Far From Lucifer’s Cradle — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2015, Chapter 7


Far From Lucifer’s Cradle

Prayer and praises unto God
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of the Lord

Recorded on January 11th, 2015 at 6 h 06 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 1 h 12 min 57 s        Recording : ROY0378R4P

Recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2015 and 2016


7 O Father, Father, Father! in the name of Jesus-Christ,

2 yes some riches, gold and silver, ah, in abundance,

3 so that your grace comes to test us by placing money in our hands.

4 Yes prove us, Father! Test us, put money in our hands

5 and you will see, ah, if we are going to serve you or not, yes Father; for you have made us suffer from hunger.

6 Ah, you have lead your people in the wilderness to make them suffer from hunger,

7 in order to see the dispositions of their heart and surely not to make them die.

8 Ah, in order to see the dispositions of their heart and not to make them die, and not to make them die, Father!

9 Ah, the manifold wisdom of God that tested Abraham’s heart! Ah, Abraham surely said:

10 “I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! Ah, that the Everlasting Lord would provide, I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!”

11 Ah the Everlasting Lord too, he knew it: “Ah, stop Abraham, stoooooooop!!! Withdraw your hand, it’s not him that is the sacrifice.”

12 It is not the Lamb that is there stuck in the branches. My Lamb is coming.

13 Ah, Father of faith, Abraham, my Lamb is coming.

14 My Lamb is coming: –It is not a ram stuck in branches.– a Lamb given in sacrifice!”

15 Ah, thank you Abraham. Yes, the Everlasting Lord has thus put to the test Abraham,

16 in order to know the love Abraham had for his Father;

17 and Abraham dared to raise the knife close this his heart to snatch the bowels of his son.

18 God had promised him the blessing just like he promised us wealth, the blessing, so that we serve him;

19 and the Lord puts us to the test, he has put us to the test, still puts us to the test, he has put us to the test.

20 He makes us suffer from shortages and from famine of all sorts, in order to know the dispositions of our heart.

21 It is Him, with whom our heart is, today and forever, yes Father, and you have seen our heart, and you see our heart.

22 Probe us, Father! Put us to the test: put money in abundance in our hands,

23 so that your grace that you have granted us may much more abound in the offerings.

24 Ah, Everlasting Father, put us to the test. Prove me, prove us, prove your people.

25 Many people have been put to the test by my Father, many people have been put to the test by God,

26 and they fell in love with the riches; they did not pass the test, ah, until now.

27 They are gone away backwards. They have turned unto me their back.

28 Ah, they were driven backwards. They have turned their backs unto the Lord.

29 They fell in love with the riches, instead of falling in love with the one who gives the wealth.

30 They fell in love with prosperity.

31 Ah, they served and worshipped prosperity, ah, and the creation of all kinds of travels in this world,

32 so to satisfy their impious gaze and, impious and, impious.

33 Instead of being in godliness, they are in ungodliness.

34 Instead of spending their time and money in the word of God, in the ministry of the Everlasting Lord,

35 serving God in the offerings, working, running from left to right, to find money,

36 to serve God in the offerings, so that souls be saved,

37 they go to and fro on the Earth just like the devil goes to and fro on the Earth.

38 He travels the Earth, ah, with unusual visions, with all kinds of nocturnal visions of darkness and of obscurity.

39 Ah, I dare to believe, Father, that your are in each vision of your children,

40 of the people who walk in darkness and in the vanity

41 in the claim to be blessed to go everywhere when it is not the ways of God.

42 Father, I hope that it is your ways. Your ways! If we are in your ways, protect us;

43 and then, if we are strayed far from your way, bring us back in your way.

44 Show us the road, enlighten us with your Light, so that we go to the crib of our Master,

45 so that we are enlightened by the divine Light of our Father, by the holiness of his Word;

46 as your Magi kings were enlightened with the same Light that God gave us to follow,

47 in order to go to the crib of their Master.

48 Yes Father, you gave us a Light to follow, the Gospel of our salvation,

49 the Word, the true Light which came in the world,

50 the Word, so that we follow it, in order to reach the crib of our Master,

51 the Gospel of our salvation,

52 the ministry of holiness, of justice, of purity and of truth,

53 of the treasure house, in the potter’s house, so that vessels of honour are formed and found worthy,

54 so that they are filled up with the Word of God, so that they are honourable unto God, in order to be honouring God

55 and to be found in this world and by this world, before the eyes of this world, just like we found Daniel.

56 Even all men around him and God himself found Daniel, Daniel was found before them, blameless:

57 “I have done nothing wrong before you, o king, neither before my God.”

58 Just like Job, Job said: “I am not guilty on any of my days.”

59 Paul said in Ephesians: “I feel not guilty of anything.” Daniel confessed the same thing.

60 Ah, Father, Father, Father, Father, Father,

61 to not be guilty of spending, ah, the money with prostitutes.

62 Yes, the prostitute of this world, not the flesh that smells, but the prostitute of the life of this world,

63 the Great Babylon, the prostitute, with her life of darkness and her life rooted in diabolical religion,

64 called catholic, with catholic roots, with roots of bitterness coming from the catholic system, saying:

65 “Ah, God is so good!” And: “God is good.” And: “God is good.”

66 O man, whosoever you are, ah, bethink yourself, son of God, daughter of God,

67 in order to consider the goodness of God and his severity,

68 in order to not fall in the many traps of the enemy,

69 and then, find yourself happy and blessed in the many traps of the enemy,

70 not recognizing the trap of the enemy, and then, finding yourself in the cradle, in Lucifer’s cradle,

71 to put sheep to sleep, to put to sleep and to put to sleep and to put to sleep his soul

72 just like he has put to sleep Samson using the attractiveness of this lady who was a whore in the flesh.

73 The Great Babylon and its seductions and its riches, the great whore is seducing each nation,

74 but you will not entice my chosen people, the chosen ones,

75 the chosen people who are standing before God day and night,

76 in order to intercede in favour of the saints and of the others,

77 firstly, in favour of the house of God and then, of the others, animals, beasts of the field.

78 Yes, I am interceding in favour of my brothers and sisters, in order to not find myself with the heart of an animal,

79 to not find myself into hunger, in a field of food that is not of God,

80 that is not God’s pasture, that is not the pasture of the Everlasting Lord,

81 but that is the pasture of beasts, with the same beasts outside.

82 O Everlasting Father,

83 we have to find ourselves in the right pasture, in the pasture of your sheepfold,

84 and not in some kind of pasture with the oxen and beasts of the field, but with the sheep of God,

85 in order to be nourished and satisfied with the milk of your consolations and of the truth of life, of the Spirit of our Father

86 and not of false spirits, of all kinds of spirits, of prostitution and of prostitutes,

87 of the unfaithfulness of the great abomination of the Great Babylon,

88 or even of the woman prostitute, of the woman of this world, with her dangerous words

89 pronounced with her tongue that is softer than honey, but in her heart you find war

90 in order to subject my sons, in order to subject my daughters of God,

91 in order to subject and, to subject and, to subject using its worldly rituals,

92 through eating and drinking, rejoicing and drinking unto God: “My soul is rejoicing. I am eating. I am drinking.”

