The Elevation Tray — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2014, Chapter 8



God’s prophecy
pronounced in the congregation
of the saints of God

Recorded on September 28th 2014 at 8:03 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 35 min 8 s ROY0336R4P/CEL

Original recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2014 and 2015


8 (Words in celestial language.) (Cries.)

Yes, yes, (Cries.) yes, yes, (Cries.) so, yes, so you see, yes, you see, (Cries.) you see,

3 you see around you, you see around you, you see the… the downfall.

Yes, yes, yes, (Cries.) you see the downfall, the massacre.

Ah yes, yes, you see, you see the devastations. (Cries.)

You see devastations, yes, (Cries.) ah, the devastations of my enemy.

7 Yes, my enemy, ah, ah yes, he is taking from me, yes, (Cries.) my… my children. (Cries.)

Ah, he is taking from me, ah yes, yes, (Cries.) ah, ah yes, (Cries.) ah, he is… (Cries.)

He is taking from me… (Cries.)  ah, yes, he is… (Cries.) he is… (Cries.) he is taking from me…  (Cries.)

10 He is… (Cries.) yes, he is taking from me my children, yes, but, but, but, but my Spirit is working,

11 yes, working day and night, yes, yes, day and night, in order to… to bring back, bring back, gather together, yes,

12 yes, in order to put together, (Cries.) put together (Cries.) the parts of my temple,

13 the stones, yes, the stones that make the whole of my Spirit, of my Word, yes.

14 Oh, thus saith the Everlasting Lord, your God:

15 Yes, my sons, my children, (Cries.) my children, (Cries.)

16 oh, yes, listen to me, yes, listen, ah, yes, listen. (Cries.)

17 Listen, (Cries.) listen, listen. Oh yes act, yes act, according to my ordinances, yes.

18 Be attentive, yes, (Cries.) attentive, yes. (Cries.)

19 So few, so few, so few, so few, can only hear, hear my voice, my voice, yes,

20 understand only, (Cries.) understand what I am and what I am trying to do.

21 Yes, you are my children. Yes, I have… I have chosen you, ah, chosen, yes,

22 yes, because you are the foolish things, foolish of this world, foolish among these people,

23 among these animals, yes, these beasts of the fields, these beasts! (Cries.)

24 Oh yes, these beasts! They are beasts! livestock! oh yes:

25 they don’t know where they are going, they don’t know what they are doing, they don’t understand (Cries.) the extent of their actions.

26 Yes, these people who are far away, whom I am trying to bring back,

27 oh, oh, bring back, bring back this Salt, yes, this Salt, this Salt in them.

28 Yes, how… how could they… (Cries.) how could they, yes, get carried away,

29 yes,  get carried away, (Cries.) get carried away, (Cries.) get carried away by the current, the current, the satanic wind?

30 Oh this wind, this malicious wind, ah roaming about and going into corners, in order to take my pearls! (Manifestation of anger.)

31 in order to take from me my pearls, the pearls of my crown, yes, my pearls whom I cherish with all my love,

32 all my love, all, all, all my love, my love.

33 I wrap them up with my love. I cherish them. I wrap them up. Yes, I keep them in my hand.

34 Who will be able to snatch them out of my hand? Themselves! Ah! Hein!

35 My hand is there! (Hand held up in the air as if there was a tray to serve at the dinning room table in the hand.)

36 The ditch is there!

37 Hein! Yes, you must remain on this tray! on this tray! which is heavenly.

38 Ah, how have they been able to commit such inconceivable, unthinkable acts?

39 How is it that they went so far? Ah! Ah! Oh, no! (Cries.) Ah, so far away, so far away, so far away!

40 It does… it does torment me. Yes, these pearls I have chosen!

41 Ah, beware of your own self, of your own flesh.

42 Beware that if you are confident of your salvation, that you are not too confident, lest you fall off this tray.

43 Ah, my children, (Cries.) my children, (Cries. my children, (Cries.)

44 Ah, my children, my children, yes, come now, come, come near me. Yes, attach yourselves to me. Attach yourselves.

45 As the baby monkey clings to his mother’s hair, cling yourselves unto me in a way that will seal you. Yes, seal yourselves unto me!

46 Seal yourselves to my Son, whom has done everything for you, done everything, done everything that could imaginably be done.

47 He has paid. Yes. He has paid. It was not an ordinary death. It was my Lamb! My Lamb!

48 Are we going to recognize Him, this Lamb? this Lamb who has bled Himself! for you?

49 Ah, yes, these pagans, there, who are mocking, they are mocking;

50 but be without worry, without worry, without any worry,

51 because, they are losing nothing, oh no, they are losing absolutely nothing, absolutely nothing, for waiting.

