Under God’s Pen — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2015, Chapter 4


Under God’s Pen

Prayer and praises unto God
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on January 4th, 2015 at 7:46 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 15 min 4 s                  Recording: ROY0375R4P

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy © 2015 and 2016


4 By God!

2 Ah, I thank you Everlasting Father to be recognized by God, –Recognized by God!–

3 as living stones, rejected by men, but chosen and precious before God.

4 Ah my soul blesses you tonight and, tomorrow night and, tomorrow morning and, this morning,

5 for the next centuries and centuries and, centuries and, centuries and, centuries and, everlasting centuries,

6 in the everlasting tabernacles, into the eternity of eternities, of eternities.

7 Ah, my soul blesses you to have become greater than the angels

8 to the point of sitting on the throne with God,

9 ah, there where the devil would have liked to sit without permission;

10 but God, he gives us the permission, to us,

11 –his legitimate children, purchased by the blood of Jesus-Christ,–

12 to sit with Him on the throne.

13 Ah, blessed be your name, o Everlasting Father,

14 for granting us this grace in Jesus-Christ,

15 for having extended the sceptre, the golden sceptre, that gives us the permission to be in the king’s inner court,

16 to be found in the king’s presence and not be put to death, but to be blessed with Life,

17 blessed with Life, for the king gives life to whomever he wishes and he removes life to whomever he wishes.

18 He lifts up whomever he wishes. He brings low whomever he wishes.

19 I thank you Father for having lifted us, for lifting us above the angels.

20 Ah, blessed be the Lord, our God, to you belongs the glory, o Everlasting Father,

21 to be lifted, for lifting us, lifting, lifting, lifting, lifting,

22 because we are making ourselves low. We live a life subduing ourselves

23 and, subduing ourselves and, subduing ourselves in the name of Jesus-Christ

24 and, subduing ourselves again and, again and, again, in order to be humbled,

25 in order to qualify for the glory to come, o Everlasting Father;

26 for whoever humbles himself, in order to be able to walk humbly with his God

27 according to the wisdom of the Scriptures

28 and not according to the wisdom of the Romans, the wisdom of the Egyptians

29 and not according to the wisdom of this world, of the pen of the writers

30 of all kinds of books, of all possible and impossible printed books,

31 with all their romances and their diabolic fantasies;

32 but to be inspired of God, under God’s pen, to read the Scriptures of God,

33 being flooded with the spirit of God and flooding  the spirit of God in order to become one with the spirit of God

34 and to not be one with the spirit of the prince of this world, of this world of darkness and of anxiety.

35 This is what makes us live free and liberated of all anxiety for you are with us, you walk with us.

36 O Everlasting Father, to you belongs the glory

37 for us to be walking with God and because God is walking with us,

38 ah, to give us free reign to our prayers.

39 Blessed be your name, Everlasting Father,

40 for you are giving free reign to our prayers,

41 because our prayers are heard, o Everlasting Father, in the heavenly places.

42 Ah, I thank you Everlasting Father because your ear is attentive,

43 in order to hear the prayer of the elect, of the elect, ah, which is poured in the cup of the Everlasting Father,

44 in the cup of all the praises of the saints, the praises that have been gathered in the wineskin of our Father,

45 gathered in the balance, in the chests of all the treasures of our Father,

46 where we have installed our hearts, where we have given our hearts, where we have placed our hearts.

47 In the treasure house of our Father, there is our heart. Where is our treasure, our heart is there too.

48 O Everlasting Father, we give you the glory for having science and knowledge, intelligence, wisdom

49 and the heart that you gave us in order to accomplish your Word that says to give your entire life,

50 in order to be found clothed on the day of the coming of the Master who will come to clothe himself with us;

51 for the praises of the saints are the fine linen garment of the Lord who covers himself with our praises.

52 Ah, Jesus is dressed up with our praises.

53 Ah, blessed be the Lord, blessed be his holy name, for the heavenly visions,

54 ah, to recognize the Word, to recognize the Word, to recognize the Word and to be known by the Word.

