Be Patient, Be Patient – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY

clock-time-1101881_1280.jpgBe Patient, Be Patient

God’s prophecy
pronounced in the gathering
of the saints of God

Recorded on August 15th, 2009 at 8:06 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 7 min 2 s      ROY0188R4P

Original recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2009 and 2016


1 Thus saith the Lord, your God: My people,

2 My son, my daughter, saith the Lord, your God tonight,

3 yes, yes, patience, patience, saith the Lord tonight.

4 Patience, saith the Lord, your God tonight.

My son, my people, my children, oh saith the Lord your God tonight,

6 yes you are here tonight, yes you look, you look to your right, you look to your left,

7 what your brothers and your sisters receive, oh yes, saith the Lord, your God tonight,

8 and you also look at the people, in the world to see how they are making

9 a demonstration that is so unreal of what they are, yes saith the Lord, your God;

10 but I am telling you one thing tonight, saith the Lord, your God,

11 my people, my children, my son, my daughter,

12 patience, patience, there, patience, saith the Lord, your God.

13 Yes, saith the Lord, your God, don’t roam about with worried looks,

14 don’t roam about with worried looks, don’t be worried, don’t be worried, saith the Lord.

15 Practice the fruit of the Spirit: patience, patience, saith the Lord, your God.

16 Yes you want this, you want that, yes you want to obtain this, you want to obtain that, saith the Lord,

17 yes it’s a reality, yes it’s even in your mind.

18 When you talk to me, when you address yourself to me, saith the Lord, you say this:

19 “I am entitled to that, Father. I am entitled to this. I am entitled to that.”

20 Yes, yes, it’s a reality, you are entitled to this,

21 yes, it’s a reality that you are entitled to that, saith the Lord; but patience,

22 patience in action, is always, has always been, the fruit that brings the reward, saith the Lord,

23 patience, perseverance, endurance, tenacity, saith the Lord.

24 I never abandoned a son, I never abandoned a daughter, saith the Lord, your God.

25 Yes the desires of your heart, yes I know what they are, I know them, saith the Lord.

26 Practice my patience. Practice my Scriptures. Practice my Word.

27 Practice what is written. Practice what you read.

28 Practice what you hear from me, what you hear in my meetings.

29 “I never abandoned,” –Put that in your head, saith the Lord.–

30 says my Son, saith the Lord, your God tonight,

31 to you my son, my daughter, whom I never forgot.

32 I always rewarded you.

33 Patience always received a reward, saith the Lord, it was always rewarded.

34 Ah, you find that time passes slowly, you find that time passes slowly, you find it’s taking too long,

35 yes, but I am there, I am there: you are in front of me.

36 My eyes are attentive to your cries. My eyes are attentive to your requests.

37 My eyes are attentive to your desires which are a normal thing, which are completely legitimate,

38 yes saith the Lord, your God tonight, my son, my daughter;

39 but practice, do not cease to practice, saith the Lord,

40 especially you with whom you know you need to have patience

41 to touch the blessing, to touch the blessing of your heart, the one which your heart desires,

42 in all kinds of things of this world, yes, oh yes, saith the Lord,

43 but fight the good fight, persevere, persevere, saith the Lord, persevere.

44 Continue to be patient! Do not confess that you lost your patience.

45 Do not confess that it is the end. Do not confess that it is too late, saith the Lord, your God.

46 It’s never too late with me, saith the Lord.

47 Yes, you came here tonight. Hey. You left your home tonight, and then, there it was,

48 you were talking to yourself. Hey. You were exhorting yourself. That’s it, you try to encourage yourself.

49 Tonight, I heard your cries, I heard you calling me, I heard your request,

50 I am aware of it, saith the Lord. I know it, saith the Lord.

51 My son, be patient, be patient, be patient, my daughter, be patient, be patient, be patient, hey, saith the Lord, your God.

52 Be patient. Patience, it is the fruit to have.

53 My son, be joyful. My daughter, be joyful. Hey. Fill up with joy, stimulate yourself, saith the Lord, your God.

54 You have an enemy after you. Hey. He’s roaming about near you. He wants to devour you.

55 He wants to guide you in a place that is not a good one.

56 He wants to convince you to enter in a place that is not good and which will destroy your life;

57 no, saith the Lord, your God, be patient, be patient, be patient.

58 The devil, he is a destroyer. Hey.

59 You know it, you recognized it, hey, you have known it yourself that it takes patience

60 to put your hands the way you have put your hands on the plough

61 and to not let go of hands,

62 to not let fall your hands off the plough, saith the Lord, your God.

63 I am with you, I am with all those who keep my Word

64 and I never neglected them, never abandoned them.

65 I never consider the crowd, saith the Lord. I consider my son. I consider my daughter.

66 I consider the one who calls after me. I consider the one who is putting his trust in me.

67 And I consider the one who let’s himself be encouraged and exhorted,

68 yes, by my Word, by my Word, by my Word, saith the Lord.

69 Hold on to the crown that you have, hold on to the salvation that you have and I am there.

70 I know that you have recognized me numerous times.

71 Over and over again, you have seen my hand, you have seen my hand of patience with you, you have seen my hand.

72 I did not let you go to your left. I did not let you go to your right.

73 I did not let you go nowhere. I always protected you. I always kept you.

74 Continue, continue, be patient, my son, be patient, my daughter.

75 Practice the fruit, hey, of… You know the fruits:

76 love, joy, peace, goodness, benignity, temperance,

77 patience, patience, patience, patience, patience.

78 Moreoever, through patience, you will inherit God’s kingdom;

79 but while you are here on Earth, considering the things you need, be patient my son, be patient my daughter.

80 Be patient, patient, patient, patient.

81 In your body, healing, deliverance, multiplication, your heart’s desires, no matter what it is, be patient.

82 Keep the Word, I am there. I am there.

83 Do not ask questions: “Why is it taking so long?” or what? Be patient!

84 At the time it will be, it will be there at the time you will really need it and it will be a blessing.

85 When it comes from me, saith the Lord, your God, it is a blessing, an everlasting blessing, everlasting, everlasting, everlasting.

86 Thus saith the Lord, your God:

87 Be patient. Practice patience. Be patient.

88 Do not put your eyes outside, do not look at nothing else, only look at my Word, look at me, talk to me.

89 Seek the things from Above where Christ is sitting, and me, I am there to answer, answer, answer you.

90 Be patient, saith the Lord, your God. 



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