52 They are losing nothing. They are losing nothing, but they are losing my PARADISE!!! They are losing my peace.

53 They are missing my love, my joy, yes, my mercifulness. Yes, they are losing the… (Cries.) They are losing… (Cries.)

54 They are obliging me…  (Cries.) They are obliging me to punish them. (Cries.)

55 And when it is not enough, they are obliging me again, and again, and again, until they are not… they are no more…

56 until the damages are so great that there is nothing anymore to harvest. (Cries.)

57 Yes, yes, yes, you see them there. Yes, you see, you see the wicked people.

58 The wicked people, the rebels, the stiff-necked people, the unfaithful, the ungodly people, yes, you see them;

59 but me, I say unto you to look at my Christ. My Jesus, yes, look at Him, look at Him.

60 Jesus, look at this everlasting being, yes, yes, everlasting, yes because all these wicked people are only mortals! Ha, ha, ha! Yes, they are only mortals.

61 Ah! Ah, my cherished ones! Ah! Ah, my cherished ones! Ah, you are a balm on my heart, a balm on my wounded heart.

62 Yes, I am engaged in a fight of every instant, yes, of every moment,

63 with this… ah yes, ah, with this kind of… ah yes, with this… this stiff neck!

64 Yes, this Satan and all his demons, ah, how can dare they rise against me?

65 Oh, how dare they, these shameless?

66 These arrogant people, how dare they? How dare they?

67 Isn’t it me who created this Earth?

68 Isn’t it me who introduced the angels? Ah, yes! Oh, yes!

69 How is it possible that horns emerged out of my Sheep? How has this happened?

70 Yes, the wicked one came to knock, what is it that the sheep has done?

71 Has the sheep opened the door thinking she could guard herself, she could be the best one, against Satan’s tricks?

72 This is why I am telling you to beware in order to not fall if you believe you are safe

73 because we are all, yes, you are all, my children, battling.

74 I am so, so proud. I am so proud, yes my children, so proud yes, and I want it to stay like this.

75 Hein. I want to be able to say to each one of you: You are my pride! You are my glory!

76 You are everything I glorify, yes, my Word.

77 Oh, thus saith the Everlasting Lord, thus saith the Everlasting Lord: (Noise of a phenomena in the sky.)

78 The heavens will be set on fire!

79 Yes, the heavens will burn, ah, to the great disarray of these pagans.

80 Ah, I am full of anger and, full of sadness all at once.

81 My sons, when you will see my chastisements, when you will see my chastisements taking place, crushing the rebellious people,

82 you will remember, oh yes you will remember, that I am your God, that I am.

83 I am your Master who is faithful in all things! Therefore, I ask the same thing on your part.

84 Isn’t this a fair contract, after having sacrificed my Son to top it off?

85 Remember the tray. Remember the tray. (Elevation of the hand-tray in the air.)

86 This tray supports all of you. I can elevate it and I can put it lower.

87 Beware, beware, beware my children, how many times will I have to say it?

88 Be vigilant as a standing guard who is looking all around and who smells, who feels, sees, hears, all the dangers

89 and, who is taking the actions to go around them, if it’s not to neutralize them. Ah!

90 Therefore, this tray, I am only asking to do this. (Elevation of the hand-tray higher in the air.) You know it that my own arm, it is much longer than this one.

91 Don’t you know this, my children, that this tray, I want it to be as high as possible, the highest possible, yes.

92 Yes, I want it to serve for my glory. Ah, ah yes, I am in a joy, yes.

93 My children, work, work, plan, go get the resources, the strategies,

94 everything that you believe to be and what I will give you as an inspiration to reach this level of elevation.

95 I want you to be there. (Showing the hand-tray in the highest level in the air.)

96 Yes, I want you to be there. Yes, and then, if I am obliged to lower my tray,

97 ah, ah, ah, to lower this tray it is as if… it is a torture for you and for me.

98 Don’t we prefer the pride, the glory, that you can give unto me

99 and the victory that I can grant unto you, yes, with this Sword and with all the weapons of my Spirit?

100 Oh, who will be able to place himself in my way? Ha, ha! Who? Who will dare? to cause a prejudice to my pearls? Who?

101 Oh! Nobody! And even if there was one, I would exterminate this one,

102 so that all of you, my precious stones, ah, this priceless wealth, may become my glory

103 and my pride to see, to see a little bit of cleverness inside all of you,

104 yes, to see this cleverness, to see this common sense, the sense given unto you, the sense, yes, this sense

105 which you will find nowhere else! Ah, my sense is here.

