image The Seed Of Jesus – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY


The Seed Of Jesus

God’s prophecy
pronounced in the gathering
of the saints of God

Recorded on July 11th, 2010 at 2:21 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 5 min 9 s ROY0230R4P

Original recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2010 and 2015


1 O Everlasting Father,

2 What a fantastic living condition you established for each one of us today!

3 O Everlasting Father, what a fantastic living condition we have today!

4 Oh, many have decided, o Everlasting Father, to abandon this love, yes, this love that is so pure which You gave us: Jesus,

5 in order to go walk on devious roads, roads which it is not You who created them,

6 roads about which you gave them the same commandment you had given to Adam and Eve:

7 “Do not go on these roads; for I am not there, saith the Lord. You will only find death on these roads, I am not there.

8 Why take these roads? I am not there.”

9 If you take these roads, you will die, you will walk on the road of perdition;

10 but, on the other hand, if you are walking on the straight, narrow and tightened road,

11 you will find me on this road, saith the Lord, yes; for I cannot be found on vast and spacious roads.

12 I cannot be found on the road of perdition; for I am a God of Life.

13 You cannot find me there where death is found; however, I can give death.

14 Yes, you must not fear only the one who can only kill the flesh, but who cannot do nothing else afterwards;

15 but you must fear me, me who has the power to give death to the flesh and to give death to your spirit, to you soul, for eternity.

16 It is me whom you must fear, saith the Lord, but I know that many among you today you have this fear in you;

17 but many people did not have this fear and they took Balaam’s road.

18 They took the devious road. They decided to walk on the road about which I had said:

19 “Do not walk on this road, saith the Lord, for you will not find me there.

20 Death awaits you on this road. Death awaits you on this road. Death awaits you on this road.”

21 They defied my orders, they defied my ordinance and they have no more Life in them today;

22 but you who are walking today

23 according to my commandments, according to my ordinances, according to my Word,

24 you are finding Life and I look at you today: Life is in you.

25 You don’t look like you’re dead. You don’t look like dry bones

26 like the ones in the valley where there were only dry bones;

27 but, to the contrary, you have Life in you.

28 You have human tissue, you have nerves, you have ligaments, you have flesh;

29 but that is not what excites me today, saith the Lord, that is not what rejoices me.

30 Seeing my Son in you, that’s what Life is all about. Life : Jesus in you, this is today what glorifies me;

31 for the Word declares that if you wish to glorify me, you must have a lot of fruits in you;

32 and that’s the way I will be glorified.

33 That’s what my Son Jesus announced on this Earth before He left it.

34 And then today, this is what you are today.

35 May be you do not know this today, may be you will learn this now,

36 may be you never realized this before, but, don’t you know that you are the seed of Jesus?

37 Don’t you know that you are the perpetuation? that you are the perpetuation of the Word of Jesus which came out of His mouth?

38 This is what you are today, all of you who are walking on this tightened and straight road. Do not abandon this road.

39 Do not act as the other ones who did the same as Adam and Eve who decided to walk on a road that is no good.

40 You know it that one day, the last day, there will be a judgement: there will be a right side and a left side.

41 There will be a judgement. Do not end up to the left side.

42 Do all you can using all your efforts, all you love for my name, saith the Lord, for the name of Jesus,

43 in order to be to the right side, in order to receive a favourable judgement for you benefit;

44 for all those who will be on the left side, it will be a terrible thing, it will be a terrible thing which awaits them.

45 There will be no more redemption possible for those souls: it will be the second death.

46 And go read it in the Scriptures and you will know the plight that awaits them: gnashing of teeth and an everlasting darkness.

47 Ah, but for all of you who will be to my right on the day of the judgement, again, go read it in my Word

48 and again you will know what awaits you: Light, Light;

49 but in the meantime, continue to keep my Word and walk on this tightened and straight road,

50 and it will be the good promises of the Lord, your God, that will follow you,

51 saith the Lord, the Almighty God, from the height of His kingdom,

52 who reigns as King of kings, who reigns as the only God, over all the universe.

53 I am the Everlasting Lord. I am the Everlasting Lord and I am the Almighty: I accomplish what I say.

54 My Word, you will see it, is accomplished. Everything I said in the past will be accomplished.



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