55 In the beginning was the Word.

56 This Word is the one that was God, is the one that is God, the God who came unto his own nation.

57 The Word, to be recognized by the Word, and to know the word of God

58 which supports, which supports, which supports, ah, which supports the just one.

59 And even, He sends rain onto the unjust one so that he eats,

60 so that he nourishes himself, this ungrateful, unappreciative, irresolute man.

61 Ah, yet, they know that God exists, because,

62 when they are sick, they cry unto God: “God! God! God! God!”

63 Even the insurance agents pass the fault onto God, but we are not guilty.

64 Ah, they are selfish, selfish, a perverse and crooked generation.

65 Ah, blessed be your name that you have enlightened us,

66 that you gave us the Light of Life, o Everlasting Father,

67 for us to see shining the splendour of your Gospel

68 and to recognize the holiness of your conduct and of your household,

69 to recognize ourselves in your house as participants of the divine nature of God,

70 to add to faith virtue, to virtue knowledge, to knowledge temperance,

71 to temperance patience, to patience charity and brotherly love, piety,

72 to work, work, work, ah, Everlasting Lord, while fasting, while fasting and in prayer,

73 to consolidate a salvation, to consolidate our salvation, to consolidate our house of God that we are,

74 this house of God that we are working on at this task with all our strength,

75 taking care, taking care of it, of our house,

76 the house that we are, the house of God, God’s tabernacle,

77 God’s ark, the residence of the Almighty and of his Son and of his Holy Ghost,

78 to consolidate it, to work with fierceness, to battle, battle,

79 to battle against the wicked spirit, the principalities of this world of darkness,

80 to battle, to battle, not against the flesh and blood;

81 but against the princes and the authorities of this world of darkness,

82 ah, Everlasting Father, in order to be among those who are at your table,

83 to eat at the king’s table, in order to be conquerers, to be at the conquerors’ table.

84 O Everlasting Father, to you belongs the glory! Oh yes!

85 As it is said, written and said this afternoon, Everlasting Father,

86 that it is God, yes the Word, which worked in us to will and to do

87 to be valiant warriors, humiliated, humble, humble, humble, humble,

88 o Everlasting Father, in order to pass through the nets of the devil,

89 hey, to shrink ourselves, to diminish ourselves, to shrink ourselves,

90 to make ourselves small, as the little bird that goes through the nets of the fowler.

91 Ah, you do not inflate yourself, you do not make yourself swollen when you want to pass through a small hole;

92 you reduce yourself, you shrink yourself, you humble yourself,

93 in order to be able to have access to flight, in order to be free,

94 free from sin, free from the nets of the fowler, free from the nets of sin, free from the nets of the wicked,

95 free from the nets of Satan, from impurity, from impudicity, from malice, from wickedness, from envy, from quarrel,

96 from animosity, from jealousy, from excess food at the table and, excess of speed,

97 from excess, excess, excess, excess, excess, excess, and from similar things and from any thing such like.

98 Yes Father, to humble ourselves, to shrink ourselves, to humble ourselves,

99 hey, in order to grow Christ in us and to diminish the flesh, diminish,

100 diminish unto death, unto death, unto the death of the flesh,

101 to say no to death, no to the flesh,

102 so that Christ lives in us so that the Word lives in us,

103 so that we are so small that there is no temptation, no net, no hidden snare of Satan.

104 As hidden, as hidden as could be the snare, a snare is always hidden.

105 A snare, it’s not at sight, it’s hidden.

106 It’s not bare and exposed, a snare.

107 The snares are always hidden; the hidden snares of the enemy, of our adversary,

108 the enemy of any justice, the enemy of God, the enemy of the angels of God,

109 the enemy of the children of God, the enemy of the brothers and sisters,

110 the enemy of prayers, the enemy of praises, the enemy of supplications,

111 the enemy of offerings, the enemy of the baptism, the enemy of the baptism of the Holy Ghost,

112 the enemy of the water baptism, the enemy of anything that is just, the enemy of John the Baptist,

113 the enemy of Job, the enemy of Jacob, the enemy of the man of God,

114 the enemy, the enemy, the enemy, the enemy of all that is called God, of all that is elected by God,

115 of all that is of God, of all that is God, of all that is just.