106 The cleverness, the knowledge, it is all here, it is all there at hand;

107 you only have to make the effort to have my Spirit in you and this way, to make the effort, ah, make the effort to reach

108 new heights, not to glorify yourselves, but to thank me, so that our contract be fully fulfilled!

109 Yes how many, how many still, ah, have undone, desoldered, broken, my alliance, my alliance, my alliance,

110 this perfect solderless alliance, hein, solderless, perfect, sealed by my Son Jesus-Christ.

111 Yes, yes, yes, my children, remember everything I said unto you.

112 Maintain this Word in you, on your heart, on your head, on your Spirit, on all of your body belonging to me.

113 You are not masters of yourselves. Yes, my sons, you are my soldiers.

114 Women and men and children, you are all my soldiers

115 and I expect your faithfulness, your loyalty, your dedication and also your humbleness,

116 so that you do not start acting like Satan started to act when he lost his common sense.

117 Ah, my sons, my daughters, go on tonight, go on, go on, go on, go on, continue to push.

118 Yes, we are all continuing to push, push, push. Each one pushes a different object.

119 Yes, we all have different weights, but what I am telling you,

120 it’s that in each of you, there is the strength of my Son, the strength of my Word, of my Holy Ghost,

121 who is giving you the strength to each one of you freely granted through your works,

122 so that you have the strength to push, yes, to still push and,

123 to push, push, push, push, until the coming of my Son.

124 Yes, keep on pushing, ah, pushing, pushing, pushing, pushing.

125 Don’t you believe that I am pushing with you? Hein? Of course I am pushing with you!

126 Day and night, I am screening, ah, and identifying this world,

127 in order to find the blessing for my sons, yes, this blessing which is rightfully yours.

128 Yes, my sons, continue to push.

129 Ah yes, we push and we push, and then we feel the pain and we feel bad and we feel weak,

130 but then we think of Jesus-Christ, of Jesus who died on the cross even if he did not want to go,

131 and we push, and we push, we push, we push, we push, we push, we push.

132 Yes, we push, we push, because, otherwise, otherwise, we stop pushing.

133 Well yes, we stop pushing. We stop! We go away! Where do we go then? Hein?

134 Where do we go if we stop pushing? Ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha! We go where?

135 Get eaten by dogs? by jackals, by all kinds of predators and by the sharks?

136 Ah, my sons, ah there is a protection that is in me, which you cannot conceive.

137 This protection in question, you must keep it. It is essential that you keep it,

138 so that, when you are pushing, that you are without any worry

139 that my man, that my Son, that my Holy Ghost, all my angels and my servants,

140 Ha, ha, ha! will be there serving you helping you yes, counselling you yes, to be doing what should be done

141 in my Word! Ah, this is the detail which some people forget.

142 How can they forget? They do not forget! They do not forget:

143 I prevent them from forgetting, I prevent them to hide it in a corner.

144 And when they suffered long enough, when they hated themselves enough, that’s when,

145 if they still have enough of a not too stiff neck, there,

146 if there is still something to do, there, well, they come back here.

147 They come back here. They come back among my just ones, among my sons.

148 Yes, they come back because they see. They see. They see.

149 It is not only an exterior view that they have in their mind, but they live it in their bowels the extent to which life is cruel.

150 Am I cruel towards you?

151 I am only asking for small things, which, I admit, are not necessarily easy, but what else is there?

152 What else is there to go after? Is there something else here on this cursed Earth?

153 Yes, for centuries, they have been provoking me, yes mocking me. They are mocking me.

154 They believe… they believe I am only good, patient, full of mercy and of goodness,

155 but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but! my Son will come back.

156 Ha, ha! He will come back!

157 And when this day will be there, my just ones, there, they will climb into my chariot.

158 Ah, They will come in my hidden place.  Ha, ha, ha!  They will come in those places hidden from all.

159 Ah, they will enjoy the savour through their bowels, ah yes, they will enjoy the savour of the everlasting feast, ah yes.

160 The things of this Earth, they are just passing by, passing things.

161 Passing things! Yes, in one breath, they are gone;

162 and then, when they are gone, after they are gone, remains the Everlasting Lord.

163 Ah, my sons, come out of here tonight with this vision of discipline to be

164 Tchou! Tchou! Tchou! Tchou! Tchou! Tchou! Tchou! Tchou! Tchou! Tchou! Tchou! Tchou!

165 like an army well synchronized who walk towards their objectives.

166 Know this, know this, know this, that you have to go in peace, in my inner peace,

167 in order to remain in my Word, 

168 in order to savour the delights and benefits of this elevation. 



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