His Battle: My Battle – Praises unto God – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY


His Battle: My Battle

Praises unto God
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on November 8th, 2014 at 7:36 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 11 min 14 s         Recording : ROY0346R4P

Recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2014 and 2016


1 Alleluia! Thank you Heavenly Father, we are searching no more, for we have found it all.

2 We found the treasury as much as you have found us as we find gold.

3 We found the Pearl, we found Christ, and we don’t bother about the things of daily life.

4 We don’t bother about the things of daily life in order to please the one who sent us in his battle.

5 He has become my own battle.

6 Oh, the glory goes to Jesus, his battle is now mine, his yoke is now mine, his burden is now mine.

7 Oh, what a God! He is engaged in battling his enemy,

8 his enemy who is now my adversary and who was my father without my knowing it.

9 Alleluia! What a good thing it is to have changed my father,

10 alleluia! to no more have enemies with two legs and two arms equipped with knives,

11 but enemies without legs, and without arms, and having a big mouth,

12 a forked and dirty tongue, a backbiting dragon tongue spitting fire and water,

13 the dragon in the Book of Revelation who sent his sea to bring unto himself

14 the woman that God had elected in order to go into the wilderness

15 but the power of the dragon did not have any success over the power of our Father

16 because when God wants to see her in the wilderness, she will get there in the wilderness

17 even though the dragon spits fire, spits water or whatever he wishes to spit.

18 Long live the Everlasting Lord who blessed us with his protection.

19 Alleluia! Ah, us who are the jewels of his crown, the precious pearls,

20 the living precious stones, honoured and cherished by God, rubbed by God, alleluia,

21 because God is polishing us, polishing and polishing us, and then, he polishes us,

22 he rubs us, he hits us, he polishes us, he polishes us, ah, each passing instant

23 so that we really are sparkling at the end of each tip,

24 of all the tips of the crown which is placed on his head, the pride of God.

25 We are his trophies. Make of us, Father, people who are preaching, gathering your trophies;

26 and us, we are the trophies of God, and then our God is making a demonstration of who we are.

27 He demonstrates us unto the enemy: “Look at my trophies.”

28 Ah, Jesus did not die for nothing. You see him, you heard her,

29 you see how she is going at it, you heard him, you see my ministry,

30 you see my children, you see this, they are as ants, alleluia, working to glorify me because I exposed darkness.

31 Through the death of Jesus on Calvary, darkness have been exposed.

32 The wood was cracked in two pieces

33 from the bottom to the top, from the top to the bottom, from the middle to the top,

34 no matter how it happened, it was split to give access unto the Father and the very-holy places,

35 to the people of God, to specific people.

36 Even the king had no right to end up in that place,

37 but today in Christ, we have the right, we have access to get close to the Father, alleluia, in the very-holy places.

38 Oh, thank you Everlasting Father, to have given unto us this full confidence,

39 ah that we can, yes heavenly Father, go near God, supplicate God, ask from God, ask the Father,

40 shout Father, shout unto the Father: “Father! Father! Father!” through the spirit of adoption

41 which was given unto us and which was placed inside our hearts.

42 Ah, Everlasting Father, the cowardice, the cowardice, the cowardice, the cowardice,

43 the cowardice to listen to the spirits talking to us, saying:

44 “Ah, I don’t feel like going to church, I stay home.”

45 Well, stay where you are!

46 Ah blessed be the Lord, our God, to you the glory, o heavenly Father.

47 Ah, the flesh is heavy. The dead people are yearning for evil things.

48 The volatile spirit is fickle, the eyes are troubled, the ears are tormented;

49 ah, Everlasting Father, but our strength comes from the Lord, our God.

50 Smart and wise is the son and sheep who still hangs around inside the house of God

51 each and every day that there is a gathering.

52 Smart and wise is the sheep of God

53 who does not stay away in order to self satisfy with what is self pleasing, what is pleasing to its flesh, unto the flesh, unto the flesh,

54 but who subjects itself, who treats hardly its body to bring it through

55 sadnesses, miseries and the weight of the spirits which stiffens the body

56 to finally come to find you with the freedom and the liberality of the children of God, before the throne of our Father,

57 to bring unto God our burdens, to bring unto God our burdens, to open up our throats and make our vocal chords sing

58 as the chords of an harp; for we are the harp of our God,

59 in order to take away his irritation against the people who are outside.

60 One day a prophet was solicited to come see the people of God,

61 looking down from the top of the mountain:

62 “You see the flaws they have?

63 —No, the Everlasting Lord sees no flaw!

64 —But come, we will go see them on the other side of the mountain. Come this way to look at them, don’t you see the flaws?

65 —No, the Everlasting Lord finds no flaw!”

66 Ah Satan, let go the people of God and let go finding flaws in them, it is not your problem, it is none of your business.

67 Ah, blessed be the Everlasting Lord, we find no flaws in us.

68 Ah, blessed be your holy name, o Everlasting Father, in the name of Jesus-Christ.

69 Thank you Father. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus.

70 Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus.

71 Ah, it is heavy, it is heavy, it is heavy, o Everlasting Father,

72 the soul, the soul, the soul, the soul, the soul, the soul.

73 The bowels of your children who have the wisdom and the cleverness

74 to fill up their lamp with oil, who are no more bearing a burden inside their bowels

75 because it is a must that we bring it unto you or else we will be split as wineskins which are filled up with a bad wine.

76 We cannot keep this load inside of us, Father, because it is bitter and heavy

77 to see, o Everlasting Father, that the popularity of my God, of our God, of the Everlasting Lord, is what it is now.

78 Seats filled up with excuses, filled up with excuses and filled up with excuses.

79 We are filled up with excuses and having sat at our place an excuse: “Stay sitting there for me, and then, represent me.”

80 Ah the Lord knows what is the excuse that is sitting on each seat and that is what is representing their soul today.

81 Their excuse which is on their seat is the representation of their soul.

82 Ah, blessed be the Lord, our God, who is rejoicing of his tiny, little handful of sheep,

83 who love the pasture of God, who love the feast of the Lord, who exalt the Everlasting Lord,

84 who are speeding up the coming of the Lord, who hurry up the vengeance of the Lord,

85 who hurry up the Lord’s prosperity in order to serve him and, serve him and, serve him

86 in order to finally torment the dragon and the snake which are tormenting us in return, at our turn.

87 Ah, the devil does not appreciate the offerings! The devil does not appreciate holiness and pureness!

88 Neither does he like the offerings. Ah, the devil does not like to see God being served inside his own kingdom!

89 “All these people worship me and serve me, says Satan, because it is my kingdom.

90 They belong to me and they do everything I tell them to do. I am their prince.

91 These few people over there, they do what God tells them to do, they don’t like the snake.”

92 Ah, blessed be your name, o Father, to be a blessing unto God inside Satan’s kingdom.

93 The devil does not love us and he does not love this.

94 Thank you Everlasting Father, to you the glory, for the strength and the power

95 that you gave us in Christ to be praising the Lord inside Satan’s kingdom.

96 Allluia, alleluia! Thank you Jesus to be praising God in the devil’s kingdom,

97 to be serving God in the kingdom of Lucifer’s servants.

98 Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus.

99 Glory to your holy name. Alleluia. ♦


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