Provided They Return To You — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2015, Chapter 2

goat-1402613_640Provided They Return To You

Prayer and praises unto God
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on January 4th, 2015 at 2:16 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 36 min 10 s          ROY0374R4P

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy © 2015 and 2016


2 God, God, God, ah, your existence baffles me and your justice staggers me.

2 Your justice! Ah those people, those people who have a heart that is honest and good,

3 the just people will rejoice to the sight of the vengeance of our God, in order to avenge the saints;

4 and even, still today, it is part of the justice of God, to avenge himself on Earth,

5 to render affliction to those who afflict you.

6 Forgive them their trespasses, o Everlasting Father, as we also forgive. We forgive, too.

7 Forgive them as we forgive. We forgive as you forgive.

Forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness and mercy on the just people.

9 Ah, thank you Everlasting Father, forgiveness, forgiveness and mercy, forgiveness and mercy,

10 ah, to call on his name, to call on the Father,

11 from whom are named any family in the heavens and on the Earth.

12 Ah, blessed be your holy name, o Everlasting Father,

13 to call on God while he may be found, to call on the Lord while there is time for it,

14 before the days come to pass,

15 before the day ends as the chaff, before the Decree brings forth,

16 before the Lord enters into his fury and his anger,

17 before he spreads abroad his wings and his zeal to come out of his holy dwelling with the weapons of his power.

18 Ah, blessed be the Lord, blessed be your holy name, to be able to prepare for the coming of the Just One.

19 Prepare yourself to meet your God. Ah, blessed be the Lord, blessed be his holy name.

20 Ah, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus,

21 to probe the Scriptures while there is time, while there is Light,

22 before the religious people engage themselves, engage themselves to accomplish the counsel of the vengeance of God,

23 ah, engage themselves to accomplish the intentions of the Lord, even within the family of God.

24 Ah, blessed be the Lord to be able to die brutally by one of them to pour your soul,

25 to pour my soul, my soul, my soul, on the carpet of the house for which I will have given my life.

26 O Everlasting Father, I pray that a spirit of willingness supports me,

27 that your power keeps me and supports me in the name of Jesus-Christ,

28 in order to make it through and to die dignified,

29 to die dignified, to have my soul depart with dignity, dignity, dignity, dignity.

30 In the name of Jesus-Christ, fortify the least of the flock.

31 In the name of Jesus-Christ, in the name of Jesus, fortify the distant ewes; show them your Light from far as the dawn already appears.

32 Ah, Everlasting Father, those who are far, far, far, far, far, far, far,

33 ah, you who sees from far, you who sees in the secret places, you who hears in the silence, ah, our thoughts,

34 the thoughts of our hearts, are not hidden for you.

35 Ah, Everlasting Father, yes, give us this heart, this heart, this heart, this heart of the Word,

36 this heart of Life and of Spirit, of living Flesh, of the spirit of God, the Father of our Lord Jesus-Christ,

37 ah, give us this heart of mercy, in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, o Everlasting Father,

38 in order to inherit the promises to come, the exceedingly great and the most precious promises,

39 the promises made to the just and the promises made to the unjust.

40 They see today the Sun shining, o Everlasting Father.

41 They see today the Sun shining. The genuine Light appears to them.

42 Ah the circulars are having an effect and The Verdict makes its effect. The sign outside makes its effect. The testimonies make their effect.

43 The testimonies of ewes, of all those people who came to the temple, who spoke about it to others,

44 then others speak to others, then there are others, make their effect.

45 Radio programs everywhere, quite everywhere, for fifty years make their effect.

46 Ah, the testimonies make their effect, yes, Father, but no one wants to submit itself to the spirit of God.

47 Ah, where are those willing people, ah, where are my elects? Where are my elects? Where are my elects?

48 Ah, where are they? Where are they? Where are they?

49 Ah, we are looking and we are looking and we are still looking.

50 It’s our mandate, it’s our embassy this, it’s our ministry:

51 to be searching, to be serching and to be searching humbly and patiently

52 with all our heart, all our strength, all our strength, all our strength that’s it,

53 and to be looking with a peace, a peace, a heavenly intelligence.

