An Unthinkable Glitter — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2014, Chapter 16



God’s prophecy
pronounced in the gathering
of the saints of God

Recorded on November 8th 2014 at 7:58 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 26 min 13 s ROY0346R4P

Original recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2014 and 2015


16 Oh, thus saith the Lord, your God:
2 Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, I have shown you, I enlightened you of my Word.

3 Yes, my anointed ones, my anointed ones are there, my anointed ones are there, they work, yes.

4 Yes, they bring, they bring, oh, the bread without leaven, yes, this bread, yes, without yeast, without impurity, without…

5 Ah yes the false ones, the mercenaries yes, bring a bread with grains of yeast inside the recipe.

6 Yes, they change, they subtract, they add, they add yes

7 this murderous leaven, murderous, poisonous, deadly, like an epidemy.

8 Yes you, you whom, whom I have, (Cries.) you yes, whom I enlightened,

9 whom I enlightened, whom I chose, yes, come closer.

10 Feel, yes feel my presence. Feel my moves, yes these moves I am making,

11 these moves yes, yes, these moves, ah this work, this work that I accomplish for you,

12 yes, since I managed to open your eyes yes, to soften your heart,

13 oh yes, since I managed to, to mould you as my will; but too, too many, too, too many,

14 too many, (Cries.) too, too, too, too many, among, amidst my house are far away.

15 Ah, they can hear my voice, but they are not close to me as I would want them to be.

16 Yes yes, recently, I embraced my son, yes, this victorious son, victorious.

17 Ah, this son whom I entwined, yes, whom I close fitted to me, whom I had oh near of, near the skin,

18 close, so close to the skin, on the surface of the skin, yes, as close as a piece of clothing can be on the body,

19 ah hugged tight, tight and tightened, ah yes tightened unto me, Alleluia. tight and tightened.

20 Too far, ah too far… The wicked one has too many opportunities, yes, too many occasions.

21 When you are near me, as near as the surface of my skin,

22 yes, these lanterns are enlightened, these eyes are open,

23 these open eyes which I want to keep this way, ah, this way.

24 Ah, open your eyes! Yes yes if they are already open, keep them so, oh yes.

25 And in order to prevent the eye to become dry, yes, you must read,

26 you must read, read and read again and again and again and again, so that the retina is hydrated.

27 No human being could go without the blinking of his eyes.

28 Do the same with my writings, do the same with, with what I gave the inspiration

29 to be written on paper, to be read re-read, recited, sang, masticated, digested.

30 Ah yes, it is a good and perfect thing, it is a good thing to read,

31 but it is even better to read it again, yes, because a verse that we,

32 that we have read a first time, yes the human mind travels

33 and the human mind keeps only a parcel of my Words.

34 That being said, you must re-read again and again as mining companies

35 who dig as deep as necessary in the ground to find this precious ore

36 which make them prosper with billions in profit.

37 My Word is deeper than all the planets piled up one on top of the other.

38 You will never have enough time in one life, even if you read every day, 24 hours on 24,

39 –which would be completely impossible, but, even if you managed to do so,–

40 yes, you would not even reach a tenth of the deepness of this Word.

41 Yes yes I am very deep, I am very high, I am very wide.

42 Yes my features are infinite in all directions.

43 Among all nations, I have my hand, yes my hand is there

44 working in the midst of these people, yes, for what reason?

45 Ah, in order to please, so that my Lights are filled with exultation,

46 are victorious, yes, so that they are filled with blessings;

47 but, but, it is necessary that my Lights remain glittering Lights.

48 The more your Light will be glittering before my eyes, the more the blessings will fall on you.

49 This is how I established the things of my Word.

50 Yes, this is how I established my Son so that by following my Son,

51 your Lights are more glittering than the shooting stars,

52 yes yes, so that you are dazzling, dazzling,

53 blinding through the power of the rays of your Light. Alleluia.

