Recognize God – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY

fire-1076260_1280Recognize God

God’s prophecy
pronounced in the gathering
of the saints of God

Recorded on June 29th, 2008 at 9:18 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 16 min 24 s      ROY0100PC

Original recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2008 and 2016


1 (First words missing.) …not known to mankind, not known of any nation.

2 Each nation, even today in 2008,

3 they are surprised to see what is happening on the face of the Earth.

4 They are all scared, they are all, yes, troubled

5 to see all things changing, changing really fast!

6 Ah, I tell you one thing:

7 When Jesus came, all things changed, yes, in seventy-two hours.

8 From the crucifixion of Jesus until his resurrection, in seventy-two hours,

9 everything had changed: the kingdom of God was no more the same.

10 And to really be able to make it to his kingdom,

11 it was no more the same thing, neither. There you go!

12 Jesus said it, preached it, established it: “I am the Way.

13 No man can come to the Father, but by me.

14 Yes, vengeance belongs to me!”

15 Therefore our God has all kinds of possible signs

16 and mysterious ways to make Himself felt that He is a living God.

17 Our God is not dead.

18 It’s exciting to belong to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus-Christ.

19 Stimulate yourselves a little bit!

20 The ways of God are really mysterious so that mankind wakes up, ah, through His presence.

21 Therefore tonight, we are here inside these walls, in order to receive from the Lord yes his mind, his ways,

22 so that we may be found walking in a pleasing manner for Him;

23 for our ways, our thoughts, are not the thoughts of God, the ways of God.

24 Therefore, we are here tonight to really receive

25 all the knowledge in his Word, through his Word, to know who God really is.

26 We do not need to wait for a tornado to wake us up that God is.

27 We do not need to wait for a storm which will scare nations outside of here to know that God is.

28 Us, we know Him: we are His sons.

29 We received the Spirit of adoption so that we may call Him : «Daddy!» «Father!»

30 Father, isn’t it the way it is?

31 Isn’t it marvelous to be found here tonight and then to really be able to say: «Father, Father»?

32 Therefore, our Father promised to let Himself known.

33 And the nations today,

34 in this whole world on the face of this planet, the Earth,

35 That God created each individual with one single blood and his destiny, his place, is on the Earth.

36 There is no other place elsewhere, it’s a reality, where a man can live, yes, with God’s breath.–

37 God does not give them His breath on the Moon, does not give them His breath on the other planets,

38 does not give them any breath in their lungs so that they breathe;

39 no, no! they need to have, yes, things invented by mankind.

40 The man always created for himself many gods, yes gods in which he may put his trust, in which he may breathe and live;

41 but the Lord has the last say: He has the breath, the real breath, for each man and woman;

42 and then tonight here in Jesus-Christ, we have the spiritual breath

43 in order to also be living spiritually! eternally!

44 That’s the breath we have, us who are here tonight: the words of life and of justice which are Life and Spirit.

45 This is what we are enjoying, this is what we are eating, this is what we are digesting,

46 this is what we are receiving here when we enter in this place.

47 Ah, God promised that He will make sure to be recognized!

48 And look, ah, what it is that the scientists are discovering here and there, left and right: “It’s dangerous! It’s scary!”

49 They see that things are changing, that things are coming to an end.

50 Yes yes, it won’t be long no more, it will not be long that we will have no more

51 polar bears yes, and then also, of such a beast or of that other beast.

52 They are disappearing, yes, the things which were nourishing them and, which were keeping these beasts alive.

53 Obviously, the people really want to protect things and to protect everything.

54 These things are their gods, yes all these things, in which yes,

55 they place their trust, yes their glory, ah, in order to preserve this and to preserve that.

56 The Lord never promised that there will be one thing that will be preserved on this planet.

57 It was promised that it will burn, oh yes, that it will burn with all of its polar bears,

58 with all of its serpents, cobras or, its whatever else or, its grass-snakes. Hey.

59 Whatever fish it will be, all forests, men and women, babies, children, it will all burn! burn!!!

60 for to everything that is ungodly, it is promised that the Lord will continue to demonstrate

61 that He has the last say as He demonstrated it to Sodom and Gomorrah,

62 to the Village of Sodom, to the Village of Gomorrah, oh yes, as we have The Village here.

63 Oh well, I am telling you one thing, our God promised that he will make sure to be recognized

64 for the God we must serve, and not for the God of sexuality

65 and not for the God of ungodliness and of all kinds of corruption of anything

66 as we just finished reading it in the book of Revelation. You read it! And it is still true,

67 here, God will make Himself known to be the God of those who will win, saith the Lord.

