My Precious Daggers — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2015, Chapter 10



God’s prophecy
pronounced in the gathering
of the saints of God

Recorded on January 31st, 2015 at 8:25 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 8 min 3 s ROY0388R4P

Recordings, transcription,
translation in English language, edition and publication by
Guylaine Roy  ©  2015


10 Lying, lying, lying, lying, lying, lying, lying,

2 ah, lying in the Lord, ah, lying, ah, lying, dead, ah, dead in the Lord, dead, dead to the world.

3 Yes, we open, ah, we open the bowels and we evacuate the world and we die, and we die in my hand.

4 Ah, the dead does not raise a finger, yes, to point, to rebuke, to argue.

5 The dead stays in place. The dead stays where he has been placed.

6 Ah, stay where I have placed you. Stay there like the dead who stays six feet under my Christ.

7 Yes, you are no longer underground, but you are under the yoke of my Son,

8 under the yoke, ah, yes, under my hand, under my wing, ah, yes;

9 and there, eh, I use some of you, when time comes, I raise my wing and I’ll get, oh yes, my daggers.

10 Yes, I’ll get my daggers, but will they be found sharp? My daggers, will they be sharp? to cut the enemy?

11 Yes, I have my daggers under my wing, but these daggers must remain sharpened,

12 yes, so that the blade may slice through, ah, may reach, penetrate the enemy, the enemy.

13 The enemy can never become a friend.

14 Anyone trying to convert the devil would lose himself, saith the Lord, your God.

15 Sharpen your blade. Sharpen it with the stone.

16 Yes, take the stone which is my Son, sharpen your blades, sharpen your spirits, sharpen your thoughts,

17 so that when comes the time to use you ah, I may pierce him through, yes, so that I may glorify myself before my enemy.

18 When I find… When I’m getting ready to use my daggers, my precious daggers,

19 and that I find them blunt that I no longer find the sharpness,

20 yes, that I no longer find the ancestral blade, the sharpened blade, ready to fight,

21 yes, when I no longer find it in that state, sometimes, I put it back under my wing

22 and I will wait to see if the blade will be sharpened like new, like new, for a renewal.

23 Yes, my Son, who is my corner stone, is the only device to use to sharpen my blade.

24 Does anyone sharpen a knife using some grass? Satan, he is only grass.

25 Never this grass will ever sharpen your blade. Never this grass will sharpen you.

26 Only my cherished child, my only Son, yes, the Messiah, will sharpen your blades, will sharpen your spirits,

27 yes, so that you may recognize what comes from me, and what does not come from me.

28 The blades, I want to be able to take them out and use them.

29 Yes, I am an armed man: you are my arms. You are my arms, but you have to remain faithful unto me.

30 I want to triumph the battle, but my blades must be sharpened and I will expect to find them sharpened in the future.

31 Yes, you must take the corner stone, cherish it near you,

32 keep it, yes, sharpened, day and night, sharpened, sharpened,

33 and then we will be able to cut, cut, cut, cut and cut again until the triumph in my Word.

Original version pronounced in French available by clicking here:
Version originale prononcée en français disponible en cliquant ici:


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