An Illusion, An Empty Joy – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY


An illusion, An Empty Joy

God’s prophecy
in the gathering
of the saints of God

Recorded on April 6th, 2013 at 12:04 pm
Montreal Region (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 12 min 20 s ROY0287CEL

Original recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2013 and 2015


1  Thus saith the Everlasting Lord:

2 Yes, saith the Everlasting Lord, you are my choice.

3 Ah, since the day I placed my Spirit on you, my breath, you are my choice.

4 Do not imitate. No, do not imitate. Why imitate? Why imitate what is not my choice?

5 My choice is good, saith the Everlasting Lord, don’t go against my choice.

6 Don’t go against my choice; for the Lord always chose for Himself a vessel among all vessels.

7 And a vessel of honour must obey and must dedicate itself in order to recognize itself to be

8 the choice of God among all the vessels which are of a vile use,

9 –Vessels of a vile use cannot be used by God.–

10 yes, must obey as my Son, my Son, my only Son,

11 my One and Only, in whom I placed all my affection,

12 all my love, all my tenderness, all my love.

13 My Spirit in Him, yes my Spirit, don’t go against my Spirit!!!

14 It is the only spirit which can help you, which can guide you,

15 which can mold you yes as the potter is molding his vessel.

16 Yes, let me mold you. Let me mold you!!! Yes, let my hand mold you

17 so that the vessel is perfect. Perfect yourself. Perfect yourself, yes.

18 Ah, my enemy will always be there wanting to seduce you, wanting to exterminate you,

19 wanting to bring you to him, wanting to mold you whichever way he wants you to be;

20 but let me mold you. I am the potter. Let me mold you

21 and be patient. Exercise yourself to have the fruit of my patience.

22 Exercise all the fruits, all the fruits of the Spirit, of my Spirit.

23 Cherish all these fruits of my Spirit. Cherish them, yes.

24 Practice them, yes, so that they are in you as they always were in you,

25 but do not choke, do not exterminate, do not rebuke,

26 do not refuse to hear, what the Spirit has to say unto you.

27 Ah, my daughter, saith the Lord, do not refuse, do not refuse me.

28 You see all those who refused me. Yes, you see them. Maybe…

29 Yes, you see them, may be they look like… yes, they look like they’re,

30 maybe, yes, with a form of freedom and with a form of peace,

31 a form of joy, a form… a form of joy in life;

32 but no, they are empty; for I am no longer there:

33 my Spirit is no longer there, it’s an illusion. Illusion!

34 Ah, re-establish, re-establish, re-establish this joy, re-establish this peace.

35 Re-establish in you my Spirit. Re-establish and there it is and it will always be there.

36 And you must, you must re-establish, re-establish, nourish this joy.

37 You must nourish. You must nourish it. Nourish me, saith the Lord.

38 Nourish me and I will always be there to nourish you, to comfort you, to protect you,

39 to protect you… as the apple of your eye, as you protect it, yes.

40 Forget not. Forget me not. Forget me not. Forget me not. Forget me not.

41 All my love, all my tenderness, all this is in my Son.

42 All my joy, all my affection, all this is in my Son.

43 You will never find it anywhere else. Never, never, never! never, never;

44 for it doesn’t exist, it is an illusion. An illusion! as my enemy,

45 he always wanted to demonstrate, to demonstrate all the time, an illusion, even to my Son;

46 but my Son always said: “It is written…” He always defended himself:

47 “It is written…” And: “Again, it is written…” And: “It is also written…”

48 Yes, I was always there to give him the Word, the words;

49 for he was in me and I was in him.

50 Ah, do not leave. Do not leave. Do not neglect.

51 Do not leave. Do not forsake and I will always be there. I will always be there.

52 Yes there are storms, yes there are winds, yes there are problems,

53 tribulations, persecutions, but, but, but, but,

54 above each thing, above all these things, above all this,

55 ah, you are more than a conqueror, you are more than a conqueror, you will always be more than a conqueror;

56 but stay, stay attached. Attach yourself! Attach yourself! Attach yourself! Attach yourself!

57 So that evil do not attach itself unto you, attach yourself.

58 Attach, attach, as the belt is attached to your waist,

59 yes attach, attach yourself, attach me to your waist.

60 The belt of truth, this is what you need to have for belt, for belt yes.

61 And vest yourself with all the weapons as you must vest yourself every day.

62 Vest yourself with my weapons in order to be able to confront, to fight and to overcome

63 and to be more than a conqueror and more than a conqueror, more than a conqueror.

64 Your name, yes your name, your name, your name is in my Book.

65 Keep your name written in my Book.

66 Keep your name written in my Book; it is more precious

67 than all the riches which you can imagine, which you can conceive,

68 than all of what you can conceive in your spirit.

69 I have much more for you. Much more! Be patient.

70 Be patient. Be patient. Patience! Patience! The patience!

71 The patience, saith the Lord, saith the Everlasting Lord, saith the Everlasting Lord.

72 The Everlasting Lord, as with a child, he chastises the child he cherishes,

73 but the illegitimates, they cannot receive my chastisement, they cannot support it;

74 but you, you are a legitimate child, yes conceived, yes yes whom I conceived,

75 yes for my glory, for my joy, for my peace, for my honour, saith the Lord.

76 This is what I conceived you for and for nothing else. You cannot, you cannot deviate from…

(A few words missing, defective recording.)

77 for you are mine, entirely mine, saith the Lord. You belong to me. Oh yes, you belong to me.

78 You belong to me, saith the Lord, your God, your God,

79 your God, your God, your God, the Everlasting Lord, your God.


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