The Healings — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2015, Chapter 3

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Prophecy of the Everlasting Lord
pronounced before saints of God

Recorded on January 4th, 2015 at 2:52 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 18 min 9 s ROY0374R4P

Recordings, transcription,
translation, edition and publication by
Guylaine Roy  ©  2015


3 Yes, my son, yes, my son,

2 Yes, my son, yes, be courageous, be courageous, be courageous. Lend a hand of help.

3 Yes, my son, yes, I have called you from a land that is so far, yes, so so deep in the pit and in the lake of fire and sulfur.

4 Yes, you were suffering so much and I picked you up, I brought you back, I brought you, yes, and I have sealed you unto me.

5 I’ve grafted you to my tree, yes, I attached you to me just like the belt is attached to the pants of a man.

6 Yes, I want you like this to me, this close to me; because, this is how

7 you will protect yourself from Satan who intercedes each day, each minute.

8 Ah, my son, he wants your skin.

9 He wants your skin, but, me, I am telling you, my son, yes, my son, me, I am telling you, that you will remain in my hand.

10 You will remain blessed in this hand which fortifies, which vivifies.

11 Oh, my son, I care for you as I care for the pupil of my eye.

12 Yes, that you understand this or not, that is not the question. Know that you are important, that you are great in my view.

13 Raise your hands, raise your arms, yes, my son, continue to intercede in favour of your brothers and sisters,

14 who are gone astray, who are far from my house, who are far from this road, who are far from my Word,

15 who are far from my Spirit, yes, who are going further away and who are going further away, and who are going further away.

16 Yes, they are afraid of falling again, of falling again in my Word;

17 yes, they end up fearing my Word, but not in the right way.

18 They reject it as if it were a piece of mouldy bread, ah, that we don’t want to eat.


19 All those who are in this room today will receive the blessings that they deserve, that they ask for so long.

20 Yes, they will have it all of them without exception.

21 All, each and everyone of you, you have them, and you even have them, this very instant.

22 Yes, this very instant, this very instant, you are healed,

23 fortified, vivified, purified, sanctified, by my Word.

24 Yes, drink my pure water. Drink it!

25 Drink this heavenly alcohol, this hydromel, yes, drink it; for I grant you the right to do so.

26 You have the right to do so and I command you, yes, to get drunk, to come to the point

27 of losing your senses, yes, of losing your capacities, yes, because you are so drunk

28 so that the only capacity that will be remaining will be the capacity that come from my Word.

29 Yes, this particular capacity no one else have it. Yes, nobody else possesses it. Yes, this capacity is unlimited.

30 My son, ah! Ah, my son, yes, remain in my hand, remain in my hand, remain in my hands, yes;

31 for you will see, when you arrive in the heavens and when I will invite you in my paradise, you will see it all.

32 You will see what I have prepared for each one of you who are serving me, my children.

33 Yes, you will see, yes, all the wealth, yes, unlimited that I placed, yes, yes, at the height of your value, yes, at the height of your values,

34 yes, because, in you with my Word, isn’t it an exceptional body who is doing the transportation?

35 Yes, you are demonstrating qualities of athlètes of a high spiritual, heavenly level: you are my elite warriors.

36 Yes, the people… When you walk on the street, the people do not see, do not discern,

37 –They know it that you are strange, but they do not discern it– that you are in the elite.

38 You are my commandos, yes; for you are under my commandments. Alleluia.


39 Ah, my son, I see you battles, yes, my son, I see your sufferings, my son, but be courageous.

40 Yes, be strong during the dark days. Yes, be strong, my son. My son, yes, gird your belt, yes, put on your shield,

41 yes, put on your heavenly cuirass and pull out your sword, yes, yes, so that you are filled with my Word, yes,

42 and that you penetrate the enemy; because this is how, this is how, my son,

43 you will see the days brighten up you will see the days mellow,

44 you will see your days become more light, you will see your days more peaceful.

45 Do not worry for tomorrow, tomorrow, I am taking care of it.

46 Put your effort on taking care of now. Take care of now.

47 Yes, yes, put your effort on, put on your effort, today do and I already planned, yes, synchronized.

48 Yes, I have done all that for you. My son, your future is already prepared.

49 Already, it is there waiting for you; and now is a time that is more difficult,

50 but one day will come, –and that day will come rapidly, soon you will see it,–

51 you will see my Light brighten up your environment, you will see my Light performing miracles for you.

52 Be courageous, be strong; for Satan wants, wants to break your legs.

53 Satan is not a child of Light and when he sees one,

54 he wants to cut his throat, he wants to drill his kidneys, he wants to snatch his lungs,

55 but you, valorous warrior, chosen, yes, I have taken you from your city, yes, I have taken you, I brought you here,

56 ah, so that you serve me, so that you become my glory, yes.

57 Yes, my son, have faith. Yes, take the words I am giving you today and keep it in your heart.

58 Write them down on the tables of your heart so that, yes, you have confidence,

59 so that you are not in doubt, full of worry, anguish and anxiety,

60 yes, so that you are in peace, full of confidence, in the faith and in the rest which come from my Spirit.

61 My son, continue, continue, and you will see your days brighten up,

62 but for the present time, pull out your sword, proclaim the Word

63 and slice the one that wants to evacuate the Jesus that is in you.

64 Yes, he wants to pull Him out of you, he wants to spoil your temple,

65 but I know your determination, I know your strength, I know your character,

66 I know and I trust that you will serve me and that you will fight like a wild beast.

67 Yes, you will devour Satan with my Word; yes, you will be victorious, my son, but be full of courage.

68 Continue to go in my Scripture, in the Scripture, yes,

69 in order to grasp its meaning on all angles, on all points of view,

70 and so that, when Satan comes to scratch your mind, you may be able to knock him out

71 by telling him: “But it is also written: Thou shalt not tempt thy God.”

Original prophecy pronounced in French available by clicking here:
Prophétie originale prononcée en français disponible en cliquant ici :


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