Go Fishing – Exhortation to God’s people – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY


Go Fishing

Exhortation to the people of God
pronounced in the gathering
of the saints of God

Recorded on January 24th, 2010 at 3:28 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 10 min 25 s ROY0201R4P

Original recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2010 and 2015


1 (First words missing.)

…stretched for you.

2 Do not forget this, they are people who are dedicated to the ministry of God, for you, for each one of us.

3 They are servants who are serving Christ, so that we are served, us too, through the Word of God.

4 “Honour such people.” The Bible declares: “Honour such people! Supply to their needs.”

5 Do not simply look at them with your eyes to say: “Everything is going well!”

6 They have the same needs you have when you are constantly crying to your God;

7 and I know that among you there are some who are constantly crying to God, so that God comes to help them:

8 “Father! Father! In the name of Jesus, come to my need, look after my situation.”

9 But tell yourselves that these people, they are crying like you so that God helps them,

10 but who will, who will come to help them, in their needs?

11 Only the one who will listen to the voice of God.

12 Only the one who is inspired in his heart to bless such people.

13 Today, brothers and sisters, I am asking you in the name of Jesus,

14 have a tender heart for such people,

15 and stop thinking that their life is always marvelous and even better than yours.

16 Their life is worse than yours, tell yourselves that today;

17 and the only way that their wounds can be bandaged for the needs of this Earth,

18 I am not talking about spiritual needs, God is taking care of that, Jesus blesses them, God is behind them.–

19 but what I am asking you today in the name of Jesus, is to be generous towards such people,

20 towards our evangelist brother and his wife, towards our brother ****** and his wife.

21 Be generous! Let your heart talk! Make them happy with your wealth, you will always have something remaining.

22 The Bible declares: “If you give, you will always still have something remaining to give in abundance, for good works.”

23 We are never at the end of the rope, never, never, because, us, we have a paycheck because we go to work and we say to ourselves:

24 “If I work more, I have hope. I will be able to pay my debts next week, next month.”

25 But these people today can they say the same thing you are saying?

26 Can they confess the same thing you are confessing?

27 No! All they can confess is : “I have a God. My God will provide to my needs.”

28 But as you can see it today, Jesus said:

29 “Me, I have no time to go to work in order for me to provide for my own needs.”

30 He said unto Peter: “Go for me; me, I will continue to preach, I will prepare the table, I will prepare the meetings for next weekend.”

31 Brothers and sisters, have a tender heart! Let your heart break!

32 Be awake today to the love of God to come to the needs of the evangelist and his wife,

33 to provide to the needs of ****** and his wife too, today.

34 “Today, now, if you hear His voice, the Bible declares, do not shut your ears.”

35 Hear that this cry today comes from a tender heart, from a humbled heart,

36 from a heart which is close, which is sensitive to human misery.

37 Yes, the people of Haiti have needs today, but the need is in our heart, in our court today.

38 We do not need to go so far, we do not need to go so far today, to find urging needs: they are here.

39 The Bible declares: “If you see your brother and your sister who are needy,

40 and that you tell them: “Come in my home, warm yourself up.”

41 the Bible declares: “What have you done that is marvellous for them? You have done nothing for them.”

42 The Bible also declares: “If you have enough to bless your brother and your sister who are needy,

43 do not say: “Come tomorrow and I will give, when you have enough to give today.”

44 Brothers and sisters, provoke each other to charity, like the Bible is declaring it.

45 As long as we can say tomorrow, the Bible declares to exhort each other, in order to accomplish good works,

46 in order to take care of the man of God, to take care of the son of the pastor in this ministry

47 who is constantly dedicated to produce works which are most likely invisible to our eyes, but which are produced anyhow.

48 Be stimulated today, have a tender heart, have a heart of flesh, to provide to the needs of these people.

49 Ah, it is not these people who will take the microphone in order to complain.

50 It is not them who will ask for charity; for they are not allowed to do so.

51 The Bible declares: “If you want to preach the Gospel, you have to live on the Gospel.”

52 They will never use the microphone to complain, never will they do that.

53 I know them. I know their hearts, and they will never do that;

54 but it is up to us, the people of God, it is up to us to have eyes to see,

55 it is up to us to have eyes to see what their needs are,

56 not to ask them what they will do with the money. The money is well managed.

57 If you have trust in my anointed ones, saith the Lord, today, you will not fear to provide to their needs.

58 Enough! That’s enough today! These people have needs have needs which are as great as our needs

59 and who will fill them up? Who will fill up the needs of these people?

60 None of you would want to enter in their shoes not even one single day.

61 You would not even exchange their shoes for your shoes for one day.

62 You know not their lives: these people are consecrated to the Lord God,

63 but it is up to us to go fishing, it is up to us today to throw the hook to provide, to come to their needs.

64 I cannot ask to the people who are outside, they are people who do not have the bowels of God;

65 but today, you who have the bowels of God, hear,

66 hear as it is written in the prophecy, in the book of Revelation:

67 “Those who have ears, let them hear.”

68 those who have ears hear today what is announced here today.

69 Who will be the first one among you to act today?

70 Who will be the first one among you to act today, in order to come to the needs of the people who are bound to this ministry?

71 It takes someone to announce the Gospel.

72 May be there are people who do not see this,

73 may be you are not conscious of the needs they have in their lives,

74 but they have the same needs as your own needs, may be even greater ones.

75 All they can do is to honour God each time a blessing enters in: five dollars, ten dollars, twenty dollars.

76 As much this ministry needs our love to function, as much these people also need our love in order to live.

77 I said it to you and I announced it unto you, I declared it to you:

78 They have the same needs as your needs,

79 may be even greater ones than what you are aware of, but your love will make the difference.

80 Jesus said it: “If you each one of you have love for the others ones,  the people will then really know that you are of God.”

81 Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus to have a tender heart, to have eyes to see, to have ears to hear,

82 to have a heart of flesh that receives the Word of God, to have hands to work,

83 to have feet to go to work, to have the conscience of a son of God.

84 God is pleased with obedience.

85 What is an offering of a good odour? Have we ever given this a second thought to know what it is?

86 It is not the amount: someone could give one thousand dollars, and it has a very ordinary odour to the nostrils of God.

87 This other one, one day, gave two pennies, and then Jesus was touched.

88 It is not the amount which makes it that the offering is good to the nostrils of God.

89 If you still don’t know it today, I will declare it unto you what constitutes a good odour to the nostrils of God;

90 it is obedience, this is what is a good odour. This is what is the good odour to the nostrils of God: obedience.

91 Bring in an offering, and if there is no obedience in your offering, the odour, it smells nearly nothing;

92 but the large amounts, they are pleasing unto God anyway because it is a role that belongs to us to go to work,

93 to throw the hook, and then, to bring in offerings in the ministry.

94 It is a role which belongs to us: there is no one else, brothers and sisters, who can do that. 


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