54 Show your highness: cast large-scale rays, rays that will reach my heart.

55 Yes, apply, put to practice.

56 Walk in a path prepared in advance so that there is

57 no failure, no fainting, among my Lights

58 so that you are always applying, applying

59 and so that if there is an obstacle, you are able to shout: “Abba, Father! Abba, Father!”

60 Yes, shout my name in case of distress, yes, but also in days of exultation

61 because, yes, people, the hired men from outside yes,

62 yes these people who are unfaithful to my Word, infested with yeast

63 are not respecting my Word; they are not walking in the paths.

64 Yes when the ambush is there, yes they shout my name, but I do not hear them, no.

65 And when all is well, they say to themselves: “Why praise God? All is well!”

66 It is the only thing they are saying: “Alleluia!”

67 They do not even understand what they are saying.

68 They do not even understand what they are doing.

69 No, they do not understand what this is all about.

70 As a student facing a Mathematics examination for example,

71 who reads the question so fast, that he responds what he believes to be good,

72 but he missed entirely the essence of the question.

73 My children who read and re-read the question

74 read and re-read the ordinance, read and re-read, and finally, practiced,

75 those who have their eyes open and those who want to keep them so

76 will have to keep this candlestick active yes,

77 so that its flames are of an unthinkable glitter, that only my Spirit can savour.

78 Ah yes, savour my delights, savour my delights, savour my Word,

79 savour this feast prepared well in advance, yes, prepared for your emergence,

80 yes, so that you emerge, ah, from darkness, and that you flash,

81 that you are glittering ah, before me, before me.

82 Yes, very few manage to make it, but, me, what I am telling you,

83 is that it is a simple thing, it is a question of decision. Yes, it is a question

84 of decision and of ferity, of perseverance, yes, to go against,

85 against my enemy because, yes, people outside do make exploits.

86 Yes, they make all kinds of exploits, but they don’t have Satan working against them yes.

87 Yes these people, Satan leaves them more or less untroubled, more or less untroubled,

88 but my sons, my Lights, my own stars, yes my glittering pearls,

89 Satan wants them, Satan works day and night, yes.

90 Satan, I am chasing you. I am talking to my sons right now and to my daughters.

91 I am chasing you, chasing you. Go take a walk now. Go take a walk and then, come back no more.

92 Come back no more, because yes, yes he will be back tomorrow, ah, to haunt your spirit, to hammer your head.

93 Yes, he will use people around you to pierce your liver,

94 yes pierce the liver, pierce the heart, cut the tongue which glorifies my name yes,

95 but, but you who have your eyes open, yes yes you,

96 you will be able to see my enemy coming and you will be able to stop him, to stop him.

97 Yes, keep yourselves stimulated. Keep this Light dazzling;

98 this will drive away demons, drive away unclean spirits, drive away Satan’s malefic tools.

99 Yes, Satan, Satan, Satan is at work, but you too, my children, you are at work.

100 Ah, my bones are nourished tonight, yes, nourished,

101 yes, as photosynthesis: yes, I nourish myself with your rays of Light.

102 Yes, valiant freedom fighters

103 not the freedom that is like the freedom of the French people, no;

104 fighters of an heavenly freedom, the freedom to be free from sin,

105 yes, to be free from this heavy cannonball which is heavy to drag, yes,

106 and my children who are serving me also have a heavy load,

107 but they give it to my Son. They give it to my Son and my Son takes care of it.

108 And when it comes to their desires, their thoughts,

109 they kill, they put, reduce to silence, reduce to nothing

110 the unclean flesh which has deviant desires,

111 yes, desires to fill up with alcohol, desires to suck up a cigarette, a drug, but also a panoply of other sins too.

112 These examples are very basic because there is adultery, yes, there is jealousy, there is pride, oh, vainglory.

113 All these sins will be broken in my house; ah, otherwise, the Sheep recognized guilty will not be able to remain here,

114 here in this house of righteousness, this house of honour yes.

115 Yes this house is my palace, this house is my dwelling.

116 It will always be this way, yes, in my dwelling. 


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