93 They do not think about God, about what will happen tomorrow.

94 They are blind, without intelligence. They do not see from afar, they only see what’s up close:

95 the greed, the lust, the wealth,

96 and then, the solutions of this world, that carry us in greed, in lust, so that we are lusting,

97 lusting the riches of the wicked people, lusting the gold and the silver of the ungodly people, lusting the seduction of their life of a passing freedom.

98 Us who are prisoners in the chains of the Gospel, prisoners of Christ,

99 yes, we are not lusting what the Great Babylon has to offer in order to put to sleep the people of God,

100 in order to put them to sleep using flatteries, and then, using more flatteries saying that it is so beautiful outside salvation,

101 in order to put them to sleep, yes, using flatteries

102 in order to take away their strength after having tied them to all kinds of flatteries

103 to keep them enslaved to the world and to the things of this world of the Great Babylon

104 and then, to gouge their eyes and then, they don’t see anything, they don’t see anything,

105 they don’t see their salvation, they recognize no more the crib of their Master.

106 The Light of the Everlasting Lord cannot lead them anymore to the crib of their Master;

107 for they have become blind because the devil and his great nation,

108 the devil and his religion, the spirits of the wicked people, of the prostitutes of Babylon,

109 bring them back to their seductions of wealth and, of sins and, of all kinds of freedom and, of lusts.

110 O Everlasting Father,

111 he bewitched the sheep,

112 bewitched in believing, ah, that us, we don’t have the wealth, us.

113 We are the rich people!

114 Ah, we are considered to be poor people, but we are making many people rich.

115 We are considered as having nothing, but we possess everything.

116 Everything is ours: death, life, Paul, Christ, Peter, James, John, Jesus, God, the Holy Ghost,

117 the angels, life to come, the greatest and precious promises, the fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, on Earth.

118 Ah, it’s so good to be flattered by God, nourished with the Father’s honey

119 and not the honey that comes out of the Great Babylon, not the honey that comes out of the seductions of sin,

120 of the seduction of lying spirits making the sons of God consider

121 the field of the pervert man, the field of the oxen as if it was a beautiful field.

122 As much he seduced Eve’s mind, he seduced Adam’s mind, ah, with this languorous snake, which is vicious and wicked,

123 in order to seduce their mind: “Look how beautiful it is.” “Look how much it looks good.” “Look.” “Look.” and “Look.” and “Look.”

124 just like he also wanted to set here below the eyes of Jesus, our Master:

125 “Look, Master! Look below at this kingdom. These riches, I give them to you.”

126 “Look down. Keep your eyes below. Keep your eyes on the Earth.”

127 “Keep your eyes on the riches of this world. I give them to you, if you worship me.”

128 My riches are Above in heaven. Our riches are Above in heaven. We worship God only.

129 We don’t let ourselves be seduced by the seduction of sin. We don’t let ourselves be seduced by the seduction of going away

130 to go eat oxen food,

131 to go eat food that our Father has not given us to eat,

132 that you have not called us to eat, that you have not served us,

133 that the Father has not served us, that the Father is not serving us.

134 Your Light, o heavenly Father, oh yes, is just as the Light of the Magi kings.

135 We have the true Light, the Light of life

136 the Light that leads to the crib, to the crib of our Master, to the potter’s house, to the treasury house,

137 so that we sacrifice our lives.

138 O Everlasting Father,

139 He gave us his life, his entire life,

140 so that God himself provides to all our needs, so that we are glorified by God,

141 so that after having been chosen, after having been humbled, after having been subdued, ah, to the sin of this world;

142 because all people have sinned, they are all born sinners, they are all deprived from the glory of God.

143 Ah, we must be born again.

144 Yes Father, yes Father, yes Father, yes Father, to be born of the Spirit,

145 so that the good spirit is inside of us,

146 so that the good spirit leads us

147 in good pastures, and not in the solemnity of crimes of this world,

148 so that God sees with his eyes because he can’t see crime associated with solemnity,

149 going to the confessional,

150 going to kneel down before the Sun, or going to bow down before the host of heaven,

151 going to praise God with incense and goods and then, with gold and all kinds of things,

152 while doing evil things, while invoking the name of the One they have no right to invoke, the name of Jesus;

153 because whosoever invokes the name of the Lord shall depart from iniquity.

154 They are profoundly anchored, o Everlasting Father,

155 as anchored as we are anchored in the Word which is a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul.

156 Yes, these uncircumcised and rebellious people are anchored, anchored in the roman catholic roots

157 and unto all its sons and daughters, and unto all the arms of the tentacle.

158 The arms of this octopus, of this monstrous octopus, ah Everlasting Father,

159 we are not part of it, we are not forming portions of its arms.

160 We are not anchored and attached to the arms of the prostitute, to the arms of the Great Babylon.

161 We are not attached to anything that the Great Babylon is producing,

162 o Everlasting Father;

163 for we are enlightened with the true Light, with the genuine Light that came in this world,

164 that came to enlighten each man, but which they refused to have it; but you turned yourself unto us, o Everlasting Father.

165 Yes, we accepted it, your form of doctrine.

166 We accepted it with our heart, because you gave us a new heart, so that we accept it,

167 so that the Jews are jealous, ah, that they are animated with jealousy

168 when seeing what God can do with the ungodly people, when seeing what God can do with the Gentiles,

169 in order to make them into a holy nation, ah, to make them his own people.

170 Ah, these indocile people, these stiff-necked people, these people who are uncircumcised of the heart and of the ears,

171 ah, who tempted you, and tempted you, and tempted you, tempted you,

172 whom you had lead under your eye, guarded under your protection,

173 have been rebellious, had a rebellious shoulder, hardened their heart, their neck,

174 even though they had seen manna falling from the sky.

175 Ah, manna, o Everlasting Father, yes Father, drop on us riches today,

176 so that us too in that great and terrible wilderness of this world of sin, of sinners and of ungodly people,

177 we may see your hand at work according to your prophecies, according to your promises, according to your Words,

178 to what is written in the Bible, to what you prophesied on Earth through the mouth of your holy prophets.

179 Yes, Father, promptly accomplish on Earth the justice of the saints calling upon God day and night,

180 so that the Word does not remain without effect, so that the Word is declared true,

181 so that the Amen is declared by us in this flesh; for we are the genuine witnesses of God,

182 and God is really in us, and God is really with us, and God is really in this house,

183 yes Father, so that we may declare it, yes, by giving it in the offerings, by giving it in the basket, that God is real.

184 Ah Everlasting Father,

185 he accomplished his goodness on the sons of Lot, he accomplished his Word towards them;

186 for they had a pure heart to invoke Him all in one accord with a pure heart,

187 so that the water of the Word, ah Everlasting Father, is spread on each nation

188 because of the consecration of the saints of the present days, of the present generation,

189 of your generation you established on this Earth,

190 of this foundation, ah heavenly Father, through only one man, Christ,

191 this foundation that was established in the Word, by the Word, by the man of God having Christ inside of him.

