By This Enveloppe — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2015, Chapter 5


Prophecy of the Everlasting Lord
pronounced before saints of God

Recorded on January 4th, 2015 at 9:14 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running Time : 13 min 30 s ROY0376R4P/CEL

Recordings, transcription,
translation, edition and publication by
Guylaine Roy  ©  2015


5 Thus saith the Lord, your God:

2 Yes, I have this envelope in my hand, yes, this envelope, yes, on which is written:

3 “The way to paradise” yes, because it is by this way, yes, you will have my paradise.

4 By this way, yes, by this envelope that you send me, yes, you will have paradise, yes.

5 Yes, yes, you live without sinning, yes, but this envelope, yes, which makes my delight, yes, Alleluia. this envelope,

6 yes, that you send me, each day, yes, that you can do so, Alleluia. yes, thus saith the Lord, your God:

7 yes, I claim these envelopes, yes, I claim these odours, yes, I claim these perfumes, yes, I claim, yes;

8 for my hand is at work, my hand is there, my hand is everywhere, yes,

9 but your offerings, your envelopes, are they everywhere? yes, are they flooding my paradise?

10 yes, yes, are they present to fill my belly? are they flooding me, yes, to satisfy me? yes, are they present?

11 Yes; for the bill, the debt, of this week is already paid for, Alleluia.

12 but I am talking in general, yes, is there this effort, yes, this constancy, yes, to send me, to claim from me?

13 Yes, because your offerings are claims, yes, orders of bailiffs.

14 Yes, when you send me your letters, yes, I receive them

15 and I know that I have to work; because, yes, you give me my salary, just like I give yours.

16 Yes, yes, I am your Father, but we really do some trading together.

17 We are doing some fair trade, yes, for your salvation, for your edification, for your sanctification, yes,

18 so that I may take these letters, take these offerings, take these perfumes,

19 and that I may elevate you, and give you a hundredfold.

20 Do you believe not that I will take your offerings and go away with it like a thief, like a criminal?

21 No, away from you this idea, I am the Everlasting, and my reputation is already done. Yes, my reputation is already done.

22 Yes, my sons, my daughters, many have already received, have already seen, have already recognized, yes,

23 what I have done for them, but today, here and now,

24 yes, there is still, yes, there is still to do there is still to accomplish.

25 Yes, cry no more your old offerings. cry no more your old sacrifices;

26 because these sacrifices are still before my face, yes, interceding for your well-being, but if you lament

27 and regret and if you are sad and if you are full of anguish to have sacrificed so much,

28 well, it is as if you brought back, as if you cancelled, yes, these sacrifices that you have suffered so much to offer me.


29 Yes, yes, you, young lady, yes, who just took my seat in my house, since a little while,

30 yes, I have activated you, slowly, I have attracted you, yes, in my house;

31 because here only, and you will soon see this and you already started to see it, that only here you will find satisfaction, yes;

32 for I have great intentions for you, I have great, great plans already masterminded for you.

33 Yes, yes, you will be my Light, yes, because today I am saying it and I promise you before all my angels, yes, yes;

34 for, yes, if you conform, if you honour, if you savour, if you digest, yes, this Word if you receive it today, if you cherish it, if you embrace it, if you caress it,

35 yes, if you do what you have to do and what my anointed will show you what to do with the Scriptures of my Word,

36 yes, you will be able to become that Light that inhabits my Son.

37 Yes, my daughter, for I already call you my daughter,

38 yes, I have recognized, yes, I have seen, yes, I feel, that your heart is already for me, oh,

39 but beware of the wicked one, beware of the venom, beware of the scorpion

40 who will want to poke you with his dart, who will want to eject all the Word that you already have in you.


41 Yes, yes, my female warrior, yes, my children,

42 yes, yes, grab your weapons, yes, grab your weapons, grab them, keep them day and night near yourselves;

43 because yes, the serpent, yes, the wicked one, yes, my enemy Satan, comes in a sinuous way.

44 Yes, very pernicious is this creature that is malicious: yes, he comes without a noise, yes, he comes, he tries

45 to take away my pearls, to snatch you, ah, ah, to snatch your wealth, to snatch your blessing,

46 to snatch your faith, to snatch your peace, to snatch your joy, to snatch you,

47 yes, to snatch you from my hand, oh;

48 but just like the arm of my Son is attached to his chest, yes, so you are attached to me, yes,

49 and you are dressed, you are dressed with a garment, yes, that is foolproof for all storms, for any potential damage.

50 Yes, you are my praise and I claim more praises, yes, yes; because many more will come to join my army.


51 Yes, you, young lady, ah, you are my delight.

52 Continue to come to me and you will see your days, yes, become more and more beautiful more and more colourful.

53 Yes, yes, take this Word with you, yes.


54 Oh, oh, here there are pillars in my house, ancestral pillars,

55 my son, my son, my son, my son, ah, ah, ah, my son, my son, I, oh, I see, I understand,

56 I note with understanding with compassion, yes, I see your concerns.

57 Ah, my son, you intercede, yes, very often towards me, yes, and I invite you to continue to do so, yes, my son,

58 but, ah, take with you the obvious trust, yes, this perfect trust in my Word, yes;

59 because, yes, my ancestral pillars are there.

60 My pillars! My pillars, yes! My pillars, yes, yes, I want all of you to dress with this perfect trust, yes, yes.

61 Yes, tonight is a special meeting, this meeting tonight, yes; for I had messages to give you, yes.

62 Oh, oh, yes, I am rejoicing, my children, rejoicing to see gathered together

63 many of my pillars, yes, that I carve each day.

64 Yes, I carve you to my hand, I carve you to my letter, I carve you to my image, yes, I carve you to my face,

65 yes, so that I glorify myself of each one of you, and also of my new young lady, yes, my precious young lady, yes, my dear young lady, yes.

Original prophecy pronounced in French available by clicking here:
Version  originale prononcée en français disponible en cliquant ici :


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