Back Into the Fold — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2015, Chapter 6



God’s prophecy
pronounced in the gathering
of the saints of God

Recorded on January 10th, 2015 at 8:13 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 20 min 29 s, ROY0377R4P

Recordings, transcription,
translation in English language, edition and publication by
Guylaine Roy  © 2015

Disgusting! Disgusting! Disgusting! Disgusting!

2 Ah, disgusting! disgusting! ah, disgusting the odours, yes, the odours that rise to my nose, the odours, yes;

3 because the flesh-eating disease came to attack my children, yes;

4 and now, the vultures smell flesh, yes, the vultures smell, the vultures smell that,

5 that the prey is weak, that the prey is there and that the prey is waiting, yes, that the prey is wrestling, yes,

6 yes, and that the prey is trying to take away, to take away yes, to take away the vultures, the vultures that are coming.

7 Yes, call upon my name! Call upon my name! Call upon it! Call upon, call upon again and again, yes, so that, ah,

8 that my Son descends from heaven, that my Son comes and that he catches, catches the sheep,

9 brings back into the fold, brings back into the sheepfold brings back, yes, to bring back, to bring back, to bring back,

10 to transport, yes, to route; yes, I want that my Sheep be routed to me, yes, that they come back to me.

11 Ah, my children, ah, my valiants, yes, you walk, you walk in the world, yes, by obligation,

12 yes, you walk in the world, but you are not of this world, yes, but beware, yes;

13 because, yes, on your way, there may be impurities, yes,

14 there may be temptations, yes, there may be unhealthy opportunities, yes,

15 yes, all that, but as for some, yes, there, ah, the bacteria eat,

16 yes, eat the coat, and then after the bacteria eats the skin,

17 and then, the deeper layers, yes, to the bone, oh, to the bone.

18 Ah, yes, yes, call upon my name, call upon my name so that I may, yes, ah, so that I may

19 wash you, there, yes, sanctify you, yes, yes, prune you.

20 You will be able to keep it, your leg, yes, but I will prune the bad flesh.

21 Yes, I will prune, I will take away, I will carve, but after, I will regenerate, yes, I will bring it back, yes,

22 so that your legs be for my Word, for my glory,

23 yes, so that I hear your steps, that I hear your steps, yes, synchronized, yes, well together.

24 Yes, listen, listen to this sound, ah, don’t you hear only one step at a time?

25 Ah, ah, it is like this that I want all of you to be together, in one accord, in one spirit,

26 at the same pace, the same synchronicity; yes, I want that you are all synchronized with my beat.

27 Yes, yes, look, there exist, there are competitions, yes. Yes, there are competitions of the army.

28 In the army, yes, the rows are practiced to remain synchronized.

29 Yes, they are being practiced until the time, until the moment, yes, that their steps are in one accord

30 and that, when they turn, yes, they be in one accord in their way,

31 and that, when they come back, that they be in one accord still and always.

32 Yes, I want to see you circulate, circulate, yes, I want to see you circulate

33 in one accord, of the same spirit, of the same Word, yes;

34 because I am, I am exhausted, oh, I am more than saddened, yes, when the odours, the bad ones, yes, the bad scents,

35 yes, the perfumes of disbelief, the perfumes, yes, the perfumes of this world, the diabolical perfumes,

36 yes, when they incrust your flesh, they incrust your skin, they incrust your nerves,

37 yes, when they incrust themselves and they incrust themselves and, ah, they can reach the bone, yes, the bone, the healthy bone.

38 Yes, my Son, I was able to recuperate His bones, yes, I was able to recuperate His impure flesh

39 to make Him walk, yes, but what is it that made Him walk?

40 Yes, who is it that raised Him out of death? It is my Word.

41 My Word did transport Him. Oh, my Word did elevate Him.

42 My Word took care of Him, so that He could come back to me in the heavenly places, yes;

43 but make sure that your leg, yes, that your hand, yes, that your face, yes, that all of your body, be,

44 that all of your body be filled, yes, that each body cell, yes, that each atom be filled,

45 be filled with nitro, yes, nitro, yes; because my Word is nitro.

46 Yes, you will go faster towards your objectives with my Word in your atoms.

47 Yes, you will go faster towards my heavenly gifts with nitro in your atoms.

48 Yes, inject, inject yourselves every day, again and again, yes, every day,

49 every day, day, day and, again and, again every day, yes, day after day after day,

50 yes, ah, as the drug addicts, them, they are intoxicated to all kinds of impurities, but, you, inject heavenly nitro.

51 Yes, you are sons under the effect, yes, of my Word, under the effect of my speed, under the effect of my power,

52 under the effect, yes, under the effect of my hand. Yes, remain under this effect, yes, this elevating effect towards me.

53 Yes, you have no secret before me : I see your thoughts, oh, I see your actions, yes, I see your desires.

54 Oh, thereby, we must constantly purify, purify, because, yes, there exist your own thoughts,

55 there exist the thoughts of your spirit that come from your Father, there exist the thoughts that come from your flesh,

56 yes, there exist the thoughts that come from my enemy, yes, that come to tickle your ear,

57 yes, that come to tell you: “Ah, there it is! There is this, there is that.”,

58 but we must have the discernment to recognize that this enemy,

59 that he wants to disguise himself as an angel of Light, yes.

60 Yes, he disguises himself, yes, he puts on make up, yes, he puts on wigs, yes, costumes, scarves, all kinds of garments.