192 A sower went forth to sow, yes Father, and we are this good ground that you chose,

193 predesdinated and called and justified and glorified in Jesus-Christ,

194 to receive with dignity the seed, the spiritual and pure wine,

195 to fill up our vessels that you emptied yourself of this heart of stone,

196 in order to fill it up with a heart of flesh,

197 in order to fill it up with a good spirit, in order to fill it up with the Holy Ghost,

198 in order to come eat supper with us, in order to come eat lunch with us, in order to be found inside of us,

199 ah Father, so that we all shout with the same spirit: “Father, Father, Father!”

200 Yes, accomplish your promises towards the sons of men. Accomplish your promises for the good and for the bad.

201 Accomplish your promises of curse on the uncircumcised. Accomplish your promise of blessings on the circumcised.

202 Ah, for the sun shines on the justs and today he still shines for the unjusts,

203 but tomorrow, tomorrow, the next season, yes this season, Father, this season of storms,

204 we live in the storm, it is a season of storms, and all our life on Earth, it is a season of storms;

205 but after the storm comes the nice weather.

206 After a storm, after all storms of the kingdom of Satan

207 comes the Light of Christ, the Light of the fire which is in the heavenly paradise,

208 which we have inherited by the perseverance to do well, o Everlasting Father, in this world;

209 for we believe through our faith; since you gave us the faith to believe in it,

210 which comes from God, this gift, this unspeakable gift, this heavenly gift,

211 the gift to be able to believe, the gift of faith, with this faith are destinated

212 those people who believed in being broken on the stone instead of having the stone break us,

213 destinated for eternal life, and destinated to believe and to believe in the just one,

214 and to recognize his words, and to see his Word,

215 in recognizing his calling, in recognizing his Light, just like the wise men recognized it:

216 “This is the Light, this is the Star that we have to follow.”

217 It is not the baptist light, it is not the pentecostal light, it is not the catholic light, that we have to follow.

218 It is not the light of this world of darkness that we must follow,

219 but it is the real Light of life : “At the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, the Word was God.”

220 “In the Word was Life. The Life was the Light of men, and the true Life was the Light.”

221 This is the Light to the glimmer of which we walk. This is the Light that leads us in green pasture;

222 for the Everlasting Lord teaches us exactly where to go read, to find exactly the food that we need,

223 teaches us exactly, leads us exactly in his pasture,

224 to nourish ourselves with the company of sheep and not with beasts of the field, 

225 being lead by the heavenly Light, to go to the crib of our Master,

226 to go to our possessor, to our God and Father, to all of the meetings.

227 It requires approximately ten hours per week, those meetings,

228 on one hundred sixty eight hours per week.

229 Oh, no one will make me believe, o Everlasting Father, that we don’t have

230 ten hours on one hundred sixty eight, to spend for God.

231 Ah, they will see the difference between whosoever serves God and whosoever does not serve Him,

232 whom taketh at heart the meetings of God, whom taketh at heart to stay,

233 to suffer with patience, patience, patience, patience, just like God is patient

234 with us, with this nation, with the uncircumcised and with the circumcised yes.

235 Your patience is so great, o Lord, to be repeating unto us and, to repeat and to not be weary

236 just like Paul who had the patience of God, just like the men of God today who have the patience of God,

237 yes, the two horns of your alter, the two horns of the alter, our pastors,

238 our pastors, the pastor and his assistant-pastor,

239 the two horns of our alter today, the two horns of the alter of my Father today,

240 of this alter set up, of this table, of this alter for us every weekend yes.

241 We need to have this every day of the week. Ah, we lost that blessing.

242 We lost the blessing, ah, by the fault of those who did not show up.

243 And then, the poor sheep which care for me, which put their attention on me,

244 the sheep, the beautiful sheep, oh, the sheep who took care of me,

245 they were taking care of meetings seven days a week, they are now deprived of these seven days.

246 The unfaithful people are outside. The faithful people are still faithful.

247 Just like the Lord remains faithful to his Word to bless, He remains faithful to his Word to curse.

248 Yes, I will bless you, taste it, I will glorify you according to your faith,

249 according to your consecration, according to your works, according to your benefactions,

250 according to your works, your benefactions, according to your consecration, according to your will.

251 This will is the will that is produced by the Word of God.

252 The word of God produces in us the will and produces in us the will to make our feet walk, the will to make our lamps walk,

253 the will to make our eyes walk, the will to make our feet walk in this world of darkness,

254 in order to go gather, gather the blessing, to pick up the blessing,

255 to go search, search, and, search into the darkness,

256 in order to find the treasures that God has for us as long as we search.

257 Search once more, more than ever, the Word of God,

258 the unsearchable riches of all the wisdom of God, o Everlasting Father,

259 in order to be nourished with the abundance of salvation, to be nourished with the milk of the consolations of our Father,

260 so that our feet may know finally how to be vivified and how to be vivifying,

261 walking in the paths of the valley of justice,

262 the paths of justice, in the valley of the shadow of death,

263 being present on this Earth to serve the Everlasting Lord in this mortal body, bound, bound to death.

264 This mortal body is bound to death. This mortal body is bound to death. Bound to death, they have no choice.

265 Your life will finish in the coffin, but in what state will you enter in it?

266 If you live for Jesus, it is for the paradise.

267 If you live for your flesh, if you live for Mammon,

268 if you live for the great prostitute of this world

269 and for her arm and, her tentacles, and, her snares,

270 and, her seduction of riches, of lusts, of sins, yes,

271 ah, the arms of the prostitute will wrap you,

272 invade you, destroy you and, reduce you to nothing, by the desire of God, even;

273 for whosoever rejects God, rejects the Word of God, rejects his precepts,

274 and he does not reject a man, but he rejects God.

275 And also, whosoever rejects the spirit of the Word, will rest in the assembly

276 of the dead baptists, of the dead charismatics, of the dead people who are faithful to this world,

277 faithful, faithful just like the Rechabites, faithful just like the Rechabites.

278 This world is faithful to the world. This world is faithful to their churches.

279 This world is faithful to their traditions. This world is faithful to their debauchery.

280 This world is faithful to their lights of darkness that they call up through the bell of Satan,

281 through the bell of hell, every Sunday, or still, every time they meet. Ah, they are faithful to Lucifer.

282 They are faithful to lust. They are faithful to their ungodly riches.

283 They are faithful to darkness, ah, just like the Rechabites were faithful to their fathers.

284 Yes, they have made them enter into the house of God. They have placed before them a strange wine.

285 They have placed before them a wine which was not permitted to drink

286 just like it is not permitted for us, the children of God, to drink the wine of this world,

287 to drink the wine which makes you drunk of this world,

288 the wine of the great prostitute, of the Babylon of Rome,

289 who by its great and its loud impunity seduced all the nations, seduced the entire Earth,

290 except my elects, except my elects, except my elects;

291 for it is impossible to seduce an elect;

292 and even the times of distress will be shortened because of my elects,

293 because of the elects whom I chose for myself by the blood of Jesus-Christ,

294 that the Everlasting Lord took ownership in the hand of Lucifer,

295 made the acquisition in the hand of sin, in the hand of Lucifer.