54 A Comforter was given unto us according to the promise of the Spirit of our brother Jesus.

55 The Spirit of the prophecy has sent a Comforter in order to console us, to keep us, to keep us,

56 to purge us, to remind us of the words of the Spirit of Life in Jesus-Christ, our brother, ah, who was sent by the Father,

57 to pass through the heavens, through the heavens, the heavens and the heavens, in order to bless me,

58 ah, to transform Himself into flesh and living bones, oh yes, inside the body of Mary, holy Mary.

59 Ah, blessed be the Lord to have anointed Jesus, and then, Jesus to have sent the Comforter,

60 so that we are not all by ourselves: “Ah, I will not leave you to be all by yourselves in the battle.

61 I will not leave you all by yourselves fighting, fighting, fighting, fighting, fighting.”

62 Ah, the Father has not left us alone fighting, fighting, fighting, fighting, ah, the good fight of faith,

63 ah, by restoring our souls, to restore our souls, by restoring our souls, ah, with his succulent delights.

64 Our soul delights every day through the Spirit that was given unto us.

65 He has sent the Spirit shouting inside of us: “Father, Father, Father, Father, Father, Father, Father, Father, Father, Father.”

66 Day and night, night and day, the soul is interceding, then, screaming sighs and the Spirit goes on with God

67 because God understands the Spirit He has given unto us, in order to regenerate us for a living hope;

68 ah, that nobody can never take away from us, this crown, in his hand, in his hand, in his hand, in his hand.

69 Ah, to keep myself in your hand, to keep myself in your hand, o Everlasting Father, to keep myself in your hand,

70 ah, to jump, jump from the throne of grace,

71 in order to not break myself, to not break myself, on the stone, ah,

72 ah, the chief corner stone, placed in its place by the Father, on which we are walking, on which we base our lives.

73 We trust in God with all our heart, with all our soul,

74 with all our spirit, with all our mind, with all our might,

75 delivering our lives as sacrifices as Jesus did to leave us an example

76 to make the sacrifice of our lives for the nation of God, to sacrifice our lives for the brothers and sisters,

77 to sacrifice our lives for the ministry, to sacrifice your life for the lost souls.

78 Ah, as the Lord said it yesterday, he does not consider a man according to his wealth.

79 Ah, Father, Father, Father, Father, Father, Father, Father,

80 ah, God, God, my Father, our Father, our God, my God, the only true God, the Lord of hosts,

81 ah, to consider attentively our ways, o Everlasting Father,

82 to throw the probe in the water, in order to ensure that we are not being close to hitting stones,

83 and then, all kinds of stones, in this water, in this cloudy water, in this cloudy water,

84 in this well of misery, of miserables, of perverts,

85 that the devil is in the process of sealing the entire world

86 within the boundaries of perversion, in the perversion of the sexuality published on the Internet.

87 In the name of Jesus-Christ, he is in the process of sealing the sentence of God.

88 He is in the process of sealing the entire world in the same debauchery as the one in Sodom and Gomorrah,

89 but the entire world is sealing his fate.

90 Ah, blessed be your name, o Everlasting Father, to not take part in it,

91 to not take part in it, to not take part in it, to not take part

92 in the lightness, ah, the lightness, in order to be found heavy, heavy, with offerings

93 which weigh in the balance, oh, so that your prayer can be fulfilled.

94 “Ah, you are found heavy before God. There is money in your safes, says the Lord.”

95 Ah Father, Father, Father, Father, Father,

96 money in the safes –in my safes,– of the Father, of the Everlasting Father.

97 Ah, the safes of the Lord yes, ah, they are filled with the praises of the saints,

98 ah, of those people having at heart, who have the heart of God, to support this ministry.

99 Yes, the safes are filled. The safes are filled with praises.

100 The safes are filled with offerings from my sons, from my just people, my justs, from my justs, oh yes.

101 Ah the safes! The safes are filled: the palace is heavy yes.

102 Ah, nothing of this world, nothing of Satan’s accusations, nothing of the saints’ accusations,

103 could be weighed in this balance.

104 Ha, ha, ha! We are found heavy. We are found heavy and heavy, heavy.

105 Ah, to add weight in the balance,

106 to add offerings, Father, to add praises, to add sacrifices.

