To Transfigure The Carnal Things – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY



To Transfigure The Carnal Things

Prayer and praises unto God
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on November 17th, 2013 at 2:10 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 14 min 30 s
Recording: ROY0292R4P

Recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2013 and 2016


1 Not one hair of my head will be lost, and even more, they are all counted.

2 Ah, blessed be the Eternal, in the name of Jesus, to you belongs the glory,

3 thank you, Father Eternal, for all the revelations of the word of God,

4 to transfigure the carnal things into spiritual things.

5 Paul’s boat was a carnal thing, the storm was really happening in the flesh, carnally happening;

6 but us, our boat, our same boat, it is a spiritual boat: the storm is a spiritual storm happening in the carnal.

7 Ah, thank you Father Eternal, to judge the Word spiritually.

8 As it is written, it is spiritually that we can enjoy the Word.

9 O Father Eternal, you see this specific spirit,

10 to be able to probe the Scriptures, and then, to come out of the spiritual things, to come out of the heavenly things,

11 yes, o Father Eternal, in the name of Jesus, this knowledge is not within all people.

12 Many people are missing some knowledge, o Father Eternal, in the name of Jesus.

13 I pray you make grow within us the knowledge of your will for the discernment of the best things ever,

14 so that we are established and, perfectly established producing peaceful fruits of justice

15 in a world that is blameworthy to the maximum, where the sentence is adjourned.

16 The sentence is adjourned for the entire world since the day of the coming of Jesus-Christ.

17 The sentence is that the actual sky and Earth are reserved for the fire and the human beings too.

18 Ah thank you Father Eternal to have the science and the wisdom to know how to avoid the fire of Gehenna;

19 but that is nothing compared to the coming glory which is reserved for us

20 in the heavens, in that permanent city which was built by God.

21 Ah, thank you o Father Eternal, in the name of Jesus-Christ, for your living Sacrifice. We are grateful, thank you Jesus.

22 Touch the souls, o Father Eternal, touch the souls, touch the souls, touch the souls.

23 Prepare them to receive the rain. Prepare them to receive us. Prepare them to receive. Prepare them to receive.

24 Prepare the ground of their heart, plough them, alleluia, open up their heart,

25 so that when we arrive with the seed, it falls in the ground,

26 so that the ground is ready to receive it.

27 In the name of Jesus-Christ, prepare the ground to receive as you are ready to water.

28 You not only supply the seed to the sower, you also supply water to the one who is watering.

29 There are many things coming to you. Alleluia.

30 O Father Eternal, in Jesus’ name, glory and honour belongs to you for all the centuries,

31 to have presented unto us the way of the one truth and of Life, to have given us no choice

32 because you arrived at a favorable moment; and on the salvation day you rescued us, fulfilled our prayer.

33 It was exactly the hour when the hero saves in grand style

34 in order to present the helping hand in order to rescue us out of the great waters,

35 to cut the ties of death which were surrounding us to give us full liberty.

36 In the name of Jesus-Christ, like this salver here, like this arch here,

37 o Father Eternal, will make us fully free,

38 like Noa was made fully free,

39 we are going forth battling to remain on Paul’s boat.

40 The boat of the years 2000 will bring us to full freedom like Jesus entered in a bark to find himself

41 fully free, far away from any danger, from the storm, from all excesses, from any malice.

42 Alleluia. Thank you Father Eternal to find ourselves sitting solitary, sitting solitary because you are imposing this on us,

43 blessed be your holy name, so that we receive the hidden Manna,

44 in order to take a part of it, to eat it, to nourish ourselves with it, alleluia,

45 in order to make it into a feast of many joys and delights,

46 in order to eat these delicious dishes that the Eternal, our Lord, has for us.

47 Alleluia. In the name of Jesus, give to your sheep the heart to seek your face

48 so that we are not confused on the day of the coming of Jesus-Christ.

49 How, how, how will they shout for? how will they invoke the one in whom they have not believed?

50 They come to the temple by routine. “Well, the fear they have of me, it is only a precept coming from a commandement of men.”

51 O Father Eternal, they present themselves before you by routine. Routine!

52 The word routine is written in your face. Nothing to say! Nothing to testify!

53 Routine! Routine! Routine! They just know this is what must be done.

54 O Father Eternal,

55 I hope they are invoking you in their secret place,

56 I hope they are supplicating you in their secret place,

57 I hope their heart is attached to God in their secret place,

58 because here, in this place, we don’t see much happening.

59 Alleluia. O Father Eternal, in the name of Jesus,

60 to set our affection on our God, in the name of Jesus.

61 Give to all sheep a sincere heart. Grow within us love, grow within us faith,

62 grow within us, o Father Eternal, the desire to know you, to seek the Scriptures,

63 to seek them and to probe them even more

64 in order to have a heart which is constantly well disposed to do what is good,

65 a virtuous heart that is worthy, honest and good,

66 a strong heart to offer ourselves as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing unto God,

67 to give to God, to give ourselves, to give ourselves, to give ourselves, to give our entire life,

68 in order to gain it back, to gain Christ, to gain the genuine Life,

69 and then, to make it Above, to make it Above.

