Of All Languages. In “The Holy Bible Continues In 2014” (chap. 17)



God’s prophecy
pronounced in the gathering
of the saints of God

Recorded on November 9th 2014 at 4:04 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 12 min 30 s ROY0347R4P/CEL

Original recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2014 and 2015


17 Oh, my Word will be preached in all the languages that I will choose,

2 in all the languages that I will choose yes, yes yes,

3 but let me, let me use you yes, so that you are my tools,

4 yes so that I can accomplish this destiny that I have,

5 that I so much want to have, that I want to accomplish, yes accomplish

6 in a way that all the languages that I will choose will be used,

7 so that these languages are used yes for my glory, for my glory on this Earth,

8 oh, this glory yes that is majestic that I will have, that I will establish.

9 Yes yes these tongues, yes these tongues will preach my holy Word, my Word of justice,

10 and it will be in mouths which are washed, sanctified, purified, that will be used by my Spirit,

11 so that these tongues are there calling, yes demonstrating, pointing the wrong, correcting,

12 yes, so that these tongues are there to bring,

13 bring salvation, salvation before these nations, before these populations,

14 ah, who will have to listen to me, because, otherwise, they will see themselves torn up.

15 Ah yes my anointed one, my anointed one is already doing it in English and in French,

16 but a time will come where my Word will be preached from the mouth of men I will have established.

17 Ah yes, they will speak Portuguese. They will speak, ah, German. They will speak, ah, Creole.

18 They will speak Russian. They will speak, ah, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish,

19 saith the Everlasting Lord; for this is how I will establish a ministry of all languages, of all cultures,

20 yes of the entire Earth, this Earth which I fixed yes, where men have multiplied.

21 Ah yes yes, I am announcing these things, so that you are stimulated

22 to bring, to pull, to call, yes to chant, chant my Word,

23 yes to all these nations, to all these populations, to all these people,

24 yes whom I have, I want to have in my hand, ah, whom I want to have in this boiling hand.

25 Yes, in this cooking pot, I want to have exotic ingredients.

26 Oh yes I want to have, I want to have these ingredients to be coming from everywhere.

27 I want to have this potion to be diversified. I want my sons to be

28 of all origins, ah, of all languages, of all cultures.

29 Yes yes it is my will, yes; because when my Son died and when He came to be with me,

30 He died for all nations, all,

31 for all the people, all the tribes, all without an exception;

32 but it is a must that my Word be transmitted in their languages

33 so that their eyes open up, yes so that their eyes are hydrated with my Word,

34 moistened of water of Life which must be on the retina of their heart,

35 which must be yes on their soul, yes so that their soul be washed, yes washed, purified, sanctified,

36 and that this soul remains so until the coming of my Son, of my Lamb,

37 of the One I sent, sent for all these nations.

38 Yes, many nations already know, many nations

39 have already recognized, have already refused, have already turned their back;

40 but if there are still some people who need to receive these words, which will be addressed to them,

41 so that my ministry enlarges, so that my ministry expands, yes so that it can expand,

42 so that when my Son will be back, He will be there for souls that are spotless, 100 percent pure,

43 just like, just like the first snowfall yes, before it becomes soiled with cars driving on it.

44 Yes, prevent yourselves from being this snow that has been soiled by the cars.

45 Protect your own snow. Protect it: cover it yes with my Word, yes with this Shield,

46 yes with this Sword, yes and, with all the weapons you were given in the Word.

47 Oh yes you are, you are already a diversified crowd, but you will be even more so in the future.

48 The more time will go on, the more nations will come. Nations will come.

49 Yes, they will come these nations and I will preach to them yes in all the languages I will have chosen,

50 in order to demonstrate my glory to my enemy, to this unclean being.

51 Learn, learn, I invite you and I recommend you strongly to learn, to learn,

52 to put your nose in my Word, but also to learn how to speak many languages.

53 Yes, I will give you the knowledge, I will give you the skills, I will give you the patience,

54 so that all these nations are touched, are permeated, by my Word. 


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