Bring Back The Piece of Thread — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2015, Chapter 1


Prophecy of the Everlasting Lord
pronounced before saints of God

Recorded on January 3rd, 2015 at 8:14 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 14 min 28 s ROY0372

Recordings, transcription,
translation, edition and publication by
Guylaine Roy  ©  2015


1 In my name, in my name, in my name, in my name, yes, in my name, you have been healed.

2 In my name, you have preached the Scriptures.

3 In my name, yes, you stood before the enemy.

4 In my name, you have, ah, you have brandished the sword.

5 Yes, in my name, you have made miracles.

6 In my name, you went to get the blessing.

7 In my name, you have been filled of my power.

8 In my name, in my name, in the name of my Son, in the name, ah, of the One I established;

9 yes, in this name, in the name of Jesus, Jesus-Christ, yes,

10 no more of Nazareth, but of the heavenly places: yes, my Son is by my side.

11 My Son, yes, yes, you have the right, you have the power, to use his name.

12 Yes, you have this privilege to use his name, yes, to use his name to be part of his family,

13 yes, to be part of my body, yes, but, but what about, yes, what about, when we cease

14 to implore my name, to implore my Son, yes, to go get this access, yes, of my Son?

15 Yes, yes, my Son is a key, yes, the key to all the doors. Yes, yes, he is the response, yes, the solution,

16 to all the horrors, yes, to all ills, yes, that can be found in this world.

17 Yes, what will you do if you lose this key?

18 Ah, ah, you will reach… yes, you will see the vault, you will feel the blessing, but you will not have access to it.

19 Oh, you will not be able to savour it. You will no longer be able, ah, to keep it. Yes, yes, it will be taken away.

20 It will be withdrawn from you, yes, just like you will have withdrawn yourselves from my Word.

21 Ah, from my Word, yes; for my Word is deeper than all the wells of this world.

22 Yes, plunge, plunge, plunge into my Word. Yes, drown yourselves in my Word.

23 Yes, make sure there is no more air in your lungs,

24 so that what makes your body and your spirit live is only my Word, only my Word,

25 yes, so that the corrupt air, –ah, the air, the world, yes, all that, there,–

26 yes, so that it is evacuated and that the water of life is in your lungs, yes;

27 for the people from abroad live on this air, on this oxygen,

28 but you, my children, you live on this pure water.

29 Yes, in your lungs, you have this water. Yes, you no more need air, you no more need to sin.

30 Yes, you need to have some of my living water, yes, which revives and vivifies and fortifies

31 the one that keeps it, the one, yes, the one that respects it. the one that maintains it, yes, so that,

32 that there is no smoke to come in and corrupt your lungs,

33 that there is no parasite, that there is no fungus,

34 yes, that there is no form of corruption and impurities that come in these heavenly reservoirs;

35 yes, in these reservoirs that make your strength, yes, that allow you to get up in the morning,

36 yes, to walk in my Word, to walk in my ways, to walk in my paths narrow, tight and constricted, yes.

37 Yes, get closer to one and another my children. Yes, draw closer.

38 Be weaved as wool is weaved, yes. Yes, let me weave you together, yes.

39 But when one of my children refuse to be weaved to another child, to another member of my body,

40 yes, this piece, very useful it would be for me, yes, yes, so much value, it would have in my view,

41 if I cannot influence him to make this weaving of an excellent beauty, I will be obliged to withdraw him,

42 to take him from this alloy, to take him, to pull him outside, to pull him, yes, to withdraw him,

43 to take him, to bring him, and to give him a correction, ah, and again, and again.

44 And soon, by means of corrections, yes, the cliff will be there real fast.

45 Yes, the pit, the pit of fire the pit of fi re and sulfur, will arrive, will arrive real fast; ah, but such is not my desire.

46 Such is my desire, to bring back, to bring back the piece of thread, yes, in order to weave, yes, to weave these embroideries,

47 yes, to insert minerals, yes, precious stones, yes, all kinds of riches

48 that will be attached to my threads, in order to dress my threads.

49 Each thread, each child, yes, will be dressed, yes, with precious stones, yes, with gold,

50 but this thread will have to remain solid; because if the thread should break,

51 ah, well, all the pieces, yes, all the little pebbles of an extreme richness

52 would come out and, fall. Ah, will it be not necessary that this happens?

53 No, because, yes, you are threads, such tiny threads in this world, but you are threads of titanium.

54 Yes, you are made of multiple metal alloys. Oh yes, you are unbreakable, unbendable, yes;

55 because, in this manner, you will be able to keep what I will have introduced,

56 yes, what I will have placed, yes, what I will have dressed you with, all these pearls,

57 with all these riches, with all these healings, with all this abundance,

58 yes, with what I will have dressed you: with virtuous womens, yes, with what I will have dressed you: with peace, love, and joy.

59 Yes, yes, plunge in my Word. Yes, drown yourselves in it so that, yes, I may again, again and again,

60 add, add, add pearls, add again, again, again, again,

61 until the time you arrive before me sparkling and wonderful, white, perfect, yes,

62 because to this thread which is your life, yes, throughout your life, I will add, I will add again and again,

63 but you have to remain solid, solid, yes, and straight before my face; for if you… oh!

64 If the kinking, there… Hop! Oh, if my threads were to start to wriggle,

65 yes, if they make a step outside my path, ah, well, there it is, adversity,

66 adversity starts, but this is not my desire.

67 My desire, it is that you may walk again and again,

68 yes, so that for each step that you make, you may find a pearl to rejoice over,

69 yes, to praise my Son, to call upon my name, to thank him

70 to have thrown, to have dropped from heaven this blessing

71 on this little road so narrow, only, yes, for you, yes; for you have a value that no one can understand.

72 You cannot understand the value you have; because you are still in your carnal body.

73 Yes, you see people who are considered in the society. Yes, you see these people who are, yes, considered important,

74 but the importance, in my view, is not counted in dollars; no, is not counted in people’s titles;

75 no, but the importance is counted in compliance of my Word.

76 Yes, plunge in my Word, have respect for my Word, drown yourselves in my Word, yes,

77 and you will be, yes, more precious than a black diamond.

78 More precious, you will be more precious, yes, than all the riches you could cumulate in one’s life.

79 Yes, more precious, yes, you will be just like my Son, yes, yes, yes, as precious as my Son,

80 but my Son, as you are able to see it through the Spirit is attached to me.

81 Yes, he is at my right, always there, always present with me.

82 Well, you too, you have to be there, yes, so that you can be of this value

83 and, that I may drop, yes, blessings, –There it is!– for you.


Original prophecy worded out in French available by clicking here:
Prophétie originale prononcée en français disponible en cliquant ici :

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