A Pure and Solid Foundation — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2014, Chapter 5


God’s prophecy
pronounced in the congregation
of the saints of God

Recorded on August 24th, 2014 at 5:02 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 17 min 41 s ROY0333R4P

Original recordings, transcription,
translation in English language,
edition and publication by

Guylaine Roy © 2014 and 2015


5 My foundation, are you on my foundation? Are you on it?

2 Your life, how did you build your life? on what? on whom?

3 Must there be something added to what I have built? on what I have built?

4 Is there something that I should have added? What are you missing?

5 Do you believe the sufferings of my Son have been enough? his agony? (Deep breath.)

6 On whom have you built? On what have you built?

7 My foundation remains: it has been established and nothing is changing, nothing; you can’t change nothing to this.

8 Now, show me how you have built.

9 Prove it to me with your fruits, with your life, with your comings and goings with your demonstration, prove it.

10 The Everlasting Lord, your God, he has no other foundation.

11 There is no other foundation. There will never be any other foundation.

12 Examine yourselves!

13 Each one amongst you, examine yourself, in order to recognize if you are constructing or destroying.

14 Those, you see them, you have seen them, who their foundation was not solid,

15 they are no more amongst you, they are no more building, they are no more constructing.

16 Beware of the way you are constructing; for I had only one, only one, only one… The one who is constructing, there is only one.

17 The Everlasting Lord, your God, he has demonstrated unto you how to build

18 in order to remain, in order to be stable.

19 Stablish, stablish what is feeble in your life, what is weak.

20 My foundation will always remain.

21 Cold, some become cold, some become lukewarm. Oh-oh-oh! Oh! Ah!

22 No one can serve two masters. No, no! (Deep breath.)

23 Serve me, serve me, serve me, and again: serve me;

24 and after having served me again, serve me again;

25 for I was the first to serve you. Yes, I have established the unshakable foundation.

26 Beware, beware, beware, beware,

27 of the way you are building on my foundation. Recognize this.

28 Recognize my foundation, it doesn’t change and it will never change.

29 My Word, it will never change.

30 Yes, examine yourselves, examine yourselves, examine yourselves, examine yourselves

31 to see, in order to see, if you are building and constructing the same way I established it;

32 for they cannot survive, those who have built in any other way,

33 they cannot survive, they cannot remain.

34 Recognize this today; for the Scriptures, they are there,

35 my anointed people, they are there, ah, this foundation, it is there, my mystery, it is there,

36 so that you do not stand at ease

37 so that you faint not, so that you do not turn to your left or to your right.

38 Ah, remain on this foundation.

39 Woe! unto him, woe! unto him, yes, woe, woe,

40 unto him who wants to build another foundation.

41 Woe, woe, for I do not change at all. I am the same one and, always the same one.

42 You who cherish me, who know me,

43 ah, I am always the same, and I change not, yes like my holy prophets.

44 Oh-oh! Yes, my holy prophets, they have announced it and, prophesied it,

45 yes, the coming of my Son, the coming of my anointed one,

46 oh, so that he could establish the way that I traced, the narrow and straight way, so that you walk in it.

47 No unclean person, no unjust person, no unfaithful person, can walk on this road.

48 No one! They cannot remain established on this foundation.

49 You have to construct, for the one who is not assembling, he is dispersing and how many times…

50 Ah, the Everlasting Lord, your God, He always wanted to gather, and, ah, to protect and, ah, to hatch,

51 ah, yes, like a mother protects her small ones, yes.

52 How many times, how many times, how many times, to start over ah, yes, and to start over again,

53 in order to keep you, to protect you, yes, to raise you, to purge you,

54 to edify you, yes, to glorify you, ah yes, so that my Son be elevated, yes, above all nations, yes.

55 Ah, one day! Ah yes! Ah, my day! Ah, my day! Ah, this day! Ah, this day!

56 Ah, this day, ah, of my fierce anger, ah, which will be poured,

57 ah, amongst all these nations who are whoremongers,

58 and who are ungodly, unclean and Oh-oh! perverse people.

59 Ah, they are perverting, perverting my Gospel. Ah!

60 Yes, Oh- oh! where are, yes, where are they… Oh-ah! Do you still have a bit of faith?

61 Ah, your bowels, your bowels are straitened;

62 oh, they have become straitened towards me and there is no more space.

63 Make some room, enlarge your hearts, yes, and strip yourselves

64 of all of what is, ah, what is not of me, and what is not coming from me,

65 Ah-ah-ah-ah! yes, for the unclean, yes, he will always continue,

66 ah, in his uncleanliness, yes, in his uncleanliness and in his ungodliness.

67 And you who are just, ah, you who are holy and without a blame, ah, in my hand,

68 yes, continue to sanctify yourselves and I am repeating it, sanctify yourselves, in order to see Christ in you. ◊



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