68 They will inherit these things and God will be your God. Oh yes!

69 And us, we will be His sons; but for the spiritless, the unfaithful, the abominable, the murderers,

70 the whoremongers and the sorcerers, the idolaters and all of the liars,

71 Ah, whosoever today, yes, does not serve God, they are all liars.–

72 and all the liars will inherit, oh yes, a demonstration of God, the last demonstration.

73 The last demonstration! Just like when He said to Moses: “Talk to Pharaoh:

74 That king or whatsoever title they are giving him. Obviously, you may give him whichever name you wish.–

75 I have ten plagues and the last one is near.” The last plague is coming!

76 Then at the last plague, yes Pharaoh, –I am telling you this one thing… Yes, there it was!– he repented.

77 He did let go the people of God, oh yes,

78 but all of a sudden, Ha, ha! there it was, he saw he had not done a good thing.

79 Yes, he really thought he could walk in his hypocrisy and then remain the winner;

80 but the Lord said it: “No. Here I am! It’s the end!” Oh yes!

81 And then in the book of Revelation 21:8, it’s the end:

82 “Blessed are those who take part in the first resurrection; for the second resurrection has no power over those ones.”

83 Therefore the Lord will Himself demonstrate what He is to mankind who really know that God is.

84 They pray Him, this God. They pray this particular God. They call upon this specific God.

85 It’s real. This is a positive thing!! We hear them, the leaders of the nations.

86 Whether they are Muslims or, Catholics or, Protestants or whatever else, they pray God

87 when torrents are there, when destruction is there, when God makes Himself felt.

88 He promised this, but –I thank my God and I repeat it,–

89 us who are here today, yes who are the precious stones rejected by the people,

90 –ah, I tell you one thing,– we know Him, our God!

91 We do not have to wait for a disaster of some kind.

92 We do not wait for a riot or, for thunders or, for lightning or fires,

93 for fires coming from Above, through lightning that lights up forests on fire, blazing them;

94 I tell you one thing which is: “We know who our God is!”

95 We don’t have to wait for rain to really see that He is there: it is Him who sends rain.

96 We don’t have to wait for snow because it is Him who makes snow.

97 We don’t have to wait until there is a vicious and vigorous wind to finally recognize that He is there. No!!!

98 Ah, our God promised that He will let Himself known: “Every knee will flex!!!” yes, even if they resisted,

99 even if they have been rebels from morning to night, yes, from the womb of their mother.

100 Oh yes, the Lord promised: “I will make sure to be recognized!”

101 If you read the Scriptures which I gave you to read, oh yes, you will see

102 that the people of the ancient times, the ancient people, yes, they can…

103 You read about them in the Scriptures, saith the Lord,

104 through the hand of those whom I inspired to write them, so that you can read them.

105 You can see by yourselves how I acted with the rebels!

106 Whether it is an anointed one or not anointed at all, I act

107 against those, towards all those who are unbelievers,

108 towards all those who are liars,

109 towards all those who are abominable and spiritless, ah, saith the Lord.

110 Don’t wait!!! yes, to really recognize that God said:

111 “I will burn this planet with all the elements which I keep in their own place using my Word.

112 The day I will withdraw my Word, it will rain stars, it will rain other planets,

113 oh yes, until the time that this planet Earth is really wiped out by the fire,

114 yes, the fire that is above your head to come burn this planet and each ungodly man.

115 Yes, every man will recognize what I am.”

116 Yes, even after their death, after their destruction, they will recognize that,

117 –in the flames, hey, in the lake of fire, of fire and of brimstone,–

118 they will recognize after, after that, that God can be.

119 Oh yes, as it was read tonight concerning Meschac, Schadrac and Abed-Nego, well,

120 we can see that they recognized the God of the just ones, the God of those who serve God.

121 Serve God! Yes! Walk in my justice so that the attention of my eye is on you, as the attention of my eye was

122 on all the children who belonged to me in the days of Moses;

123 and who I did not kill any child belonging to my house.

124 The children of my house, yes yes, I beware for them, I preserve them;

125 but those who are not of my house, yes, will really be destroyed, yes, inherited of this heritage:

126 a fire, oh yes, which devours or a fire which makes a man, finally, everlastingly miserable!

127 But us tonight, hey, we will recognize with our own eyes what God is,

128 the Father of Jesus-Christ, at the very moment that, yes, Jesus will come down

129 to bring us closer to Him, to purge us out of here to go sit on His throne

130 in order to sit at the table, oh yes, oh, of the great feast of the lamb of God.

