The Genius of Wealth — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2014, Chapter 13



God’s prophecy
pronounced in the congregation
of the saints of God

Recorded on October 26, 2014 at 8:15 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 19 min 28 s ROY0344R4P/CEL

Original recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2014 and 2015


13 My children, my children,

2 I heard, yes I heard your cries, your cries of distress, ah yes I heard ah these supplications.

3 Ah these prayers have come up, ah before my eyes. Ah the odour of your offerings have come up to my nose.

4 And the taste of your fruits have reached my palate.

5 Ah, ah, ah yes your praises have reached my ears. Alleluia! my ears.

6 Ah yes, this faithfulness, this commitment you accepted with liberality,

7 with plenty of compassion for my Christ who is mine, yes for my work which I accomplished through my Son, yes.

8 Yes my sons, yes my daughters, yes yes, many among you will see, will see their revenues yes, they will see their revenues multiply a hundredfold.

9 Ah yes, yes because I will go in the drawer of the pagan, oh yes I will go in the chests yes of the ungodly people

10 and I will push them to give you their incomes, yes, because you deserve a salary for your loyal services rendered for me.

11 And the witnesses, yes the angels and the archangels and also all my servants are witnesses,

12 and my enemy too is a witness; but he will not be able to do nothing against that.

13 He will not be able to do nothing when I will set my foot, when I will set my hand,

14 yes, when I will take, yes this treasure, yes when I will snatch it out of the hands of ungodly people

15 who laugh at me before my nose, who laugh at me in my face, who turn their back before me.

16 Oh yes, I will snatch from them their blessing and I will bring it unto you.

17 I will bring it unto you yes, oh yes, so that you are in the victory,

18 in this victory, ah for a long time, since a long time ago, I prophesied unto you,

19 in this victory for my sons, for my daughters, who serve me,

20 yes, who are in service, in serfdom, who are in serfdom in my hand,

21 yes who serve me, yes who are continuously pushing, making the mill wheel turn,

22 yes the mill , on and on, and on and on and on, making sure the mill of my work continues to turn.

23 Yes, oh yes, outside, outside in the world, ah my sons are perceived as being nothing,

24 but times, times have been reached to redistribute this owing.

25 Yes billions, yes an incalculable amount of wealth is on the outside,

26 but my children are entitled to a portion of this wealth that I created myself.

27 Where do you think metal comes from? to make coins? to make welds in computers? yes the metal found in your cars?

28 Yes all that come from me, come from a handful of earth; and this handful of earth,

29 men, by the intelligence and the genius I permitted them to have,

30 have built empires of inconceivable wealth.

31 Ah, ah, but, but, but you who are serving me, yes you, my valorous children, valorous knights

32 who bite venom of the snake, who push away the scorpion yes, yes but beware because

33 when wealth will come to you, oh, too many… Ah, what happened?

34 Yes my children, those ones I filled with wealth yes, because they were serving me;

35 but some have lost their course, the course of my road.

36 They believed they could use my blessing, ah to create for themselves a road just for themselves.

37 My children, you will make it, you will have the wealth, but remember

38 the precaution which I am asking you to demonstrate,

39 this precaution that will keep you from being pulled to go left and right

40 with this wealth which you will have received from my hand,

41 with this wealth earned in a perfect, honest, worthy way;

42 not like the unclean people who make money by stripping one and another by using fraudulent methods,

43 by abusing the neighbour, by exploiting the person in a need, the vulnerable.

44 Yes my children, you will gain yes, you will climb the ladder yes, yes you will be in the heights yes of my Spirit,

45 but also in the heights before the eyes of the pagans;

46 but this height you will have received will have to be managed

47 in a caring way like the mother when she gives birth to her baby.

48 Yes, she protects the baby from the thief.

49 She defends her baby to corrupt itself. Yes, she does everything to preserve her treasure.

50 Well, when you receive this wealth, keep yourself from the influence

51 of all kinds of ideas which my enemy will try to convince you to accomplish.

52 My Spirit will be there to inform you of what is not my will,

53 yes, of what is not my will because what I want to do is to give you my treasures.

54 I want to snatch them away from the stiff-necked people,

55 yes, I want to snatch them out of the hands that are contaminated by the innocent blood

56 and, to give them to you who deserve it.

57 Yes, you deserve this… You deserve it to receive those blessings I have in stock for you.

58 Tonight, I am talking about money, but that is only one part

59 of my work, of the blessing I have in stock for you yes,

60 because the health yes, yes the health is there.

61 Yes, you are under my protection, you are in peace. Is there a price for this peace? No, there is no price.

62 And above all those things which are priceless, which you already have in abundance,

63 I will add even more above all that, a revenue in abundance

64 becoming a source of lightness so that money stop being a worry,

65 to be a tool to please me, a tool to keep you in peace, a tool to keep you in comfort, to protect you.

66 Yes, yes obedience : yes, my anointed servant, my anointed servant says it well,

67 my anointed servant talks about obedience and this word

68 shall remain in your mind, shall remain on your tongue, shall remain in your hand,

69 when the money will be there.

70 Yes you must maintain this obedience, yes this obedience

71 that will make you vessels of honour among the pagans and among my people too.

72 Yes obedience, obedience, obedience with the blessing, with peace, with health

73 and with everything you will receive, so that you are still here when the money will be there,

74 so that you are still on this carpet, praising with your mouth,

75 yes praising, raising your hands in the air, yes shouting the name of my Son.

76 Even though you will have gained a form of power according to the pagans,

77 but what they will not see is that this authority has a foundation, which is my Word.

78 And the morning this foundation is evacuated, the palace I will have built for you will be evaporated too.

79 Ah, keep this obedience coming from the foundation.

80 My son, my son talked about the belt.

81 My son talked about the belt, about this belt which holds the pant in place,

82 this pant that will keep you from bending before the enemy and all of his demons.

83 Yes this prophecy will be accomplished.

84 I feel oh, oh I feel that some of you have doubts, but do not doubt,

85 for if you continue to doubt, the blessing will go to the neighbour.

86 Oh, oh yes my children, yes, yes, yes, yes, you must have this confidence in my work.

87 When I say: “You will have wealth.”, you will have it;

88 there is no doubt, there is no half measure, it will be there.

89 Above having the wealth of my Word, you will have physical wealth;

90 but it will be your duty to keep the proper balance between the carnal blessings and the spiritual blessings

91 so that you remain here yes like good warriors,

92 yes, so that you are standing straight before me, ah yes, with your head up,

93 yes, ready to fight, yes, using all the resources that I will have given you,

94 ah, not to lose yourself, but to be victorious

95 in a perfect humility, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect. 


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