Manna – Exhortation inspired by the Spirit of the Lord – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY


Exhortation inspired
by the Spirit of the Lord

pronounced in the gathering
of the saints of God

Recorded on October 2nd, 2010 at 9:27 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 10 min 0 s ROY0240R4P

Original recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2010 and 2015


1 The Lord declared in his…

2 –Malachi 1, 2, 3 and 4 talk about offerings– not only 3 where God declares that:

3 “They are pleasing me those ones. They are not bothering me by their comments.

4 Some of them are bothering me by their comments : ‘Why the just? Why, why they are leaving, and then they still prosper?’”

5 This is not prosperity!

6 Some bother the Lord by their comments, but us, we are not bothering the Lord by our comments.

7 We fear the Lord, our God, and then we serve the Lord with faith, with perseverance, and then we love our God.

8 The Everlasting Lord was attentive and then He listened and then the Lord is still listening, and then He is always attentive.

9 Our God, He hears, and then, He leans over and He listens.

10 He is the same as when the Word says in Proverb 4: “My son, be attentive.”

11 Even God, Himself, He does not even ask us what He does not do, He does it:

12 He is attentive to the prayer of the just ones, and then our prayer is efficient, and then He does not let one single of our words fall to the ground.

13 And then the devil tries to make… he does make us believe that we pray in vain, and then that we fast in vain,

14 and then, that we give in vain, and then, that we believe in vain, and he tries to slow us down;

15 but we do not believe in the devil, we believe in what’s written, and then we believe only in what’s written.

16 Our God, He doesn’t talk in vain. The prophecies are not spoken out in vain.

17 The word of God has not been written in vain.

18 There is not one single word of the Scriptures which has been written in vain.

19 Each Word was written for our instruction so that we go forth with our God and so that we walk with Him

20 with the Sword and the Armour to defend ourselves against the fiery darts of the wicked, and then go forth,

21 so that we see the blessing. We will see the blessing us who remain steadfast, and who continue to remain so,

22 and who continue to remain steadfast without stumbling,

23 and who suffer with Christ, and who suffer for the ministry

24 because we are workers with God. Each worker deserves his salary.

25 The worker of iniquity will receive the reward he deserves for his ungodly work, for his work of iniquity;

26 but us who are workers with God, and who are not weary to suffer,

27 –Yes, we groan within ourselves, we have sorrows, and it is with grief that we are able to save ourselves, and we do save ourselves with great efforts.–

28 but our God hears our griefs, our prayers, our cries, our whining, even our gnashing of teeth to serve Him.

29 He is attentive to everything our soul can gnash wanting to serve Him, and then He does not let any of our comments fall on the ground;

30 and then, there is no, no, no, no distance wide enough, long enough, high enough, and deep enough

31 to separate us from the love of God, and from the words of His prophecies which will take place.

32 Certainly, they will be accomplished, and they will be accomplished, and it is coming at a fast pace.

33 Ah, us who are perservering, thank you, Everlasting Father, that we are persevering, and that we are persevering.

34 We are not suffering in vain. Our salary, our salary, we deserve it. Each worker deserves his salary,

35 and we are going to have our salary, according to His promises, according to our faith.

36 For reward, the salary is promised unto us. For reward of our faith : everlasting life!

37 This is more than any earthly, carnal blessing of this world we could want to serve God with.

38 The only reason why we cry, and that we gnash our teeth, and that we have sorrows, and that we make efforts,

39 and that we persevere, and that we suffer, and that we suffer with Christ,

40 is because we have in sight the city from Above where the angels will bow down to worship us,

41 and then we will have our salary, and great things.

42 The greatest and most precious promises are waiting for us.

43 If we give up our life down here, if we lose our life down here, we will get it back up there Above;

44 but if we keep our life, if we want to keep our life down here, we will lose it up there Above.

45 This legacy, this beautiful legacy, you will lose it by your own fault.

46 We will lose it by our own selves this legacy

47 by not dressing up properly, by not being careful, as it is written in Hosea: by rejecting God’s knowledge,

48 by rejecting even the meetings which bring us God’s knowledge

49 and in which the anointed of the Lord stands with the words of the Lord in the mouth and in the heart.

50 The Lord invites us to his feast every week end in order to nourish us

51 because the Everlasting Lord takes pleasure in feeding us so that we go home fed, satiated, as it was testified tonight, with manna, with manna.

52 Some people in their heart conceive that: “This is the only thing we hear talking about, this is the only thing we see:

53 Manna, manna and manna! the Bible, the Bible, the Bible!”

54 Well that’s all there is! for reward, for strength, for power in order to be well armed,

55 and in order to be able to resist the schemes of the devil who wants to bring us with him.