70 Father Eternal, in Jesus’ name, you see this by yourself that there are not many people who are willing to hear.

71 They are covering their face, they are covering their heart, they are armed with a shield of pride against God.

72 Pride is a shield against God and God resists against proud people, but he gives grace to the humble people,

73 to all the humble people of the country who are seeking justice.

74 Father Eternal, Father Eternal, the fire is putting us to the test.

75 Your sheepfold, your nation, is put to the test of the fire of adversity

76 in order to come out of this fire purified as pure gold, purified by the fire.

77 Purified by the fire!

78 The furnace is extraordinarily heated because the devil knows that there is not much time left.

79 It is strongly heating up outside, and the winds are more and more powerful.

80 The heart of the man is becoming harder and harder.

81 When Paul said: “In the last times, in the last days,

82 there will be difficult times because of the man

83 and, of his urge to hear words which are not of the sound doctrine.”;

84 but words which are pleasing to hear which is the opposite to Paul’s doctrine :

85 “Go ahead, you can sin, there is no problem there.”

86 Ah, Father Eternal, they are having against you injurious speeches.

87 They fear not to insult the glories, the sons of God.

88 They are the same as rude and brutal people, this is what they naturally know. Alleluia.

89 O Father Eternal, in Jesus’ name, this place has become a real desert full of cactuses;

90 and there is no water, there is only clouds. Water, there is none.

91 There are trees full of thorns, full of rejects

92 with storms of sand, and sand, and more sand, and more sand.

93 There are not many things around because of men and women, because of men and women,

94 because of the man, because of the hardening of their heart,

95 of the seduction of wealth, of the invasion of lusts,

96 they are seduced, seduced, seduced to put their eyes on the things which are down here on Earth

97 with absolutely no mind to think that it will reach a point where it will be over.

98 It did not come to their heart that it would reach an end, this is the same even for the devil, that it would reach an end.

99 His reign will reach an end. His malice will have an end. People are not thinking about that; they think they are everlasting.

100 Comes the day of death, and then, they are all surprised to be dying.

101 My! You came into this world knowing that you were going to hit the grave one day, and

102 when comes the day of the grave, you’re all surprised that you will also be passing out of this world.”

103 Alleluia. blessed be your name, o Father Eternal, in the name of Jesus-Christ,

104 to be awakened, alleluia, in the name of Jesus, in the middle of this morbid kingdom.

105 Blessed be your holy name, o Father Eternal, in the name of Jesus-Christ,

106 they are only thinking about the things which are on the Earth, their god is their belly.

107 They glorify themselves with what makes their shame.

108 Their wealth, this is what is their glory; this is what makes a strong city in their point of view; this is a high wall of protection in their view.

109 They never have in mind that in ten years, two years, twenty years, thirty years, when they will die

110 that they will leave behind their riches and their belongings, and any of their treasures

111 to the sinners who will be left alive behind them.

112 They have no wisdom, no wit to leave all these riches in the hands of the man of God.

113 They don’t know how this works.

114 Alleluia, thank you o Father Eternal, in the name of Jesus,

115 that you chose the weak, vile, crazy and despisable people in order to confound the strong and the wise people,

116 so that no flesh glorifies itself before you.

117 Alleluia. O Father Eternal, as Paul said it yesterday in Galatians: “You are nothing.”

118 Ah, thank you Father Eternal, to know everything that is coming from God,

119 knowledge, science, wisdom, strength.

120 Everything that was made was made by the Word. Nothing of what was made was made without the Word.

121 This is the hippopotamus to whom I gave life like I did for you. Alleluia.

122 Thank you Father Eternal, to be considering the other people as being higher and above ourselves

123 in order to see ourselves as being nothing.

124 Everything that we received, all that we have, we received it, so we don’t glorify ourselves about it

125 in order to avoid being found in the same basket with the other people

126 who have their nose up in the air, elevated by their pride because of their knowledge

127 or because of their riches, because of their works,

128 –Even the Ecclesiast was like this, is that ever possible?–

129 because of thousands of women, of money, of money, and then, because of money, which they were not lacking,

130 because of alcool, of wisdom, of power, of beautiful clothes.

131 “Ah, all the works which I made under the Sun, it is only vanity,

132 it is conceiving pride for these ones discrediting the other people.” “Me, I built this thing bigger. Me, I built this thing taller.”

133 Alleluia. Thank you Father to be content with what we have: food and clothing, and then, it’s enough, or almost enough.

134 Today we are not living anymore in the valleys of Jerusalem wearing sandals.

135 We need to be wearing a little bit more on ourselves and a phone too. Alleluia. The essential to live!

136 In the name of Jesus, o Father Eternal, to you belongs the glory

137 to be content of what we have,

138 to be content that we are satisfied and contented people,

139 to be content that we are contented people.

140 Alleluia. Blessed be your holy name, in the name of Jesus. Alleluia. ©









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