131 Us, being his Spouse yes, this is what we were promised, ah, as long as we prepare for it,

132 –We must prepare for it!– in order to receive our wedding gifts:

133 the new Earth, the Jerusalem which is Above, our Mother!

134 in order to go meet our Mother in person, in spirit, the Jerusalem which is Above! and the new heavens.

135 Yes, this is our wedding gifts, all those things are for us, for us, the spouse of Jesus-Christ. Are we ready?

136 Are you ready, yes, to recognize your God? the God that you accept without having seen, felt or sensed Him?

137 Oh yes, because of the faith that my words give you, you have been sincere; but continue to be sincere.

138 I walk with those who are sincere, yes, who really recognize

139 that you are my choice, that you are the choice of God

140 and that we are precious stones in his eye, oh yes, for his Spirit, on Earth.

141 Ah, God promised that He will make sure to be recognized. Recognized!!!

142 The hour, the times, the hours, the months, the years, we don’t know when it happens;

143 but God has never been late in making sure to be recognized.

144 Therefore, decide tonight to present your lives, yes, to God, the Lord, the Father of Jesus-Christ,

145 oh yes, as saints and,  pleasing people unto God, oh yes, –Do you hear me?–

146 in order to avoid recognizing God, oh, in his great vengeance, in his spirit of vengeance;

147 oh yes, for our God is a devouring God.

148 Walk in his godliness and with fear of Him, oh yes, and walk with the fire of my Spirit, saith the Lord,

149 and not with my devouring fire, –for the devouring fire which I am is for the rebellious nations,–

150 you who are, ah, a man who recognizes me that I am a God, yes,

151 who forgets not what He promised, who forgets not his plans,

152 in order to show to mankind what I am, saith the Lord.

153 Therefore, enter in my Word more than ever before and look at my words

154 with the eyes I am giving you, the spirituality my anointed one has placed before you,

155 so that you are people who are really honorable, people who God can love,

156 people who God, in whom He can live in, in whom God can rely on you,

157 to be a means of transport of God, for Him to be here and there, here and there, left and right.

158 Yes yes carry me, yes, using my words which I have for you.

159 This is what God gave us, oh yes, as the Word: “Christ in you, the hope of glory,”

160 the Word which God turned into flesh

161 so that we may be people who are really nourished of the Spirit of God,

162 nourished of the things of His mouth, oh yes, and of each word coming out of His mouth.

163 Well, you my children, you recognize me,

164 you my sons, you who are overcomers, you who are determined,

165 you are really convinced, within yourself, within yourselves, through my words,

166 to find yourselves to be conquerors, heirs, saith the Lord, co-heirs with his Son, Christ,

167 oh yes, us who are walking according to the Spirit.

168 Therefore, walk in the knowledge of my truth, my Word, of my words, saith the Lord,

169 so that you may know what I am now, through the Spirit.

170 Oh, it still does not show very much in the eye of mankind

171 what God can be and what God is and what He will be in the future;

172 but I tell you one thing, hey, that the Lord gave us his Word so that we may

173 really know Him one hundred percent,

174 ‘cento per cento’, one hundred percent, saith the Lord.

175 Know me, saith the Lord, all of you on whom I placed my Spirit,

176 all of you on whom I placed my Spirit so that you are my choice, saith the Lord,

177 so that I can really rejoice in what I have done for all of you who are in my love,

178 so that you are saints and pure people, without sin before my face tonight, saith the Lord.

179 Know what I am.

180 Recognize, what I promised

181 and, what I promised to do in the past,

182 what I promised to do today

183 and what I promised to do tomorrow.

184 Therefore, go back in my Word and go ahead! You don’t need to be ignorant people, no.

185 My Word is what I am, saith the Lord.

186 Therefore, place your eyes in the words which I gave you.

187 Read my Word. Live my Word!

188 Eat my Word! Digest my Word! Rejoice in my Word!

189 Make my Word, oh yes, your entire life,

190 so that you can really be conquerors of the life that you received from your Father since the womb of your mother.

191 Oh yes, we are more than conquerors in Jesus-Christ. Know God!

192 God will make sure to be known one way or another;

193 but us, because of Jesus, because of crucifixion,

194 we know the testimony of God, the testimony of His great love.

195 Ah, there is no love that is so great! Where can we find such a great love?

196 Ah, nowhere but in us, in us who are eating his Word tonight.


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