107 Ah yes! Ah, the balance is heavy. No accusation has weight in your balance, Father,

108 facing the flock, the children, the children that I love and that I cherish,

109 oh, the children of God, the beloved of the Father and the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

110 Ah, even the angels in the heavenly places glorify themselves in Jesus-Christ

111 in the balance in which we find ourselves heavy, heavy and heavy.

112 Counted, counted, counted, counted, counted,

113 weighed, weighed, weighed, weighed and justified, glorified in my balance.

114 Ah blessed be the Lord, ah blessed be your holy name, oh blessed be the name of Jesus-Christ

115 to be found heavy in the balance of the Father; for God is not unjust to forget our prayers,

116 to forget our good deeds, to forget our thanksgiving,

117 to forget our sacrifices of praise,

118 to forget and forget our works, to forget our virtue, to forget our faith, to forget our constancy,

119 to forget our temperance, to forget our patience which is put to the test,

120 to persevere with Christ, with my ministry,

121 to persevere with the ministry, to persevere, persevere, persevere, persevere,

122 ah, in order for you to give us the weapons, Everlasting Father,

123 to give us the offensive and defensive weapons of justice,

124 in order to be victorious during the bad days,

125 ah, to be able to threaten the devourer, to threaten him, to get closer to him in order to threaten him.

126 I am threatening him and I will be threatening him again and again all the days of our life;

127 ah Father, for I am with you, I am with you and I will be with you till the end of the world.

128 Ah, I thank you to have that faith that comes from what we hear, and what we hear comes from the word of Christ,

129 to revel and to revel and to revel itself to the sight, to the looks into the Word,

130 and not into the books of this world which bring you far from me, which bring my sheep far from me,

131 which bring the sheep of God far from God.

132 Ah, the devil is crafty, the devil is crafty and refined, and his tricks, his perversions, his wiles, his mischiefs,

133 his mischiefs are tortuous and vicious, they are slow,

134 slow like the serpent which moves itself in the slow movement of his physiognomy,

135 in order to grab, in order to fill up for himself.

136 Ah he is, he is, he is unctuous, hey. His words are unctuous, softer than the honey,

137 just like the words of the strange woman to seduce your heart, my son.

138 Ah, do not let yourself be seduced, do not let yourself be seduced, do not let yourself be seduced.

139 The serpent, the serpent, the serpent, the serpent, the serpent, ah, beware of snake tricks.

140 He comes with slowness. He approaches himself slowly. He approaches with slowness;

141 and slowly, he approahces himself, he approaches himself, he approaches himself towards us.

142 Ah, blessed be your holy name, Everlasting Father, ah, to be able to set foot on his head as soon as the spirit discerns him,

143 in order to not give him a chance to sting you with his venom.

144 Yes, Paul was an example that the venom of the serpent cannot affect the just man

145 and the barbarians have shown him an unusual affection, answered him with honours as if he were a god.

146 Certainly, we are sons of God. Certainly, we wear the name of God.

147 Certainly, the serpents and the scorpions, their venom, their poison, have no power on my just person, but,

148 ah but, but, but, but, but, but, but, if, if, if, if, if, if, ah if, Father, us the justs, the just people,

149 the just people, if we are not careful enough to beware of the wiles of the serpent, of the tricks of the snake,

150 ah, especially to prevent us to raise ourselves against the others.

151 Ah, it is the trick of the devil this, ah, to consider the others lower than they can really be

152 instead of considering them as Paul said,

153 to consider the others to be higher, higher, higher, higher,

154 to  consider everybody to be higher than yourself.

155 That way you are sure to remain low profile and to be counted, counted, counted, weighed, weighed,

156 and to never use nothing else but this heavenly body of Christ, the cherished body of God.

157 Ah, blessed be your name, Everlasting Father, to you belongs the glory in the name of Jesus-Christ,

158 to be dressed, to be dressed, be dressed today,

159 ah today, Everlasting Father, to be dressed today with the garment,

160 the garment of justice, the armour of justice, the garment, the armour of the ewe,

161 to stand firm, and then to withstand storms.

162 Ah, blessed be your name to be counted, counted, counted, counted, counted and weighed,

163 and then, we are weighed and weighed, and then, we are found heavy in the balance of God.

164 Ah, no insult coming from the enemy, no plea can come from the enemy,

165 ah, because the devil stands before God day and night, night and day,

166 in order to accuse his elects, and then, to accuse them, and then, to accuse them.

