosoever loves me.

76 I only love whosoever loves me!

77 If you don’t love me, I don’t love you. If you detest me, I detest you.

78 If you hate me, I hate you; but if you love me, I love you, as Jesus made it known unto you.

79 Jesus declared one day, my Son declared this: “Whosoever loves me will also be loved by the One who sent me.”

80 but above all, bond yourselves to my Word in order to be fortified by it.

81 It is my Word that fortifies you; and you will not find any fortification elsewhere than in my Word.

82 It is only my Word that fortifies you, never forget that, saith the Lord, your God.

83 Never forget my Word!


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