A Testimony Of The Word — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2014, Chapter 2


God’s prophecy
pronounced before saints of God

Recorded on June 22nd, 2014 at 4:16 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 5 min 5 s ROY0325R4P

Recordings, transcription, translation,
edition and publication by
Guylaine Roy © 2014 and 2015


2 Thus saith the Lord, your God :

2 My people, my children, my daughters, my sons, saith the Lord,

3 Yes, you have heard this testimony this afternoon, yes, you have listened to it with your own ears.

4 My Word, it has to be used. My Word, it has to be used, by your mouth.

5 The Bible, doesn’t it say, my Word, doesn’t it teach,

6 to confess my name, to make it the fruit of your lips? the fruit of your lips confessing my name?

7 to use my name for anything that you need,

8 in everything that is requested, saith the Lord, your God?

9 Why this lack of firmness? Why this lack of firmness? Why this critique?

10 Why this critique exist more than the use of my name,

11 more than the use my name, more than the use my name, saith the Everlasting Lord,

12 so that things may change, so that things may take place,

13 so that things be improved, so that things be greater, saith the Lord, your God?

14 You have heard a testimony this afternoon: yes, it is because of my Word which was used, it is because of my Word which had its effect.

15 And yes, use my Word. Go in secret with me, saith the Everlasting Lord. Withdraw yourselves to be with me in secret.

16 You always go talk two, three, four, five, six together, to talk about the others, and about this and that. No, instead talk about Jesus.

17 Use my Word, my sons. Use my Word, my daughters. Use my Word. Insist on using my Word.

18 Pray for one and for another, saith the Lord, your God,

19 so that things change. so that situations change,

20 so that in your life, situations may take place.

21 Your eyes, they don’t see nothing, your ears, they don’t hear nothing,

22 there is nothing around you so that you may even confess the victory,

23 but confess the victory, confess that it’s done, confess that it is established,

24 that it is already accomplished, that faith is this established thing not yet seen.

25 Open your mouths. Open your heart. Open your spiritual bowels towards me, saith the Lord.

26 I am the only one who can produce prodigies. I am the only one who can execute miracles for you.

27 I am the only one, saith the Lord, who can do marvels for you. There will never be anyone else. There is no one else.

28 You have seen this even today when this man passed by, him, he has received the Word.

29 You have heard the words, the Word which has been used, the Word which is preached, the Word which is demonstrated.

30 My Spirit is at work: you will see greater things, saith the Lord;

31 but talk about me, use my Word, use my Word.

32 Pray for those you haven’t seen for months. It doesn’t mean their soul became extinct,

33 but it takes prayer for them, it takes love for them.

34 Yes, saith the Lord, your God, ah, saith the Lord, your God, use my name.

35 Use my name, the name of my Son. The name of my Son Jesus, it is a powerful name.

36 Yes, saith the Lord, your God, do great things that a man is not able to comprehend,

37 but that, me, I understand, saith the Lord, and that you, my children, you also understand, saith the Everlasting Lord, because it comes from me.

38 Keep yourselves holy. Keep yourselves pure. Keep yourselves with a soul that is holy, perfect, and pleasing unto me.

39 Do not think about any man around you, about any women around you,

40 but think about me, saith the Everlasting Lord.

41 Keep yourselves pure for me and they shall very well see that you are different.

42 They will very well see that you are a completely different person ah, different, different; that you do not resemble them.

43 As you have heard this testimony this afternoon,

44 I hear a good testimony, a good testimony about you at work, a good testimony about your performance.

45 Therefore, you will get a promotion at this employer, and all of yourselves too in all the places where you are working.

46 Establish a testimony of holiness, of purity, of perfection, saith the Everlasting Lord,

47 and it is me who lifts up, saith the Everlasting Lord.

48 You have read it before: it is me who lifts up and it is me who brings low, saith the Lord.

49 I wish to lift up everybody, but my name has to be lifted up,

50 so that my name be glorified, so that my name be ascended on high, saith the Everlasting Lord,

51 in the name of Jesus-Christ, saith the Lord, your God.

52 Saith the Lord, your God:

53 Look after this place, look after this ministry, look after this ministry, saith the Everlasting Lord.

54 I will bring you finances that you all need.

55 I will bring you the finances that you need, saith the Everlasting Lord; but look after my ministry.

56 In the name of Jesus-Christ, look after my ministry, look after this ministry.

57 You have seen, even this young man this afternoon, he immediately came to the defense of the man of God;

58 and what he said and brought up : “That’s the way it is. Him, he is accurate. There, I will bring more people.”

59 It’s the same with you, you have changed because of my Word; it’s my Word that does everything.

60 You know it, after so many months and years, that you’ve been with me,

61 that it is with my Word, saith the Everlastng Lord.

62 It’s my Word in the name of Jesus-Christ.

63 I have put all my affection in Jesus; therefore, you who are in Jesus, my affection is in you because of Jesus.

64 Without Jesus, you do not have any affection from me.

65 I do not have any for nobody, but I have some because of my Son, Jesus-Christ.



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