296 Sold to be slaves unto sin, –He has bought us.– we have been bought back.

297 Just like we have been sold without cost as slaves unto sin,

298 we have been bought back by the precious blood of Jesus who has pushed his flesh

299 by using the Spirit of the goodness of God, by the Spirit of the love of God which is inside of him,

300 by the Spirit of the faithfulness unto God which was in him,

301 by the Spirit of the Word which was in Him,

302 the Spirit of God, the Word which was in the beginning,

303 which came in the flesh, in this flesh which is similar to the one that sins,

304 but without never committing any sin.

305 Ah, this innocent flesh, this innocent sheep, without spot,

306 this blameless Lamb, without a reproach,

307 was sacrificed, was slain, has poured its entire blood,

308 so that we are entirely saved and not half saved.

309 He did not die to be half dead: he died, to be dead.

310 He did not render his soul to be half passed away: he passed away completely.

311 He was buried, his body was buried, tree days and tree nights;

312 but his spirit was at work in the depths of the Earth, there where are lying the dead,

313 there where is lying Pharaoh,

314 there where is lying the nation of Noah,

315 there where are lying the slain, the dead,

316 where the slain are still lying, these warriors,

317 these soldiers having under their head their sword,

318 to whom Jesus went to preach to the captive spirits in prison yes,

319 knowing that His spirit was never without doing nothing; for the Everlasting Lord was never without doing nothing.

320 The Lord is always at work. His mind is always awake.

321 He neither slumbers, nor sleeps, the one who is taking care of you, dear child.

322 The one who is taking care of me, who is taking care of us, who is taking care of his nation,

323 who cherishes his Church just like a man cherishes his wife;

324 for a man is taking care of his wife because he is taking care of himself;

325 and because his wife, it is himself: they form one single flesh.

326 Just like the spirit of God, our spirit, the spirit of this assembly

327 form a single spirit, a same body,

328 the body of Jesus-Christ that the Father cherishes just like the apple of his eye;

329 for whosoever touches you touches to the apple of his eye.

330 Ah, the Everlasting Lord has placed around us

331 who are his pillars, the pillars of this ministry, rooted, founded, in the love of this ministry,

332 he has placed around us, a wall of fire, so that nobody touches us

333 and his eyes are fixed on us, being his house.

334 His house, it is us! The eyes of the Everlasting Lord are fixed on us, his house.

335 His faithful children who have been put to the test, we are still put to the test and we are proving,

336 it is sparkling how much we are proving, ah, our love for this ministry.

337 O Everlasting Father, having passed all tests with patience,

338 yes, in all patience for each test, said Paul in his Gospel,

339 a patience to pass each test, a patience, to be patient during the test,

340 patient to resist, and then, to wait, and then, to supplicate, to pray,

341 and then, to shake, to shake the bottom of the robe of our Father:

342 “Father! Father! Father! Father! Father! Father! Father! Father! Father!”

343 Ah, let your grace abound so that my offerings much more abound,

344 so that we may show you Lord in the middle of the test,

345 in the middle of the iron furnace, made of iron and of fire, 

346 in the middle of which we are strangers and travelers.

347 Yes Father, we travel in the fire just like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego

348 without being burnt, without feeling the pain of the flames,

349 because you gave us Jesus in order to fight each pain, each flame, each plan formed by the wicked one,

350 in order to resist in the bad days,

351 to hold fast after having overcome all, overcome,

352 overcome the tests, the tests, the tests.

353 They went away, they abandoned, they turned their back,

354 and they are traitors, cowards, traitors of the Alliance to have turned their back to the Lord,

355 turned their back to the ministry, turned their back to sheep,

356 turned their back, turned their back, turned their back,

357 in order to satisfy themselves and to please themselves

358 in the great prostitute, the ancient Babylon, the Great Babylon

359 of the Catholicism of this world, and then, of all its seductions of sins, and then of riches,

360 with no vision, none whatsoever, to see afar off,

361 having forgotten the purification of their old sins,

362 they have become blind with the Light they had, this Light, the Christ in them,

363 yes to lead them to the crib of their Master, to lead them as a nation to his possessor.

364 They have no more Light. They are blind. They don’t see from afar.

365 They hardly have a few years, hey, left to live. At the end, they will be thrown outside.

366 They will be outside at the door of paradise, knocking, and then, knocking,

367 and then, knocking to my door, knocking at the door of the Everlasting Lord.

368 They will knock at the door of the Everlasting Lord, and you, the people outside, will knock at the door, saying:

369 “Let us in! We have been with the temple for a long time. We have done this. We have done that.

370 —I don’t know you. Ah, you turned your back on me. You let my sons and daughters suffering.

371 You left them suffering all alone, you have left them all alone to support the burden.

372 You left them all alone to bear the burden even though you had seen it written

373 to bear the burden of one and, of another, yes;

374 but it is the law of Christ, the law of the prophets, of the Spirit of life in Jesus-Christ.

375 Ah, the spirit of the prophecy, Jesus, the spirit of the prophecy is to be converted.

376 We were converted, ah, we have thrown our members of impurities far from us,

377 in order to not sin against God, to not reject the ministry of holiness,

378 and then, to not go away and get lost into the seductions

379 of the riches of sin of this world, ah, of the Great Babylon, of covetousness,

380 in being slaves unto covetousness and slaves unto stupid riches, unto cupid riches,

381 unto stupid riches, unto cupid and stupid riches: it is a stupid thing to do.

382 Ah, I was looking among my land and I saw among the stupid, ah, someone in the obscurity of the night who was running after stupidity.

383 Ah, where is the richness, where is the richness to run after a strange woman, to run after a strange fire,

384 to run after strange riches, after riches which are not coming from the hand of God,

385 after a fire which does not come from God, a fire that the Father did not lit,

386 ah, that you did not lit Father, a Christian fire, a fire of lies?

387 Ah, they have tongues of fire inspired by the Holy Ghost, tongues of fire which come down from Above;

388 but these are tongues of fire lit by the fire of Gehenna, the fire of the lust of this world.

389 They are despising my sons. They are despising my daughters of God.

390 They are despising my ministry. They are despising the ministry.

391 They are despising us, despising us, despising, despising the word of the Father.

392 Ah, this Word which they have known, they have seen,

393 which they got to know, they are despising it, Everlasting Father.

394 They are despising us, despising God, oh, walking on smoking firebrands.

395 Ah, Everlasting Father, what a contempt, what a contempt!

396 Us, we are not among those people who withdraw in order to get lost.

397 We are among those people who have faith because we read and we read,

398 Everlasting Father, because we are taking care of our souls.

399 We send the probe every day of our life.

400 We probe to see where is our boat to know in what state it is in,

401 ah, to see at which depth is our boat.

402 Yes, we have to find ourselves in the depths of the Word, in order to not find ourselves, ah, on the shore, or near the shore,

403 or in the middle where we find small rocks, where we find big rocks, where we find icebergs.