61 Yes, he comes to you such as a trusted voice, a voice worthy to be listened to, that’s what he wants you to believe;

62 but there believe not, do not believe. Let my Holy Ghost show you:

63 “Ah, there! There! He is there, the intruder. Yes, he tried to make you fall, yes;

64 but now, you can guard yourself against thee, yes.”

65 And next time, it will be necessary to be even more vigilant,

66 because from one time to another, he refines his techniques.

67 He refines his manners; thereby, you must, you too, refine your level of nitro in the atom.

68 Yes, you are the stones, yes, you are the stones, yes, that I carved in a shape of temples

69 and inside these stones, I have placed my Son, I have placed my Holy Ghost, I have placed my Word,

70 yes, I have placed my power, I have placed everything, and in addition, I have placed my love. There it is!

71 But then, one day, every day, yes, Satan will come through the back door, yes, he will come to knock and he will come to say:

72 “Good day, I am the delivery person, yes, me, I was called to deliver you a message, to deliver you a package.”

73 Oh, is he sent from God? Ask him to see what he says. He is very crafty, he will answer you, yes.

74 That is when you must call upon my Holy Ghost, call upon the work of my hand,

75 of my Son, and then, I will come to give you the answer;

76 because too often, they are so well dressed, they are so well disguised,

77 that they could confuse even an elect, that they could confound, yes, my valiant sons;

78 but, this is why I have established the Holy Ghost, yes,

79 who will blow to your ear, ah, who will tell you what you have to know

80 be it for the success of an exam or for the preservation of your soul.

81 From the day unto the night, from the night unto the morning, from morning unto evening,

82 yes, my Holy Ghost will be there, yes, so that you are not under the effect, there, of a fancy dress, of a deception

83 that my enemy will try and tries to make you swallow, yes; because if you take the package, if you take the message,

84 yes, this shall enter in my temple and will come to corrupt, will come to create disorder, yes;

85 because this package will be poisoned, the messages will be impure, yes, these messages that will tell you to do the contrary of my Word.

86 Yes, like a man who is searching his path and who asks : “Would you tell me how to go to this place?”

87 and that this, this venom, yes, this wicked man, this malefic, yes, this demon,

88 discerns that you are a son of God and that he wants your loss therefore, he will not tell you:

89 “Go towards that narrow and straight road, you will see there bright days, quiet and full of sunshine.”

90 Of course not! He will say: “Go through that boulevard large and rapid, yes,

91 there you will have time to wander and to discover the delights that can be found there.”

92 No, there is no delight that can be found there. The only things that can be found there are passing things;

93 yes, because on my narrow and straight road, –There is not the same kind of delight, no.–

94 there are delights that are eternal, immortal, perpetual.

95 Yes, go on a crusade and you will win just like Gideon has won.

96 Ah, he has won his battle, but he still thought it was absurd,

97 he still thought that it was nearly impossible; thereby you must go towards the narrow and straight road.

98 You will say to yourself in your mind: “Yes, may be Satan will come.”

99 and may be your fl esh also will want to manifest itself by saying:

100 “This road is all too narrow, all too narrow! Yes, how will I do to enter in? me, who is much, too large, too long, too deep?”

101 Well, there is a need to prune, to prune, to prune, to carve. Yes, let my hand do this modeling, yes,

102 so that as a key that incrusts itself perfectly in its proper lock that you be the same

103 when you will be walking in my path, when you will arrive at a point where,

104 you will have spent a certain amount of time walking in my narrow road, and that, at a given moment:

105 “O my God, but the path is narrowing even more! Ah, my God!”

106 Yes, you have to scream my name, yes, you have to ask me, to call on me, to intercede, so that I come, so that I say unto you:

107 “Ah, but there is too much, let’s take some layers out. Yes, let’s take away thicknesses.

108 Yes, let’s take away, take away this. Yes, this is too much now.

109 Yes, the roads have become even narrower now and this is too much, this is too much, yes.”

110 And you will have to accept my commandments, accept this and continue on my road;

111 because, after having walked for so long on my road that is narrowing daily from one year to another, would you take the road of the big boulevard?

112 Yes, because I am telling you, on this boulevard, there is no lights, there is no intersection,

113 all there is, it is cars that crush any pedestrian that comes

114 and cars that crush all those who dare to take, who dare to undertake, this road,

115 and, yes, there is even more on that road, my sons, yes, there are Satan’s cars, the ***mobile.

116 Uh! Disgusting! Disgusting, isn’t it, that route? isn’t it, this boulevard?

117 Don’t you see its dead bodies? Don’t you see its executioners?

118 Don’t you see, don’t you smell its sinful odours?

119 Yes, because on my small road, Ha, ha! on my small road, that is tight and narrow,

120 yes, there are flower scents, there are smells of happiness, yes, because you will feel happiness, yes, you smell the happiness.

121 You see the Light, you see the light of my fire, ah, you see my hand,

122 how could you do otherwise but to be exalted? satisfied, yes?

123 Because the boulevard, the boulevard is not for you, the boulevard is not for the Sheep.

124 The boulevard is for the outriders. The boulevard is for the ***mobile.

125 Yes, the boulevard is for all those who do not have my Spirit,

126 who do not know my Spirit, who do not recognize my Spirit,

127 who did not even notice it, did not even see his shadow, did not even have a glimpse, no;

128 but you, you have your eyes full of my Light, you have your eyes filled, yes,

129 and that is the way that you will have to remain, yes, so that you may close the door, yes, and lock it with a key,

130 yes, so that you keep this key in your pocket and that the demon, in the back, return on his route.

Original prophecy worded out in French available by clicking here:
Prophétie originale prononcée en français disponible en cliquant ici :


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