Warriors! Shout The Victory! — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2014, Chapter 14



God’s prophecy
pronounced in the gathering
of the saints of God

Recorded on November 2nd 2014 at 8:08 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 23 min 35 s ROY0345R4P/CEL

Original recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English and in French languages
and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2014 and 2015


14  (While a son of God is hugged.)

2 O son, son, son, stay close to me, son.

3 Son, o son, son, you came back, oh, you came back to me.

4 O my son, my warrior, oh, oh, oh, oh, you came back.

5 O son! O my son! O my warrior! All of my warriors! All of them!


6 Yes shouts of exultations, yes shouts of rejoicings,

7 ah yes yes these shouts, yes yes that I am claiming for, yes, I want shouts.

8 Yes, I want a lot of noise. I want melodies, yes. Yes make music with your vocal cords.

9 Ah, shake your hands. Ah, let your hearts reverberate. Yes, my Son obeyed me in a perfect silence,

10 but now I am claiming for, oh, I am claming for shouts of exultation.

11 Ah shout, my children. Shout, shout! Ah, shout this Word, this Word that is in you.

12 Yes revive, revive, revive, stimulate, ah bring back what is…

13 Ah, if your exultation went to sleep, wake it up! Ah, wake up your exultation, yes, for the coming of my Son.

14 Wake up this exultation for your belonging to this tree of life, yes to this tree, yes, that is living.

15 Be alive people! Ah, make the walls tremble, shake the walls.

16 Ah, make your soul tremble. Ah, frighten up, yes frighten up demons.

17 Ah yes I chase, I chase the bad spirits, but also,

18 you have the authority to do so the same by waking up this exultation.

19 Ah yes, yes yes, I touched my son :


20 I touched my son, my warrior, I hugged my treasure,

21 so that he knows that I am with him.

22 I am with you and all of my other warriors.

23 O praise the Lord, your Lord, who made this Earth who sent his Son for you.

24 Oh, be sure to stimulate this fear in you,

25 oh, this fear, this fear, deep, deep, deep,

26 very deep, as deep as my Word is.

27 You must be my Sword, this Sword that will cut, penetrate, my enemy,

28 to make sure to cut, to cut his head every morning that you wake up.

29 Even when you sleep, even when you’re weaker, when you’re asleep,

30 you must cut, penetrate, win this fight against my enemy

31 who will always, I said always, be after you, be after her, be after every son and daughter

32 of my Lord, of my Son, of my Word.

33 Yes, I call you, each one of you, warrior, there’s a reason for me to use this Word warrior.

34 A warrior works and does everything that his chief commands him.

35 Remember, remember, remember, keep in mind, ah, this Word.

36 This Word is my Sword, is your Sword, against my enemy.

37 Keep shouting with your mouth, with your soul

38 with all the parts of your body to celebrate your victory.

39 Every day, every morning you cut his head to celebrate.

40 You must celebrate, celebrate that you are my son that you are my daughter.

41 After every battle, warriors, warriors celebrate,

42 but in their case, they celebrate with wine and with bread; but I tell you,

43 my Lord, my Word, my Son, is the Wine, is the Bread that is coming in you flowing like a river.

44 This river must stay warm; otherwise, my enemy, the predator will come and destroy, take all my water away from you.

45 Pay attention, pay close attention, to this fight that you’re battling every single day.

46 Watch your steps, watch your environment, there might be an enemy over there, there might be another one here.

47 You must cut the head every minute, every hour, every day

48 to make sure that you will stay in my house.

49 This house was made for you, was made for those, for those,

50 those few ones who accept, who embrace this Word in them; to keep your river

51 –all day, all week, all year and until my Son will come back–

52 to keep this river warm, flowing through the body, through the mouth,

53 in order to celebrate your every day victory.

54 Yes, this river will be your Wine and the Word that you will read every day will be used for Bread.


55 I taught, I instructed, I said my Word to my victorious son;

56 but this message is also for everyone here, each one of you.

57 Keep, keep your Sword, keep your cutting edge in good shape,

58 in order to cut, cut, to cut, to cut, to cut and to sharpen your edge if you need to;

59 to make sure that when you’ll have to cut another head, it will cut straight and narrow.


60 Oh yes, yes, my children, shout the exultation of your inner self.

61 Shout the victory of this day because, yes, today, each one of you

62 has cut heads, has pierced through bowels, has snatched unclean hearts,

63 has cut unclean heads, has rejected far, far from them, yes the leprous,

64 the rotten apple, the false prophet, the bad friend.

65 Push aside, push aside these impurities out of your life.

66 Push them aside, otherwise, they will push aside my Word that is in you.

67 Push them aside! push them out! cut them up!

68 so that your river, your heavenly elixir remains on the move,

69 yes so that the water source which is my Word continues to make you drink abundantly.

70 Listen well, if we cut out the source and if the source ceases to nourish

71 the person, the sheep, she will give me no more shouts of exultation, of rejoicing;

72 instead, I will receive lamentations, cries of distress.

73 I don’t want to receive any cries of this type.

74 Yes, your babies, they cry. All babies cry. Do like them.

75 Do like them: shout my name, shout my Son, shout my Word,

76 so that you are filled with joy. Do not let it go to sleep.

77 You must not let this exultation doze off before my eyes;

78 ah, before my eyes because whosoever will be lukewarm in my mouth

79 will not be boiling in my mouth oh, will be spit out, vomitted.

80 I will not be able to keep him in my mouth. Ah, I will not be able,

81 I will not be able to do so, I will not be able to keep him and he will be on the ground.

82 Ah, on the ground: don’t you think that the fall out of my mouth…

83 yes, because they will come out of my mouth like a man without a parachute,–

84 do you think they will arrive on the ground in good shape?

85 Far from me this idea that some of them could believe to let them come out of it safe.

86 Yes, you are prisoners of my hand, prisoners of my net, prisoners for your good;

87 yes, for your good so that you continue to keep with you your sharp Sword, this Word in you;

88 yes, to push away the enemy that is outside,

89 yes, the enemy of my Word in order to slice him up, to cut him. 



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