To Receive The Touch – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY


To Receive The Touch
Attestation of the Word by a son of God
followed by a prophecy of God
pronounced in the gathering of the saints of God

Recorded on April 22nd, 2012 at 3:55 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 12 min 18 s ROY0267R4P

Original recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2012 and 2015


1 (Attestation by a son of God.)
2 In all the religions that I visited, I touched all kinds of garments that were no good, no good,

3 and now I am able to touch Jesus.

4 I finally made it, oh I searched and, searched. I wanted it so much to be in his arms,

5 but there was always someone beside me who prevented me from it.


(God’s prophecy.)

“Hey there, push aside the little children in order to prevent them from touching Jesus for a blessing.”

7 Always, they were retaining them to prevent them to touch the blessing, to touch the garment of Christ.

8 To touch! Yes the touch, yes the touch, yes this touch, it is the one you need to have here:

9 the touch, that touch Jesus always wanted to perform,

10 always wanted to demonstrate through his anointed ones, through his preachers.

11 Yes, do not refuse what was announced here today, ah, since my holy prophets,

12 so that you may receive, so that you receive, the blessing, the fullness of his grace,

13 so that you receive, in order to make sure you receive and receive.

14 Are you in a position to receive? Are you in this position to receive? Are you wearing this garment right now?

15 Are you, are you, ah, receptive? Do you have receptive ears?

16 Open your ears! Open your heart! Open your inner selft! Open it all!

17 Open it all in order to receive all of the fullness, of the fullness of my Son, saith the Lord.

18 You cannot receive it if you do not strip yourselves.

19 You must strip yourselves of your dead works, of your thoughts, your vain thoughts.

20 Strip yourselves! Hurry up! Strip yourselves before, before, before, before my Decree, my Decree,

21 my Decree, ah, my Decree, before your Decree, ah, before I close the door, ah, before the door is closed.

22 Yes the foolish virgins, yes take this example. The foolish virgins, ah, wanted, ah, and even insisted,

23 they even insisted, they knocked at the door, they knocked at the door:

24 “Master! Good Master! Good Master! Open to us! It is us! —I don’t know you!”

25 I don’t know you. Labourers, fill up your oils, your oils, your oil lamps.

26 Yes, fill them up, ah in order not to be found, not to be found,

27 as those virgins: “Yes, we are missing oil. We are missing oil, Master!”

28 Oh strip yourselves, strip yourselves, ah, strip yourselves,

29 strip yourselves, strip yourselves, strip yourselves,

30 strip yourselves, strip yourselves, strip yourselves,

31 strip yourselves, strip yourselves, strip yourselves,

32 strip yourselves, strip yourselves, strip yourselves,

33 in order to receive my blessing,

34 so that the sluice gates of the heavens open up! finally!

35 Ah, there is missing…

36 Ah yes yes, my enemy does not want you, ah, in this category;

37 for if your faith, if your faith does not surpass

38 the faith of the pharisees and the faith of Sadducee, you cannot enter in!

39 Ah, if I can only touch, if I can only touch, oh touch, oh touch.

40 Touch his garment! Touch his garment! Practice it!

41 My inner self, this is what’s inside of me, saith the Everlasting Lord;

42 Open up your inner self, open up your inner self, open up what’s inside of you.

43 I always wanted to gather my children. Oh yes! I always wanted that.

44 I always wanted, all the time, ah, to gather,

45 as the mother hen, oh yes, as the mother who gathers you,

46 but you did not want to! You did not want to! You did not want to!

47 Ah yes, if I can only touch, touch, touch.

48 Oh thank you Father, thank you Father, thank you Father.

49 Touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch.

50 Yes you are taking away the drink from the one who is hungry and thirsty for my Word.

51 Yes men, yes my adversary with the human being, with the heart of a man,

52 always wanted to draw further and to disperse my people in order to seduce them,

53 so that they are not in my Sheepfold, so that I am not able to gather them.

54 Oh, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, my Jesus, yes saith the Lord, whom I gave unto you, yes recognize my sacrifice.

55 Recognize my offering! my living sacrifice!

56 Recognize my offering, my inner self, what’s inside of me.

57 Touch, touch, touch, touch,

58 touch, touch, touch, touch. 


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