This Lane of Holiness — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2014, Chapter 11



God’s prophecy
pronounced in the congregation
of the saints of God

Recorded on October 25th 2014 at 9:43 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 15 min 54 s
ROY0341CEL and ROY342R4P/CEL

Original recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2014 and 2015


11 Thus saith the Everlasting Lord, your God:
2 Yes, you have seen these unfaithful, yes, these catholics, oh, these unfaithful! Oh-oh!

3 Walk, walk, walk, walk according to my Word, according to my Word, saith the Everlasting Lord, your God.

4 Ah, they came, they came in my congregation,

5 ah, they came to see me, to hear me, to hear my Word;

6 but they have seen, they recognized, ah, my Spirit;

7 but they refused it: the demon remained attached to them.

8 Walk according to my Word. Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk!

9 Walk, yes, be, be in this lane, yes, in this road which I traced.

10 Oh yes, I traced this road for my elects, yes, for my elects, ah, ah, for my elects which are mine,

11 mine, because I have called them, I have pulled them to me, oh yes, but they did not accept this call, yes.

12 Ah, they stiffened their neck, they hardened their heart, they turned their back;

13 but a time will come, yes, a time, a time, where they will be confounded and,

14 where they will be sent in this place destined for the rebels going against my Word.

15 This Word which I placed in you, I placed it there so that it grows in you,

16 yes, so that it produces fruits full of succulent juice to my palate.

17 Make it grow, grow, grow. Use some fertilizer, yes, put on water: my Word, yes, put it under the sun,

18 yes, put on prayers, yes, supplications, yes, offerings, yes, your attendances, yes,

19 in order to grow branches, ah, to my plants, to these plants whom you are.

20 You are plants. Ah, you are my plants yes whom I cherish.

21 Oh, ah yes, make the effort, my children,

22 ah, be attentive, put on your attention to grow these plants

23 which is my joy, oh, oh, my joy, my joy, my joy, my joy. Yes, be my joy.

24 Be worthy to be my plants because you are taking part in my visions.

25 You are part of my exchequer, you are part of this dockyard, yes, on which I am constructing my masterpiece.

26 Yes, you are my tools, but if the handle of the hammer were to fall into pieces, ah, yes, I would get rid of it.

27 Yes, do not let any rottenness, parasite, yes, any bad substance, come to contaminate your plants

28 so that these plants remain luxuriant as my Word is luxuriant.

29 Yes, my Word is luxuriant, yes, my Word is full of nourishment, yes,

30 so that you nourish yourselves and, so that thereby, you nourish me too.

31 Ah, ah, they left; they are not the first ones to do so

32 and they are not the last ones either who will do the same!

33 but be attentive just like a gardener watching on his plants

34 so that his plants be safe and, so that they produce this fruit which the gardener wants to pick!

35 If there is no fruit, I will not be able to keep this plant,

36 even if I wanted to keep this plant, it is of no use to me.

37 Ah, my children, my children who are mine, yes, those who their plants are luxuriant,

38 continue, yes continue, yes still continue, to put on this fertilizer, to put on this Word,

39 these offerings, these attendances, ah, and this fear of who I am.

40 Oh yes, be these plants which are abundant through their fruit production

41 which I will be able to shake in order to pick these heavenly fruits,

42 pick these fruits, day after day, week after week yes; but for this, you must be attentive, yes attentive.

43 It is too easy to forget, to take for granted, this luxuriant plant, like the rose that fades so quickly.

44 Ah yes, yes continue to walk in my own trails, in these trails I traced myself and flattened for you, my children,

45 as a red carpet of these pagans, yes, of these worldly events;

46 but me, my own carpet, the carpet which is mine, is of a perfect fullness.

47 You will never be missing anything as long as you remain in my hand.

48 Oh, my children, take… take this road, embrace this road.

49 Yes, if the road is too narrow, it is the sign that you must purge a few branches of the plant

50 in order for you to remain on this road, yes; for, it is the only road leading to me,

51 that is what will differentiate you from the pagans because when you will arrive before me, you will have gone through the proper road,

52 not through sinuous paths coming from the mountains and from dark caves full of unclean spirits;

53 for this lane of holiness belongs to you, but make sure to follow it by walking in my Word. 



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