56 He wants to keep us in his net, but we must humble ourselves, and humble ourselves again

57 in order to become so small, –like a small bird who can pass through the net, the holes of the fowler’s net,–

58 and walk with our God, in order to touch our reward.

59 Even if we taste today, and if we see that the Lord is good on the Earth,

60 His promises are yes yes, and we declare the Amen, like our brother testified tonight.

61 It is the living and genuine Amen today or during other days, there is no difference.

62 Tonight, our brother testified, this is the Amen, this is one Amen being declared, this is one Amen being declared.

63 It is one Amen each time the flock of sheep of our God, my flock, any of the sheep, my brothers, my sisters,

64 stand up to testify the goodness of God, to testify that God is faithful and just to accomplish his Word.

65 This is the Amen which is declared by us. This is one living Amen.

66 We are living stones, rejected by men, but chosen and precious by God, for God,

67 a sacrifice for God, living sacrifices! living! living! living! for God! for God! for God!

68 workers with God in order to inherit the greatest and the most precious promises

69 and in order to not look at the flesh which perishes.

70 Like Paul who one day looked at himself in the Mirror, and then he said:

71 “Well, the exterior man is perishing; but the inner man regenerates on a day-to-day basis.”

72 as long as we remain planted in the Word in order to be constantly regenerated to have enough power

73 to move forward through darkness, and in the snares of the devil, and to go through it with our God,

74 to finally make it to the promised city, to the new Jerusalem, to the Jerusalem which is Above,

75 the one which our God promised to those who love Him.

76 And you will see once more the difference between the one who serve Him and the one who does not serve God,

77 as we see it on Earth and as we have seen it, we will see it again

78 the difference between the one who serves the Lord and the one who does not serve Him.

79 You will see it with your eyes and some will not eat it;

80 for many, even in the wilderness, were unpleasant to the Lord God to the point that they perished in the wilderness.

81 Many who were among you died because they were not feeding with the Word, with Manna.

82 “Manna! Manna! Our eyes only see Manna!”

83 Will you cease? when will you cease to complain? “Manna! Manna! Manna!”

84 It is for our good that God feeds us. He calls us to go to His feast every weekend: three meetings.

85 Each time the Everlasting Lord sound the trumpet inside us when we wake up each day, it is the spiritual awakening so that we come eat at his table.

86 At the king’s table during Mordecai’s time, Haman, the bad man, was rejoicing,

87 and he was saying to everybody around him: “I am the only one invited to the king’s feast. Hey.”

88 Us, do we glorify ourselves the same for our house where the Lord, our King, the King of kings, this God who is so great, calls us to assist His feast?

89 How can we neglect such a great call of the Lord, our God, to come in this house, in His house where He himself has

90 ordained, elected and established prophets, pastors, doctors, apostles,

91 for the perfecting of the saints in this house having in view the work of the ministry?

92 Ah, blessed be your name, ah, to see this being accomplished to see this being accomplished: we will see it with our eyes.

93 We must let no one in this boat as the people in Paul’s boat refuse to feed himself.

94 It is necessary for your salvation, said Paul to his boat crew, says the Lord God to his people,

95 it is necessary, it is necessary for your salvation that you take in some food

96 in order to be part of those who will show the difference between the one who serves God and the one who does not serve Him.

97 The testimonies, the meetings by the one who has ears to hear, eyes to see, a spirit to understand,

98 can see that the hand of the Lord, our God, is at work, even if it never ceased to be at work;

99 but we have the proof here before our eyes, the eyes of those who have eyes lit by the Spirit, who have an open spirit

100 enslaving the spirit to hear, to be attentive to the Words, and to what is occurring in this church, in the church of our God.

101 Ah, and the Lord God started to act, and He already prepared it all, and it is nothing;

102 but we must stand up straight, we must squeeze closer together as they did during the time of the apostle Paul

103 so that no one from our crew loses himself;

104 but so that they all, all of us, remain together in one accord as one heart,

105 with the same goal, the heavenly goal, the goal of the heavenly calling

106 to suffer together for this ministry so that no one loses himself

107 according to the desire of Jesus-Christ for Jesus looked up to his Father in the heavens, and He said:

108 “There is no one who lost himself except the one who was chosen to be lost.”

109 Ah, the will of God, it was this one who was the traitor!

110 just like during Haman’s time, it was him the traitor who wanted to hurt the Jews.

111 Ah thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus to be standing up straight suffering with our God.

112 We will see many nice ones! We will see many nice ones! Ah, we are not finished rejoicing.


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