Foretold In Advance – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY

personal-789411_640Foretold In Advance

God’s prophecy
pronounced in the gathering
of the saints of God

Recorded on September 19th, 2010 at 8:20 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 3 min 29 s ROY0239R4P

Original recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2010 and 2015


1 Thus saith the Lord:
2 I am not God who forgets. I am not even a god. I am God. Apart from me, there are no other gods.

3 I foretold everything to you in advance, I said everything to you in advance that:

4 “When things happen and they will happen, you will know that it is me, saith the Lord, who had spoken.”

5 I speak through my prophets, I speak through my anointed ones,

6 my anointed man, my anointed ones, so that you know everything that is happening.

7 It is preached, it is spoken and I will not let one of my words fall off.

8 I am with those who are with me, saith the Everlasting Lord. I walk with those who walk with me, saith the Lord.

9 You heard many things this afternoon, you heard many points this afternoon,

10 and I walk with those who accomplish. I walk with those who are day and night before my throne,

11 who are crying unto me, not necessarily with tears, but who are continually before me to ask, and ask, and ask.

12 I don’t give up any prayer coming from my children.

13 I am not deaf contrary to what some are pretending that I am deaf.

14 I am not deaf: I listen, I hear, I will achieve what I have to achieve, saith the Lord,

15 with all those who have a heart which is steadfast,

16 to all those who have a heart wanting to serve me,

17 with all those who have the heart of those who serve me.

18 There are still some people that I must draw near to me.

19 Before I will draw near some people, and before people come save their soul,

20 I want, I want all of you to be perfect, perfect, with a perfect love.

21 You must work, you must have at heart to work, to accomplish

22 and to simply work at your salvation saith the Lord; for your salvation is great and it will soon come.

23 I once said to my prophet, to one of my prophets in the Old Testament, a prophecy came,

24 I said unto him: “Stand on guard and the prophecy you heard, it will take place.”

25 And what you read, what is preached, what is prophesied will take place.

26 I walk with those who walk with me and I will never abandon those who do not abandon me.

27 I am God, I cannot lie and I am not lying; for I am not a man to lie.

28 I want you to know tonight that the man or woman, my sons, we are all sons, saith the Lord, in Christ you are all my sons;

29 and I will accomplish my Word in favour or against, but if it was only me, if it depends only on me,

30 my sons, be on the side in favour; for I am with you who walk with me, saith the Lord, your God.


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