167 This is why Paul said to not give access to the devil in your life

168 in order to be blameless, without reproach, without spot; but finally the devil, the same one that Jesus preached about

169 that there is a king who wants to go fight against another king and who is intelligent

170 will sit to count, count, count, weigh, weigh, weigh,

171 to see if he is strong enough to go battle against the other king, ten thousand against twenty thousand;

172 and then, if he sees that he is not strong enough, well, he will send an embassy of compliments;

173 and then, he will prostrate himself and he will kneel himself down, in order not to be defeated.

174 Ah, blessed be your holy name, Everlasting Father, to have the wisdom,

175 to build, to construct, to work with one sword in the hands, the sword of Nehemiah,

176 to always have the sword in the hands, to always have the shield with us,

177 to always be well armed, to sleep armed, to sleep dressed up, to never ease off itself,

178 to never ease off our guard, to never ease off our armour,

179 to never ease off the shield, to never ease off the faith, to never ease off the shoes, to never ease off the helmet,

180 to never ease off the belt, to never, never get undressed,

181 to nourish itself dressed up, to eat with the garment on, to sleep with the garment on, to wake up with a garment,

182 to always fight, and then, to fight, and then, to fight,

183 to always have the armour on, to always be dressed up at all times,

184 to build, and then to build, and then, to build, and then, to build,

185 and then, to build, and then, to build, and then, to build

186 his salvation, your salvation, the salvation, the salvation,

187 to build an ark for yourself in order to be saved from the downpour of fire.

188 It will rain the stars of the Earth. It will rain, it will rain, it will rain fire and sulphur,

189 with the angels of power and, of fire and, of fire and, of fire and, of fire and, of fire.

190 Ah, blessed be the Lord, to be watered with this pure water,

191 with this blood which covers our lintels, which covers our soul,

192 with the blood of Jesus, in order to avoid the fire, to avoid the fire of Gehenna,

193 in order to be found heavy before God, to have a safe filled up with offerings in the balance,

194 to have a safe filled up with praises in the balance,

195 to have a safe of God in the hand, in the balance of our Father, to his right, to his right.

196 Ah, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus to be working non stop at our salvation,

197 and at the salvation of our brothers and sisters by praying for them,

198 by fasting for them, by giving for them, by arming ourselves for them,

199 Jesus, himself, said: “Father, I sanctify myself.”

200 Ah, Jesus, Jesus-Christ, said to the Father: “I, myself, sanctify myself.”

201 Jesus did spend many nights praying, many nights.

202 Even the spirit of God has brought him in the desert forty days and forty nights

203 to fast, and then, to be tempted by the devil.

204 Where does the spirit of God can take you to? Where does the spirit of God can take his son in order to see him victorious?

205 I have brought my people in the wilderness of the desert. I introduced him to war so they learn war, why?

206 Why evil? Why suffer? To learn what is good. To love the good. To recognize what is good.

207 To recognize peace. To appreciate peace. To appreciate justice. To love justice.

208 To be attached to justice. Ah, why, but why?

209 God has done all things for a goal, even the sinner for the day of the judgement.

210 Even the spiders have their place, even the ants have their place, even the mosquitoes have their place.

211 Everything plays a role, all plays a role, it’s an ecosystem:

212 the sea and what it contains, the sky and this power of the Moon on the Earth,

213 the power of the Stars on the Moon and on the Earth,

214 the power of the Sun on the Moon and on the Earth,

215 the power of the Moon on the waters, the power of an angel on another one.

216 Ah my angels! My angels ah that God has sent ah in his fury

217 and his Son on a white horse, who went forth conquering and to conquer

218 with his messengers of fury and, of death and, of storms

219 and, of obscurity, of darkness and, of power and, of fire and, of blood.

220 There will be blood unto the horse bridles. Ah, the Armageddon of God.

221 Ah, to flee from the wrath to come. Ah, sons of God, honour God, in order to have weight in the balance,

222 so that God may count us, weigh us and keep us:

223 “Ah, keep, keep, keep, keep, ah, I will keep you till the end.”

224 Ah, to be kept, to keep oneself, yourself, to keep oneself, yourself

225 to keep yourself in the Word, to keep yourself living, to keep the Word within us,

226 to always be in the Word, to always have the Word for support;

227 for the eyes of the Lord are on all the Earth, in order to support

228 those people whose heart is entirely unto him, unto him, unto him, unto him, unto him.

