My Hand In Your Life. In “The Holy Bible Continues In 2014” (chap. 21)

baby-203048_640My Hand In Your Life
God’s prophecy
pronounced in the gathering
of the saints of God

Recorded on December 14th, 2014 at 9:31 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 10 min 56 s ROY0357R4P

Original recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2014 and 2015


21 In the name of Jesus, yes I sent my Son, yes I sent my Son.
2 Yes I order you to wake up. I order you to be delighted. I order you.

3 Yes my children, I order you. I order you to make these things:

4 I order you yes, I order you to recognize, I order you to recognize

5 and to see, yes to see my hand, yes to see my Word, at work in your life.

6 Yes, I order you to see, to open your eye, to pay attention, yes to my hand which is there

7 making miracles, making things for you, making what must be made to honour my children.

8 Yes, when my child loses its footing, when my child loses its balance, yes I am there, my hand is there, and all my angels are there,

9 to maintain the balance, this balance that I ask for, that I make sure it is present.

10 Yes, my children, recognize my hand.

11 Maybe you have not yet what you asked for,

12 maybe it will come later, but the important thing is that my hand is there

13 in your life, in your daily activities, in all your steps.

14 Your steps must be well organized, well synchronized,

15 so that my hand can continue to act in your life;

16 so that you can continue to harvest the blessing; so that this blessing

17 can still be in your hands, can still be there; because if on the pendulum of justice,

18 yes, if you lose your balance, if you turn away, if you jump below,

19 yes, out of my throne, out of the stepping board, yes which I made for you,

20 yes, out of this podium on which you are standing,

21 if you jump below, if you get rid of my principles, of my commandments,

22 yes, you will see my hand crushing you, crushing you yes, ah, crushing you,

23 but I shall not do this with pleasure, I shall do this by obligation, by obligation yes;

24 because my Word was spoken, my Word was written, and I must honour my Word;

25 because I change not, I never change.

26 Yes, those who change are the people. Those who change are the stiff-neck people.

27 Those who change are the ones who have, who let grow, horns,

28 yes, who refuse to be sheared momentarily,

29 yes, as the mutton, as the wise ewe which allows itself to be sheared with liberality.

30 Yes, I want to crop your wool and in exchange you will have everything.

31 You will have my inheritance. Yes, you will have what my Son received, yes;

32 because my hand will be there when you will need it.

33 Yes, sometimes you will walk on unstable ground, but my hand will always be there

34 to bring back the ground, to compact the earth of the path, to level your path,

35 so that you may walk in peace, in my path, in my Word,

36 yes, in this Word, which has to stay in you.

37 Stay on this path and you stay in my Word.

38 Yes, continue to walk in these steps. Pay good attention to your steps,

39 these steps, yes, which I want to continue to approve, to consent.

40 Yes, I want that each of your steps, I can honour them, yes,

41 honour you, my children, elevate you, my children, purge you, my children yes;

42 because I am not, I am not only, blessing.

43 Yes, when I look at my plants, when I look at my children,

44 yes, when I see a branch which seems to be useless to me,

45 I cut it; this is how I purge you, for your well-being, so that you do not fall

46 into the traps of the world, into the traps which Satan prepares.

47 Yes, he attacks you with his fiery darts yes,

48 but the breastplate of your righteousness has to surpass its fiery darts.

49 Yes, your shield of faith has to push away the enemy in front :

50 you have to make him eat the dust.

51 Yes yes, I cursed the snake, I did condemn him

52 to crawl on the ground, to snuggle up in the sand and in the earth,

53 but you, you were chosen.

54 Yes my warriors, my children, yes my valiant ones, you were carefully chosen,

55 so that you may be, so that you are Swords, the Sword filled with the Spirit,

56 so that you are Swords filled with the Spirit,

57 with my Spirit, with the Spirit of my Son, with the Spirit of my Word.

58 Yes, be this cutting and invigorating Sword, yes, so that,

59 when you will see a trap, you can get rid of it, yes, for my hand will always be there.

60 The moment you shout my name, I will be there; yes shout my name, shout my Word, shout my Son.

61 Yes, don’t you think that if I see my child in the need, in distress,

62 that I shall not send one hundred thousand angels, and much more? yes, that I shall send them all?

63 Even the heathen, I shall send them towards you.

64 Yes, I will use unclean beings who are not of my Spirit,

65 but I shall use these peole to help you,

66 so that your paths are always leveled,

67 so that you can walk, walk in this lane which is not of this world,

68 this lane which is sometimes narrow, and which, as time goes on, becomes more and more narrow.

69 But you too, my children, be as water which adapts to all the containers in which we store it.

70 Yes, be as water, be as a pottery which we can model as we please.

71 Yes, let met be your potter, so that,

72 when I shall be finished with you, you come in front of me, and you have become

73 these glittering vases, of a priceless value, of a perfect shine,

74 yes, so that I see that your beams reach out to my eyes,

75 and that I am dazzled by your beauty and that I wish to keep you by my side.

76 Yes, be these warriors yes, when the enemy comes, bring out your Sword;

77 bring it out and do the work, do the work, yes, push away the enemy.

78 Display yourselves. Be of a perfect obedience. Yes, display yourselves when it’s time to do so.

79 Yes, it is not always the right moment to display yourselves as sons of the Almighty,

80 but when the occasion occurs, display yourselves, be proud to wear my Word,

81 to dress in my clothes, yes to dress with my holy Word, to carry in you my Son,

82 yes, to wear Him and to transport Him. Yes, be delighted.

83 Be delighted my children, be delighted, be still delighted.

84 Yes, shout my name, shout my children, shout, shout, shout, shout, shout. 


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