404 The Titanic sank on a iceberg. This big boat filled with unclean people hit a wall.

405 It has hit a rock, a rock made of ice and it drifted.

406 Yes, we also have for example, heavenly Father, Paul’s boat, o Everlasting Father,

407 as big as our boat can be, as big as can be our ship, as big as can be our salvation,

408 as great as can be our mission on this Earth to accomplish, ah, in this boat, hey,

409 this boat there, this great boat, this ocean liner there, o Father, ah yes, goes backwards.

410 The demons are blowing, blowing and blowing,

411 in order to slow us down, in order to prevent us even from nourishing ourselves.

412 Until when will you persist in not taking in food? “It is necessary for your salvation, Paul said.”

413 Necessary! He said unto us: “Only one thing is necessary.” Only one thing! Only one thing! Only one thing! Only one thing!

414 Only one thing: the meetings! The meetings! The meetings! The meetings! The meetings! The Word!

415 O Father, Father, Father! We are found to be liars before God.

416 We are found to be liars before God. Ah, Everlasting Father, let nobody be found a liar.

417 We love the Word, we read the Word, we love the meetings.

418 We love the Word, we love the brothers.

419 We love God, we love the Word.

420 We love the Word, we love God.

421 We love God, we love the brothers.

422 We love the brothers, we love the Word.

423 We love the Word, we love the brothers, we love the ministry, we love giving.

424 Ah, we are never sated, we are never satisfied, ah just like a roaring lion. 

425 Us too we roar, Father, with a constant and burning desire,

426 ah yes, to be fully enriched of godliness by the Spirit he has given us,

427 all of which contribute to godliness and to the life of this world, we are blessed in all things.

428 To this godliness, we add, Everlasting Father, faith, to godliness, temperance, we add.

429 We work without ceasing to bear fruits, so that our boat is filled with food,

430 ah, so that we are all nourished by the excellence of the knowledge,

431 by the same knowledge that Paul had,

432 given by a spirit of Life which is nourishing us, which is satisfying us

433 with this tree of Life which is blossoming without cease, nourishing us with its fruits.

434 Yes, the flowers are blooming and, blooming and, blooming.

435 This tree is everlasting and immortal, this tree of limpid Life,

436 this tree filled with green sap, with pure and worthy fruits,

437 for worthy people,

438 and to purify unworthy people, and to dignify unworthy people, and to justify unjust people,

439 until the time marked by the Father,

440 the time where the Father will bring back down the Son, the time where there will be no more time.

441 There will be no more time. It will be in the middle of a time when there will be no more time,

442 when the just remains just and, just and, just and, just

443 and the ungodly, the sinner, he remains just like that: he cannot change no more, because there is no more time to do so.

444 They came too late. They knocked the door too late.

445 There is no more door. There is no more time.

446 Time has elapsed. Time is accomplished. Time has flowed. Time has come.

447 This time has come, ah this day when the time has come, on this day yes, on this day of darkness.

448 He is furious, on this day when the horses of God will come out of this apocalypse, of this syndrome,

449 on a red horse, ah, fawn colour, ah, on which is riding the white One,

450 the Lord of all the Earth, our Lord, our brother, hey, under which his two-edges sword we bend our knees today.

451 We bend the knees under his two-edges sword today in order to not have to bend the knee tomorrow.

452 He was slain before all the witnesses.

453 He was slain before the angels and the Archangels, before a cloud of witnesses.

454 He was purged. He was purged, oh, for the voice of the Lord, the voice of Christ says:

455 “Come up here! Come higher up! Come higher up in this building.”

456 This building created by the hand of the Father, where we each have our place,

457 where the Everlasting Lord, our Jesus said:

458 “I will prepare for you a place in the building of my Father, in the house of my Father.”

459 Paul called this a building, ah, a building of God in which we have our house,

460 in which the Everlasting Lord said that Jesus is our Light.

461 The Everlasting Lord is himself in this house. Ah yes, the Everlasting Lord will be with us.

462 We will be with Him at his right, at the best place of the kingdom,

463 at the table of the faithful people, at the table of the just people , at the table of the circumcised people, at the table of the conquerors;

464 for having overcome by the Word of our testimony, by the blood of the Lamb, the blood of Jesus,

465 yes, sitting at the conquerors’ table in paradise, in a heavenly place, in the heavenly places,

466 ah, sitting at the table of the conquerors, sons and daughters of God, occupying the first rank in the kingdom of God,

467 ah, just like Haman in the kingdom of his Master, ah, in the times of Mordecai.

468 Yes he was to continually see, yes, the face of the king.

469 And the only face, the only king, that this Haman and all the Haman of this world will see in the last days,

470 it will be the face of the king of this world today, the prince of this world of darkness.

471 They will be lying in the same fire, in the same burning fire

472 which will come out of the mouth of Jesus, riding his horse,

473 in order to burn the wicked one and to burn him in his lake, after his one thousand years.

474 Ah, blessed be the Everlasting Lord, our God, to be reigning with Christ today in our life

475 and to be reigning with him in paradise for eternity, sitting at the right of God,

476 and, that Jesus himself had to serve the new wine.

477 He will gird himself, in order to serve us the new wine, in order to serve us at his table,

478 in order to elevate us and to glorify us

479 by the angels and the Archangels before the beasts and, all sorts of creations.

480 We will be the first ones to see the face of the King of all kings, the Everlasting Lord of hosts, day after day,

481 and to be with the power to come out and to enter in by the doors of the kingdom of God,

482 by its twelve doors, its twelve pearls, the twelve names of the apostles on the pearls.

483 Yes Father, ah, to not go on the shore only, but yes, to go into the deep,

484 in order to never stumble, to never have ourselves stumble on traps and on stones

485 and in blind alleys and on things that Satan could be placing ahead of us to demolish our boat,

486 to bewitch us into not taking in food and to bewitch the least of all into wanting to go away,

487 so that the deck-hand wants to leave, so that he finds himself a pretext in order to go put the launch boat on the sea.

488 No pretext, no excuse is valid for forsaking the city, the ship. No excuse!

489 The seats are filled with excuses. The seats of the Everlasting Lord, of his house, they are filled with excuses.

490 Ah, only the sons and the daughters of God, the faithful people,

491 faithful to their God with the spirit of faithfulness living inside of them,

492 they are still there, they are still sitting and they will go on sitting,

493 during an ordeail, in perseverance, in the fire of the furnace extraordinarily heated by the devil and his angels;

494 but God, our Father, comes to meet us in the fire. He is with us. He has not left us alone.

495 And then, Jesus promised this: “I will send you the Comforter, the Holy Ghost;

496 I will not leave you all alone. I have not come to forsake you.”

497 Yes, the Lord said it in this Word: “Can a mother abandon her suckling child?”

498 “And even if she abandoned him, this infant,

499 me, I will not abandon you, says the Everlasting Lord, your God.”

500 Yes Father, yes Everlasting Lord, you said this unto us, you have confirmed it unto the Jews,

501 you have confirmed it today unto us who are now the genuine Jews, being circumcised in the heart and not in the flesh,

502 in order to see shining the splendour of the Gospel which was meant for the Jews

503 and which is meant for us today, for us who have believed through faith,

504 and we are slaves unto justice and not slaves unto the law, not slaves unto the laws,

505 and not slaves unto Babylon, not slaves unto darkness of this world,

506 not slaves unto the tentacles of the octopus of this world and of all its religious traps and of all its churches being your rocks on the water,

507 not slaves of these churches of all sorts of denominations, which are of all kinds of amplitude and sizes,

508 which are rocks on the water that each son of God navigates being

509 in the boat of the Everlasting Lord, in the ship of God, in the depths of the water of the Word of the Lord.