229 Ah, blessed be your name, Everlasting Father, ah, blessed be your holy name,

230 to work, work, work, work, work, work, better and better.

231 I thank you Everlasting Father, I thank God Almighty,

232 yes, to learn to fight all the time, all the time, all the time, all the time,

233 to have the spirit awaken all the time, to always have the spirit awaken, o Everlasting Father,

234 awaken to discern the good from the evil thoughts, what comes from God and what comes from the enemy, to discern what comes from your own head.

235 Yeah, what a job, o Everlasting Father, ah, to pray for the discernment of spirits,

236 the discernment of spirits, of the spirit of Satan and of the spirit of God, and of my own spirit.

237 There are so many spirits!

238 The spirit of God: the Word, the Word, the Word, every Word, every Word, every Word, every Word.

239 Even the devil, he knows the Word. The devil even was obstinate with Jesus using the Word,

240 but stronger is the one that is within me than the one that is around me.

241 I thank you Everlasting Father, to you belongs the glory in the name of Jesus-Christ,

242 ah, that your Holy Ghost, o Everlasting Father in the name of Jesus,

243 that your Holy Ghost, your Holy Ghost, is battling to win the fight.

244 Fight on with the souls, o Everlasting Father, which you cherish.

245 Have patience, patience, patience, patience, o Everlasting Father, in the name of Jesus,

246 with all my brothers and sisters, and their children whom have went away from your Word.

247 Make them a surprise visit, Everlasting Father, because of my prayer.

248 Because of my prayer, ah, make them a surprise visit in their soul

249 in the middle of the night, while they are quiet, in the name of Jesus-Christ.

250 Ah, Everlasting Father, you, you know them.

251 O Everlasting Father, you know who they are, in the name of Jesus, make them a night tour, Everlasting Father.

252 I pray today, in the name of Jesus-Christ, that your Holy Ghost hears my prayer, Everlasting Father,

253 that you hear my prayer by the visit of your Holy Ghost

254 this very night, during their rest time, that time when the devil does not torment them.

255 In the name of Jesus, talk to their heart, –only you can do such a thing,–

256 with the good Word for each one of them,

257 in order to give them the Light, o Everlasting Father, in the name of Jesus-Christ, to you belongs the glory.

258 Ah, any man’s soul that you are crying for, o Everlasting Father, I pray in the name of Jesus that

259 whatever that has to be done to bring them back, be it as you acted with Manasseh.

260 You bound him in ankle irons with iron chains: hey, he played with the sin of idolatry.

261 He went way too far in his case: to pass idols inside the house of God.

262 Wow! O Everlasting Father, you punished him, chastised him, you brought him inside the land of another nation.

263 He was cooked to the bone, the guy, but he humbled himself deeply,

264 and then, you let yourself bend to his prayer, and then, you brought him back on his throne.

265 After that, he destroyed all the idols, he entirely demolished the sin that they had constructed, and then, he died accepted.

266 He died, after having destroyed the idols he had constructed before, destroying the flesh with its passions and its desires.

267 O Everlasting Father, and then, Nebuchadnezzar found himself in a field eating grass

268 because you blessed him with a heart of an oxen so that he may eat the food of the beasts.

269 And then, he humbled himself at the appointed time, and then, he recognized

270 that it is God and, that it is God and, that it is God:

271 “This power is not my power, this power is not coming from me.”

272 And then, he was given back his place to be king again.

273 Jesus talked about the prodigal son, that the Father has seen from far away his repentance,

274 that: “Nobody wants to nourish me.”

275 “They don’t even want to give me the Baptist food. Religions are not willing to receive me.”

276 “Even the swines are not willing to give me some food. They don’t even want to give me some food coming from churches.”

277 “Nobody wants me near! No longer fit for the Earth, no longer fit for the manure, no longer fit for nothing.”

278 “Ah, I have sinned. I have sinned. I will go back to my Father,

279 and then, I will say unto him: I am not even worthy to be your son.”

280 Ah, the Father saw him far away; for the Lord can see from far away

281 the spirit that repents, a soul that repents, an additional soul that repents.

