Because Of The Pastor – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY

reading-297450_1280Because Of The Pastor

Testimony of a child of God
followed by God’s prophecy
pronounced in the gathering
of the saints of God

Recorded on August 17th, 2008 at 2:26 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 5 min 20 s       ROY0115R4P

Original recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2008 and 2016


1 (Testimony.)

2 My merriment is to know that I am heading to paradise because I conquered the world

3 in order to be given the right to touch the tree of Life

4 so that my name be written in the book of the life of God,

5 so that Jesus on the last day may call my name in order to resuscitate me.

6 Ah, in the cemetery, there where I will be, I will probably be the only one of the few saints;

7 I will probably be the only one of whom the tomb will be opened when the last trumpet will sound the call.

8 O heavenly Father, all that will be possible because of the pastor, o heavenly Father.

9 Ah, often we are saying as yesterday he himself said “I am the one guiding here.”

10 Yes, but it is him, heavenly Father, who founded what you asked him to set up.

11 And then, often I hear words coming out of his mouth:

12 “Me, I am as Jeremiah; me, I am as Jonah; I did not want to do this.”

13 And then, he said again yesterday: “I am doing something that I don’t want to be doing.”

14 But he would have ended as Jonah.

15 He would have ended as Jonah, running across Canada and across the United States,

16 and then God would have kept following after him until the moment he said yes.

17 Ah, as there was once a prophecy many years ago, the Lord declared:

18 “I went to get my anointed one for you at the other end of Canada, yes,

19 because he had left this province in which he no more wanted to live,

20 but I went to get him in the other province in which he was hiding.

21 Yes, I went to get him there, –yes as I went to get Jonah in another city

22 so that God may lead him to Nineveh– so that he preached to a nation which is us today.”

23 Yes Jonah went to preach in Niniveh and there are some souls which where saved.

24 And then Jonah said:

25 “Ah, I know, Lord, that you are filled with grace and, with mercy

26 and this is why I did not want to come here,

27 and this is why I did not want to do nothing.”

28 But the pastor, him, he came here. He allowed You to conquer him. He accepted to be hated.

29 He was thrown outside of the churches

30 as Jesus was thrown outside of the synagogues, and of the temples too,

31 because he distracted the people away from falseness and not from the truth;

32 but we must feel blessed today, brothers and sisters, yes, that God brought unto us a man of this kind.


(God’s prophecy.)

33 Yes yes, my anointed man is hard on you, saith the Lord.

34 Yes the arm of my anointed man is very strict, but he is as I am : he is just and equitable.

35 Yes, he is like this for your good, yes, for your good, so that you walk according to my Word, yes;

36 for you must see all the efforts that the Lord, your God, deployed, you must see the exploits that the Lord, your God, achieved,

37 in order to go get this particular man, yes, who was very deep in sin.

38 You don’t know his life, but this man, was not a good man.

39 Yes, he was among the wrongdoers.

40 Yes, he was among the wrongdoers, but I took him and I made him go across this country, this desert,

41 in order to lead him here, so that this Word be preached here today,

42 yes, unto you who are now my nation

43 and who are now shining as flaming torches in the middle of this city.

44 Yes, he turned you into my possession; you belong to me.

45 Yes, you are a crown on his head today.

46 You must not deceive your God, but you must also not deceive the man of God,

47 yes, this man I established here, in order to give you this Word, in order to nourish you.

48 Yes, walk with the severity of the man of God yes, the one who is here in this house, yes; for it is for your own good.

49 Yes, may be you don’t always understand the severity of the man of God,

50 but do not let yourselves be convinced by the devil neither, yes; for him, he has no pity for your soul.

51 He has no pity at all for you. All he wants is to put you in his pocket, yes,

52 but let no one convince you; walk according to the severity of the man of God.

53 Often the words coming out of his mouth are sharp words, yes, as sharp as a sword.

54 His words are hurting you when they enter in yourselves and his words are hurting you when they come out too,

55 but anyhow, walk according to whatever he tells you.

56 His words are not of bad advice, his words are not advising you in a way to lose your soul,

57 but they are rather advising you in a way to save your soul in order to make you appear in a standing position before me.

58 Yes, you too who are here today, some of you you are waiting for this day of the great rest;

59 yes, this rest is at your door and continue and persevere in my Word

60 so that I welcome you to my right in my kingdom, yes so that you are among my Sheep.

61 Yes, you will be among my Sheep to my right. Yes, it will be a great day for you.

62 You still have to walk a few steps. Ah, do not abandon.

63 Yes, do not abandon; for you are still supportive columns there in my temple, yes!

64 And you too the young ones, follow this example. Yes follow the example yes of this ministry.

65 Follow the example of this ministry, in order to persevere;

66 for perseverance, –it is the key to your salvation,– is the key to your salvation.

67 You need to have perseverance. Yes, it is a very nice thing to have love,

68 but you need to have perseverance; for this is what will push you forward. This is what perseverance does!

69 Perseverance is what is in you that is telling you: “Go on! Go on now!” Oh, yes!

70 Ah, you must persevere. Yes, it is the message today.

71 Persevere and do not slow down in your work;

72 for the Bible declares that he that is slothful in his work is brother to him that destroys.

73 There are many people who have abandoned. Many people have abandoned in this ministry:

74 they forgot to use perseverance and they became slothful. They are no more here today.

75 But all of you who went on persevering, you are still here today.

76 Go on walking in this Word of severity yes,

77 and go on always walking in the fear and in the love of your God.

78 Ah! In the love and in the fear of God! Alleluia.


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