116 Ah, the devil seized the thought of John the Baptist, and then, John said:

117 “I don’t want to baptize you, Master.

118 —Ah, it’s a normal and good thing that we accomplish this way all that is just.”

119 and John the Baptist did not resist him anymore and then, he baptized Jesus in the wilderness.

120 Ah, to not resist whatever is just, to not resist practicing whatever is just,

121 to not be resistors of the Word, rebels of the Word,

122 to not resist the Spirit who ordains us, who teaches us,

123 ah, to walk according to the Spirit, in this world of darkness, of anxiety and of more anxiety.

124 They came out of the house of God

125 because they wanted to detach themselves from the spirit of God, because they did not believe they were safe with God.

126 Because one has to give everything, they left with impunity, without shame,

127 to live their life cumulating treasures on the Earth and trying to satisfy themselves, and then,

128 trying to satisfy themselves having in mind that their riches their gold, their silver,

129 their work, their labours, their job and whatever else, their house,

130 all of the temporal things they can pay for themselves with the money that responds to all yes;

131 for money responds to it all, to every lust.

132 Ah, blessed be the Lord for the promise that by our offerings we will have enough for it all, all, all, all, all,

133 all that we need, not for what we lust, o Everlasting Father; for God knows what we need.

134 Ah, blessed be your name, o Everlasting Father, that we are not jumping off the ship.

135 Let it be a deck hand or the governor of the ship,

136 let it be the one who gives direction to the helm,

137 let it be the one who washes the bridge

138 or the one who detaches the launch or the one who throws the anchor,

139 regardless of our position in the ship, we must not leave the ship, o Everlasting Father,

140 because we would find ourselves in many terrible anguishes,

141 much more than Paul’s anguishes when he was on a boat despairing even to be saved because it was so dark.

142 There was no more Sun for light, no more Moon, no more Stars, no more glimmer of hope of salvation.

143 We even despaired to be saved in order to put our trust in God only

144 and not in men, and not in the deck-hands, and not in the governor, and not in the helm,

145 but in the One who governs the heavens and the Earth and, who governs the waters, all times, the seas,

146 who attracts the sea by his Moon, and all its powers, the powers.

147 It is the power of the Father that gave the power to the Moon over the water of the Earth,

148 in order to bring up the high tides and to bring down the low tides with the power of the Moon.

149 God granted the Moon such a power over the Earth and over the waters of the sea,

150 just like God granted a power over all demons, to stop Satan’s tornadoes and storms,

151 to stop the scum tides, the tides of Satan, the impetuous waves, the winds of Satan,

152 the impetuous waves created by the winds of Satan

153 and while rejecting the scum of impurity, of impudicity.

154 They want to spring this up in our face,

155 but like good warriors of God, good fighters,

156 well armed with the armour God, we don’t let them

157 smear us, massacre us, whip us, with their impurities and with their venom.

158 We defend ourselves, and then, we stand with the armour of God to resist in the evil day.

159 Yes, to get dressed with humility, with humility, with humility, in order to always pass through the snares of the evil one,

160 to pass through all the time being small and humble, humble in heart like Jesus said:

161 “Come unto me, you that are tired, that are heavy laden.

162 You have been carrying enough of the burden of the flesh, come carry my burden which is delightful and light;

163 for I am meek and lowly in heart, says the Lord.”

164 The Word, the spirit of our Father, of our Lord, of the son of the living God,

165 what comes from God, what comes from the insides of the Everlasting Lord,

166 the Word that comes out of his insides, that comes out from the middle of God,

167 the Son of the living God, his sound Word yes, to you belongs the glory

168 for keeping us alive on this ship.

169 O Everlasting Father, ah, to you belongs the glory. Thank you Jesus.

170 Thank you Jesus, oh thank you Jesus, to be alive on the boat.

171 Thank you Jesus for eternal life.


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