510 There is no danger: the rocks of churches, they are not there, they are not close to be there at all.

511 They are very far from the deep. They are on the shore, and then, they have a foot in the sand,

512 a foot in the water, a foot in the world, a foot in the Bible,

513 two feet in the world, no foot at all in the Bible. Ah, you are entirely unto God or you are not unto him at all, yes,

514 for the eyes of the Everlasting Lord are on the entire Earth to support those people who have their heart entirely unto him,

515 working with the Word without cease, night and day, day and night, ah, to be one, in order to be one,

516 to be one with the Word, in order to walk humbly with his God,

517 to humble yourself, to make one, to make one, one, one, one through the unity of faith.

518 Thank you Jesus to be one, o Everlasting Father, to you belongs the glory;

519 you unite all of us to the same spirit, to the spirit of persevering

520 until the end and to do well, supporting the ministry with all our might.

521 Ah, give us a heart, Everlasting Father, that is more and more and more and more lit,

522 a heart, a quick-witted spirit, fervent, fervent, fervent, ah, to search offerings and to work with all our might

523 in order to be found before God as God expects it from us,

524 a heart entirely unto Him, a mind entirely unto Him,

525 to love God with all our heart, with all our spirit, with all our mind, with all our might, yes,

526 having remained founded in the love of the Word of God in order to be found just like that.

527 Ah, to be working without cease uniting ourselves unto faith, uniting ourselves unto the Word,

528 in order to be one with the Word, to be one with your wife, to be one with your husband, to be one with your children,

529 first to be one with the family of God, to be one with the ministry,

530 yes, to be one with the Word first, each individually,

531 after that with your wife, after that with your daughter, after that with your son,

532 after that with your husband, after that with the sheep of God. Glory to Jesus to be one.

533 Oh, to you the glory, Everlasting Father, to be one, to be one with the ministry,

534 one with the Spirit, one with the Word, one with the offerings, not two minds,

535 not two minds, Everlasting Father, one mind, in the name of Jesus, only one mind,

536 one single mind, ah, invading your spirit, to be invaded by your Spirit.

537 Thank you Jesus for the compassion of our Father,

538 for your compassion, o Everlasting Father, to have chosen us in this world.

539 Ah, the planet Earth, it is a little star among billions of other stars,

540 billions and billions and billions of small balls just like the Earth, of small stars and of the Sun.

541 Ah, only one of these small balls is the shelter for humans,

542 and on this one and only small ball, we are prisoners, Everlasting Father.

543 On this small element, this small heavenly element,

544 in the heavenly places among billions of other elements,

545 the only element on which there is life, on which there are humans,

546 and among eight billions of small humans beings created by your Spirit, you have chosen us.

547 How much gold and silver can we give to buy such a great salvation?

548 No gold, no silver, nothing can buy it; for we have been bought back by the blood of Jesus.

549 Ah, we only have to walk humbly with God

550 dedicating our mind, our heart, our spirit, our soul, our strengths,

551 ah, to serve God, considering ourselves as nothing,

552 humbling ourselves to go on the streets,

553 humbling ourselves to meet people at five o’clock in the morning near the door of the subway station,

554 humbling ourselves to leave home at tree o’clock in the morning before going to work, at work,

555 humbling ourselves to walk humbly with God

556 trying to find another pearl on this Earth, trying to find another elect, trying to find another person

557 that the spirit of God is on him, that the spirit of God, he wants to have it for him

558 in order to be found as labourers for God and as conquerors with God.

559 Ah, blessed be the Everlasting Lord, blessed be your holy name, Everlasting Father,

560 to have been called by God, the choice of God on Earth.

561 Oh my! Open our eyes so that we recognize the greatness of your salvation,

562 so that we neglect not, so that God neglect not our prayers,

563 so that we neglect not to love our wifes, to love our husbands, to love our children,

564 so that we are not careless.

565 The Everlasting Lord has chosen us so that we are not careless, so that we do not neglect such a great salvation.

566 We must not neglect our praises. We must not neglect the offerings.

567 We must not neglect to search. We must not neglect to find.

568 We must not neglect to knock. We must not neglect to be answered.

569 We must not neglect to ask. We must not neglect nothing at all. Jesus taught all that unto his Jews:

570 “Ah, you pay tithe of mint, of cumin and, of this and, of that,

571 but you forget the justice of God.

572 You needed to pay all there is to pay and never forget the justice of God.”

573 Ah, we must do all there is to do from A to Z,

574 without neglecting a trait of letter, neither a iota of the Word,

575 giving your entire heart, giving your entire life;

576 for whosoever does not give his entire life, it is a severe and a serious thing.

577 Jesus is serious. The death of Jesus is a serious thing.

578 The blood of Jesus on Calvary is a serious thing.

579 The ministry is a serious thing. The preaching is a serious thing.

580 The calling we have received is a serious thing. The salvation we have is a serious thing.

581 Paradise is a serious thing. Hell is a serious thing.

582 The goodness of God is a serious thing. The severity of God is a serious thing.

583 Greed of this world prevents sheep, o Everlasting Father, from coming back to you.

584 And pride is an anchor around their ankles. Pride and pride is an anchor to their feet,

585 is a sure anchor that the devil has anchored

586 in this world, in the worldly things, in the glory of this world,

587 because they prefer darkness to Light.

588 They prefer the glory of the world. They prefer to be glorified by the world.

589 They prefer to be loved by this world

590 instead of being hated by this world to be loved by God:

591 lively stones, rejected and hated by the world, but chosen and precious before God,

592 ah, stones of a crown which will shine and which will enjoy peace,

593 in the prosperity and in the beauty that it is reserved for us to enter in his kingdom

594 through the door and the narrow and straight way, through the door, knowing that Jesus is that door.

595 Only the Word can allow us to enter in the sheepfold through the door

596 that is in God’s paradise, in the heights where you find the Everlasting Lord, 

597 in the heavens of heavens, above the heavens of heavens, in the third heaven where a man was caught up, said Paul.

598 Ah, in paradise, he heard things which were not permitted for a man to express,

599 ah, things which, which you cannot use the words you would normally use.

600 He heard words which you cannot express, words which you cannot put words on them.

601 It is unspeakable, just like the salvation that we offer,

602 just like the greatness of salvation that we offer which is unspeakable.

603 Unspeakable, unexplainable are the greatnesses of salvation that we have

604 when considering the number of small lifes which exist on Earth,

605 when considering how much it is lightweight,

606 how much the Earth is a speck of dust in the universe

607 and how much a man is a speck of dust among billions of specks of dust

608 and that the Everlasting Lord has picked us up while we are specks of dust

609 to make of us a vivifying spirit,

610 to make of us as he did of Jesus, a second Adam,

611 a living soul

612 living in flesh, in a living flesh, in this flesh,

613 and not according to this flesh, but according to the Spirit

614 to be a living soul, a living soul just as Christ is living.

