Olivier, A Green Olive Tree – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY

olive-tree-1117663_1280Olivier, A Green Olive Tree

God’s prophecy
pronounced in the gathering
of the saints of God

Recorded on August 18th, 2009 at 1:30 AM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: not documented      ROY0190ST

Original recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2009 and 2016


1 Thus saith the Lord: My son, my son, my son,

2 Yes, I am calling you my son.

3 Yes my son, do not be ashamed of my Word, never ashamed of my Word.

4 I am talking to you, I took the time tonight, I chose this specific moment, this particular instant tonight,

5 to speak to you, to exhort you, to teach you, through my Word.

6 Practice my Word, nothing else but my Word, so that my Word can be

7 in your mouth, in your mind, in your spirit.

8 Yes, plunge in my Word. Drink my Word abundantly.

9 You must, you must be drunk with my spirit of gentleness, spirit of wisdom.

10 My Word, it is my Spirit. The spirit of humbleness, it is my Spirit.

11 It is the only thing that you must cherish in your life.

12 My Word, my Pearl that is so precious to me, is what counts in this world.

13 You must be this Light that is shining in the darkness surrounding you.

14 Yes, be proud. I have procreated you for this only reason.

15 Yes, your father and your mother also procreated you for this only reason: my Word.

16 You have seen and read in my Word, already at your age,

17 you have seen my demonstrations, miracles in my Word;

18 you must be this particular demonstration each day of your life.

19 I created you only for this: you must demonstrate this manifestation of my Word.

20 Practice, practice, practice and become my praise, this example, the example of my Son.

21 Yes, you see very few young people around you; but you, be proud.

22 Me, I am proud of my choice. Yes be proud, my son. Honour my choice: it is you whom I want to have.

23 Resist your own desires: it is not you who chose me, it is me who chose you.

24 Yes, my son Jesus was my choice and his disciples were also my choice.

25 When my Son was walking on the Earth, yes he was this example, he was proud.

26 He had this pride of my Spirit, yes yes, to walk with it, to demonstrate my Spirit and, nothing else but my Spirit.

27 What He saw of me, He demonstrated it, He manifested it

28 and the people around Him saw He was my Son. You must be like my Son, yes.

29 Do not resist my Word, but resist my enemy. You must resist within yourself.

30 The chastisement belongs only to the sons;

31 those ones who refuse it are illegitimates, they cannot receive it.

32 Accept my Word so that my Word can be manifested in you. Be this Pearl.

33 You must protect my Pearl: my Word, my most precious Pearl.

34 Accept my chastisement, accept my reprimand, as a legitimate son,

35 so that I can train you, so that I can mold you.

36 Let yourself be molded. Let me mold you.

37 As the potter is the master of his vessel: I want you in my house.

38 In a house, there are many vessels;

39 I want you as a vessel of honour, yes, vessel of honour among my vessels.

40 Be my vessel of honour, and everywhere you will go, you must honour me.

41 Honour me, humble yourself and I will purge you. Let me purge you.

42 Yes, the people of this Earth love to be purged by themselves and also to be purged by those who are around them;

43 but you, let me purge you and elevate you. Make my Word a real delight for your spirit and I will purge you.

44 Honour my anointed ones, honour them: they are there to teach you, to reprimand you, to make you more perfect.

45 Let yourself be taught, let yourself be exhorted and let yourself be reprimanded.

46 Recognize my anointed ones. My anointed ones!

47 You see my Son in my anointed ones; they will always be there for you;

48 and you will see, I will continue to purge you.

49 I want to gather these fruits and I will purge you even more; for humbleness precedes glory.

50 I want you to be there in this humbleness and I will elevate you some more in my Word;

51 for I am proud and I am pleased in whosoever humbles himself;

52 and I know that you will serve me, I know it yes, yes I know it, saith the Lord, your God, my son;

53 but persevere in my Word; for whosoever will persevere until the end, the end,

54 that’s the only one who will save his soul.

55 Yes, for what shall it profit a man to gain the whole universe if he lost his soul?

56 For many had like you this blessing, this Pearl

57 and they abandoned it; but you, resist my arch enemy.

58 You must resist the thoughts which are coming from my enemy and he will flee from you.

59 You, do not walk away from me as the ones who walked away from me

60 and whom I can no more do nothing for them.

61 I can no more bring them back. They are too far, too far, too far from my Word.

62 They are more in love with the things of this world, which are in this world,

63 than with me, than with my Spirit, than with my Word, than with my Son, my Word.

64 They have walked away from the One who could have saved them and healed them.

65 They gave access to be seduced; it is too late for them. Do not imitate them.

66 Imitate me. Imitate my anointed ones, anointed One. Imitate my Son.

67 I want you to be in my Kingdom as the one who will persevere until the end,

68 the end, the end, the end, the end, saith the Lord, your God.

69 My son, remember the name the Lord called you:

70 “Olivier, a green olive tree, remarkable by the beauty of his fruit.”

71 God wants to gather your fruits of the Spirit. 


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