282 Yes, Everlasting Father, I pray, in the name of Jesus, that be done to them anything, provided they return to you.

283 O Everlasting Father,

284 let them find themselves bound in irons, let them find themselves bound in chains,

285 let them find themselves in the field with the oxen,

286 let them find themselves with the swines hoping to satisfy their hunger with the food given to the swines,

287 I do not care, as long as they repent and come back here.

288 Ah, this is nothing to go eat grass in the field. For real, I’m serious!

289 Let them eat grass in the field, hey, in the religious field

290 and they will see for themselves that there is nothing there.

291 O Everlasting Father, ah, there is nothing there

292 to have irons attached to your feet and chains to bind your feet and to lose your house,

293 and to lose your money, and to lose your job, and to lose your car,

294 and to lose all your belongings. There is nothing there to lose all that.

295 There is nothing there to have to eat a food that is meant for dogs, some little dog bones, it’s good.

296 There is nothing there to eat that, as long as they repent, Father, and come back to God.

297 A king in the Bible visited another king, and then, he said unto him:

298 “I have come to war. Me, I am just fine, I will war with you,

299 but with the Lord, not with the one hundred thousand men that you just bought for yourself.

300 —Yes, but what will I do with the money I have given for the one hundred thousand men I have bought?

301 —Leave the money there; God can give you much more than the money that you paid to buy yourself an army.

302 Come with us, we will fight in the name of the Lord, and we will win.”

303 And then, the king left the money behind him.

304 He obeyed. And then later on, he disobeyed for stupid things.

305 Ah, how can a man be obedient for one thing and disobedient for another!

306 Yes, he left the gold and the silver behind him. He declared it a loss, and no, it was not a loss,

307 because God can work for how many times more

308 than your barn, your sprout, than this house, this work, this car,

309 than these carnal, temporal things, in which you glorify yourself, in which the world is glorifying itself.

310 And these people, they glorify themselves, they are glorified and they still glorify themselves.

311 Ah, destroy them to nothing for their well-being, o Everlasting Father,

312 so that we may be reunited with our brothers and sisters

313 with a humble and contrite heart, sincere and crying, crying, crying, crying,

314 not because we have lost our riches,

315 but because we have been far from God for a time, because our thoughts had been perverted

316 by the law of the spirit of the flesh, the law of sin which battles in the members of the body.

317 O Everlasting Father, in the name of Jesus-Christ,

318 ah, our brothers and our sisters, by our brotherly love, in the name of Jesus, we intercede in their favour,

319 so that, o Everlasting Father, you bring them back to your glory, to your divine majesty,

320 so that we may share the same bread, so that we may drink the same blood

321 so that we may be eating the same flesh, so that we may be drinking the same beverage,

322 yes Everlasting Father, so that the sheep may come back to you in the name of Jesus-Christ.

323 Let go loose the money, ah in the name of Jesus-Christ, o Everlasting Father.

324 Whatsoever we shall loose on Earth, shall be loosed in the heavens, whatsoever we shall bind on Earth, shall be bound in the heavens;

325 but I loose the money that we owe to my brothers and sisters.

326 Let go loose in the name of Jesus this money, in the name of Jesus-Christ.

327 O Everlasting Father, we pray for our mothers, our fathers, our brothers, our sisters; but me, I don’t have any.

328 Ah, to you belongs the glory, o Everlasting Father, to be born disabled:

329 without a father, without a mother, without a brother or, a sister, without parents, ah, with no attachment today.

330 O Everlasting Father, to you the glory, for having no difficulty to get rid of them,  for I have none.

331 Ah, Everlasting Father, I would not want to get rid of what I have,

332 of the brothers and sisters I have in the Spirit, o Everlasting Father.

333 Ah, I thank you, Everlasting Father, talk to my sister in Christ to her heart of stone.

334 Take your hammer, and then, break her rock, in the name of Jesus-Christ, her head of… “My, my, my, my!”

335 Ah, there are some of them who made their choice, o Everlasting Father,

336 but because they don’t talk against the man of God, they don’t talk against the brothers and sisters, they don’t talk against the ministry,

337 because they are peaceful, well cushy, they are not sick, they are well preserved.

338 We shall not put our eyes on this, o Everlasting Father, it’s misleading.

339 It’s misleading for their heart is in pain,

340 but their lying spirit does not let see what their heart is crying for. 


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