615 Just as Christ is resuscitated from the dead and at the right of God,

616 we are going to resuscitate with Him and we have found that through the baptism in his death

617 that we have been buried with Him and we will be able by our life of holiness and of purity, our soul,

618 that we are resuscitated with Him, in order to live for God

619 just like he himself has lived for the Father, we are living for the Father.

620 He has walked in his traces according to the example that we have received,

621 ah, this example in heaven Above, the example of Jesus to walk in his footsteps,

622 to the example of Christ, in love and in a perfect charity,

623 yes, o Everlasting Father, to walk in a perfect charity, to the example of Christ

624 who loved us, who gave Himself for us.

625 There is no greater love than to give your own life for the brothers and sisters,

626 through our offerings, through our prayers, through our fasting periods,

627 by walking along armed, by walking along well armed

628 before the multitude of people of God, before the people of God, before the elects of God,

629 to walk along at arms before the women, before the children,

630 ah, to go through it all well armed, to walk at arms, to always be armed,

631 to always be dressed with the armour, because we have to fight twenty-four hours a day.

632 Just like Nehemiah, we must always, always be on the lookout and, on the watch,

633 and watching, and watching, and watching, and watching the roaring lion who wants to devour us,

634 devour our spirit, our heart, our mind,

635 in order to keep us slaves unto disobedience, to keep us slaves unto not serving God,

636 slaves unto not bringing in offerings, slaves unto not praying, slaves unto not fasting,

637 slaves unto not giving, slaves unto not praising God, slaves unto not praying for our brothers and sisters,

638 slaves unto not loving the sheep, slaves unto not loving the ministry,

639 slaves unto going away to get lost in darkness.

640 Ah, Everlasting Father, to you belongs the glory, to be slaves unto justice,

641 and to be walking in the paths of justice with fear and trembling,

642 to be loving God with all our heart, our spirit, our strength and our mind.

643 Yes, o Everlasting Father, on this road which was created for the just people,

644 a road where the ungodly people cannot walk,

645 where a foolish man cannot get lost,

646 a road where the ungodly man does not have a place,

647 where the sinner in the assembly of the just people, yes, is to convert himself,

648 to convert unto the unity of the Spirit, to convert unto faith, to convert unto being one,

649 to convert himself unto loving his neighbour, unto loving him in all things.

650 There is no greater love than to give your life for your brothers and sisters.

651 There is no greater love! Ah, there is nothing, nothing, of hatred that will enter into the heavenly places,

652 no hatred; for whosoever hates is a murderer,

653 just like the devil is a murderer since the beginning.

654 He is a thief who steals the Word which is sowed in the heart of any man.

655 Beware of dogs, beware of uncircumcised people, beware of false brothers,

656 beware of the venom of the prostitute of this world, of the Great Babylon, of the great prostitute,

657 ah, who has made drunk all the people of the Earth through seductions and riches, but she has not seduced us.

658 Us, even the riches of the Father are not seducing us,

659 but what seduces us is the love that our Father had for us when he gave Christ on Calvary,

660 wanting us to be sitting at his right inheriting the kingdom of God,

661 to be sitting with Him, with all His sons and patriarchs, ah, and also with the Archangels.

662 Behind the Archangels, behind, second row, the angels, third row, the Archangels,

663 ah, we will occupy the first row, yes, Everlasting Father,

664 because we are not loving and serving the Creator for the riches.

665 We don’t love riches, we are not even attached to riches;

666 for our wealth is you.

667 Job said: “My gold and my silver, it is the Everlasting Lord.”

668 My gold and my silver, it is God. God is my gold and my silver. God is my peace.

669 The man of this world puts his confidence into his riches. The man of this world, his peace it is his money in the bank.

670 The man of this world, this is what brings him peace, this is his peace and his security,

671 ah, it is his wealth, his treasures, ah, it is his glory, it is his honour, it is his boastfulness, this;

672 ah, and whosoever wants to glorify himself among my people

673 must glorify to have the intelligence to know me, to know God.

674  Yes, we are glorifying ourselves, us too, but we are not glorifying ourselves of any of all our riches, no.

675 It is a certain thing that each source of wealth belongs to us much more than to them: it is the Earth of my Father, yes.

676 Ah, but the kingdom was given to the devil and God never repents of his donations,

677 but in his love, he bought us back unto him.

678 That’s the wealth that we have and that’s the wealth that we love.

679 O Everlasting Father, we love you. We love you, Everlasting Lord, our God.

680 We are in love with you and we are not in love with the riches that we have found.

681 By exposing ourselves, exposing our entire life, depriving ourselves of everything, exposing ourselves to distress,

682 visiting your house, holding on the bottom of your robe,

683 yes, we have proven it, we are proving it and we will prove it again,

684 o Everlasting Father;

685 because your entire Spirit is not forsaking us, your Spirit is faithful, yes, by not forsaking us.

686 My mother abandoned me, but my Father, heavenly Father, ah, I praise you, Everlasting Lord,

687 that you come in our life as a hero who saves, that you seek the glory, that you want to have the glory,

688 that you send your angels and your Archangels, your angels, yes, to bless us, to deliver us from any danger;

689 for the angel of the Everlasting Lord encamped round about

690 them who fear him, them who serve him, them who love, worship him.

691 Yes, the angel of the Lord encamped, yes with a wall of fire round about my pillars, round about the pillars of God,

692 round about your pillars, round about pillars of my Father, round about and about pillars,

693 so that there be nothing of the power of the enemy which could be a nuisance for us

694 with the name of Jesus coming out of my mouth, with the wall of fire round about us,

695 with the angel of the Lord who encamped round about whosoever fears Him,

696 whosoever brings unto God, whosoever serves Him without cease and even without remedy,

697 and not like the pagan who is serving and serving his god and his world of darkness without cease,

698 yes, who deserves to be reprimanded, who stiffens his neck.

699 I destroy him suddenly, without remedy;

700 but my Father, Father, our Father,

701 yes, he doesn’t do the same unto us as he does unto those people who hit us.

702 Has the Everlasting Lord hit his people as he hits those people who hit his nation?

703 Doesn’t the Everlasting Lord have compassion for his children?

704 Doesn’t God have compassion for his sons? Doesn’t God have mercy for his children?

705 Isn’t the patience of God not still disputing and disputing again and again all rebels?

706 Isn’t the spirit of the Lord still facing spirits which are rebellious spirits as the ancient angels?

707 rebellious-shoulders spirits? stiff-necks spirits? hardened and hardened spirits of darkness? stubborn-head spirits?

708 Ah yes Father, to you goes the glory for not having a stubborn head, but for having a submissive neck.

709 All the words which come out of God’s mouth, in order to really be real worshippers,

710 the kind of worshippers the Father is asking for, the kind of worshippers who love the Spirit,

711 worshippers who love the Spirit that is in my brother, the Spirit that is in your sister,

712 the Spirit that is in the anointed people of the Everlasting Lord, the Spirit that is in the people of God,

713 the spirit of the Word

714 that comes out of those people who preach the truth, that comes out of the man of God,

715 who loves God, who loves the plans of God, who loves those who are called according to his plan,

716 and to be infatuated with the Word ah, to be the faithful consumers of the Word.

717 Ah, blessed be the Everlasting Lord, our God, to be found faithful in your house,

718 just like Moses was found faithful, just like Jesus is faithful in his house

719 and his house, it is us, it is us, it is us, it is us, it is us, it is us.

720 Us, we know that we are of God, that we are the house of God,

721 that the whole world is in a house of darkness, in a house of Satan.

722 We have been delivered because God

723 had chosen us since the foundation of the world in Jesus-Christ,

724 had predestinated us unto the adoption of his children.

725 You have sent in our hearts the spirit of your Son which shouts after the Father,

726 which shouts after the Father, not after the husband, not after the wife, not after the children,

727 ah, but after the Father who is in the heavens, who sees in the secret, who sees,

728 who sees in darkness, who sees in obscurity, in your bowels, in your body,

729 where he can be found being the lamp of God, inside your body, who is the lamp of your body.

730 The eye is the lamp of the body well lit by the Word, so that the insides of your body are not in darkness,

731 but in the Light, being enlightened by the light of Life,

732 yes, enlightened by brothers and sisters in order to enlighten other people who are outside,

733 being nourished and watered with the same Light and with the same Spirit

734 in order to walk in the same tracks all together with the same heart, the same footstep,

735 ah, to look at the small rest, at the weak rest of people, the weak, the weak, the poor, the weak,

736 weak, weak, weak rest of people still remaining with the Lord, this weak rest of people, this remnant of the Lord,

737 the worshippers of God, the pillars of God, the worshippers in truth and in spirit,

738 worshipping God, worshipping God, worshipping God,

739 worshipping God, worshipping God, worshipping God,

740 shouting unto the Father, shouting unto the Father without cease

741 for those people we love and for those people we don’t love,

742 for those people of this world, o Everlasting Father, whom of which is is written:

743 “You shall love your enemies, the enemies of the Father.”

744 and then David said: “I hate them with a perfect hatred.”

745 Ah, we are to love those people and we love them, Father.

746 We have given, given, given our necessities. We have given our clothes.

747 We have given the money to feed ourselves. We have given the money to repair our teeth.

748 We have given the money meant for our hairdressers.

749 We have given the money for our cars, for our houses.

750 We have given, Father, for those Gentiles outside. We have given, and then, we give, and we will give again, Father.

751 You have seen our zeals, our consecration to give, to give and to give way above our financial means

752 so that you are happy in paradise,

753 so that you are served in paradise, served in paradise,

754 so that Jesus leaps for joy in paradise,

755 so that Jesus leaps for joy inside our own bowels,

756 so that Jesus leaps for joy inside our houses,

757 so that Jesus leaps for joy inside of us,

758 so that Jesus leaps for joy inside the potter’s house.

759 Ah Father, we have given, given and we still give. Give us! Give us! Give us, Everlasting Father.

760 Put money in our hands, so that we may serve that money,

761 so that the Gentiles may have no excuse outside saying not having heard the truth, not hearing the truth no where.

762 They will not be able to come before the Master one day, and knock at the door, and say:

763 “We have excuses. We have excuses. We have excuses.”

764 Ah Father, there is no excuse, no excuse.

765 Ah, they conceive things with their eyes

766 when they see the invisible perfection of God’s Creation

767 that there is a God;

768 and that is why they are guilty for not seeking the face of God,

769 because we even see the imbecile man of this world that I was.

770 Any indocile, imbecile man, o Everlasting Father, can see with his eyes

771 the invisible perfection of God, by his works, by his Creation;

772 and that makes them guilty for not seeking you.

773 Ah, and us, we are still even more guilty, o Everlasting Father,

774 said to be children of God, said to be sons of God, said to be of the house of God,

775 said to be the elects of God, if we do not seek God, if we do not seek his face.

776 We do not show up in church. We are not present in the house of God.

777 We do not read the Word of God or, so little.

778 We are justifying ourselves, justifying with all sorts of some kind of justices.

779 The devil, the enemy of all justice, is at work one hundred percent

780 to prevent us from nourishing ourselves,

781 to prevent us from coming in to be reading and, to be reading and, to be reading.

782 Ah yes, ah Everlasting Father, we are much more guilty, Jesus said, than Sodom and Gomorrah.

783 They will be found less guilty including the lady who received Solomon,

784 than you uncircumcised Jews who do not accept me.

785 They went to meet Solomon, but there is even greater than Solomon here

786 to hear about the wealth of Solomon, the wisdom of Solomon,

787 and then, there is much more than Solomon here in this house.

788 Haven’t you recognized me? This nation here have recognized the hand of the Everlasting Lord.

789 Where are the people who recognized, –who has come here, who has recognized–

790 the arm of the Everlasting Lord?

791 Who has come here and recognizes the hand of the Everlasting Lord?

792 Who has come recognizing the crib of the Everlasting Lord? Who has come recognizing his Master?

793 Where is the oxen who works to bring in abundance in the house of God

794 because he recognizes that it is the crib of his Master? Where are they?

795 Blessed be the Everlasting Lord, they are still more guilty, they are still more guilty, than the pervert man,

796 for not seeking the face of God, for not reading the Bible, for not reading the Word,

797 for not wanting to fill themselves with the Spirit,

798 in order to be one, to be in the same accord,

799 to be a solid fist, yes, to be a striking mass, to be the hammer of God in his hand,

800 to be the Word of God in his hand,

801 to be the hammer which breaks the heart of stone and of rock in his hand.

802 Yes, even brothers and sisters, yes, yes, who are far away and lost,

803 ah, they have allowed their heart to be sealed

804 in order to become harder than the diamond, which nothing can never break it anymore.

805 Yes, nothing can break them and just like it is written by the apostle Paul, yes,

806 that the Word they received did not profit them.

807 Ah, ah, this Word

808 nourishing us, satisfying us, purging us, saving us, sanctifying us,

809 did not profit nothing for them because it could not find faith in those who heard it.

810 Faith! Ah, blessed be the Everlasting Lord for not being found more guilty than the pervert man outside,

811 not wanting to nourish himself with the Word of God, not feeding himself on the Word, not feeding himself on the Spirit,

812 ah, while there is Light, while the Spirit is still watching,

813 while the Spirit is living, while the Spirit is here, living here,

814 –the Spirit will always be living,– but, living here on Earth,

815 while there is still a day of repentance, while there is still a day, while it is still the proper time,

816 before it is too late, before times are accomplished,

817 before the end is reached,

818 before the day of the Decree is accomplished, brought forth as the chaff.

819 Ah, to bring back their common sens and to read the Word,

820 in order to show up before God, ah, all the days.

821 Blessed be your holy name, Everlasting Father, for being invaded, invaded by the Spirit.

822 Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, thank you Everlasting Father, for not neglecting such a great salvation.

823 The people of God were negligent, those people living in the desert, and they were injurious too, saying:

824 “Ah, manna! Manna! Manna! Our eyes only see manna! 


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