The Messenger Of The Covenant — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2015, Chapter 11



Reading of some Holy Bible verses mixed within
a prophecy of God pronounced in the gathering of the saints of God

Recorded on February 8th, 2015 at 2:50 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 16 min 43 s ROY0394R4P

Recordings, transcription, translation in English language,
edition and publication by
2015 © Guylaine Roy


11 Lying, lying, lying, lying, lying, lying, lying,

“Behold, I will send my messenger,
and he will prepare the way
before you.”
(Malachi 3, Holy Bible, KJV 1611)

2 This, we have to remember: it is precious.

3 When John the Baptist walked on Earth, brothers, oh, oh, it was a terrible moment.

4 Oh, I will send my messenger, yes, John the Baptist, he is there to declare the coming of the Just.

5 He has declared it: “He that cometh after me, I am not worthy not even to unloose the buckle of his shoes.”

6 He will prepare the way before you.

7 He has preached it, yes, to these Pharisees, oh, to these scribes and Pharisees and religious people, oh, he gave to them the truth:

8 “Oh, yes, He that cometh, oh yes, the ax, the axe is at the ax!” Oh, do you feel that?

9 Oh, yes, the axe is ready to cut, ready to annihilate, yes, all those, oh, who are dry.

10 “And the Lord shall suddenly come to his temple…” (Malachi 3, KJV 1611)

11 When Jesus entered into your life, Jesus entered

12 into your temple into your bowels, into your heart.

13 Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, ah, thank you Jesus, for sending a messenger for me,

14 ah, for sending another messenger for me, ah, another messenger for me. Know ye this!

15 Ah, how can anyone refuse? Ah, how can anyone go away? How can anyone, ah, turn down, ah, my invitation? Yes!

16 Ah, go on the streets, go in the courts, go in the darkness of this world to find my elects,

17 –Ah, there are more!–

18 so that they come, so that they fill up my house, so that there is nourishment in my house.

19 Hey, yes, it is not nourishment that is missing, brothers and sisters.

20 Who is living in your temple? Who? Who is living? Who is living in your bowels? Who is living in your house?

21 Who? Who? Oh, there is no space for two masters! There is no space, yes; for Jesus has his sieve in his hand and he will purge his area.

22 He will purge his area. He will purge it. He will purge his floor.

23 Yes, know ye my goodness. Examine yourselves, each of you, to see if there still remains a little bit, yes, a little bit,

24 –yes, when Jesus will be there,
when Jesus will be back, when He will come back,–

25 yes, shall He still find a little bit, a little bit,
a little bit of faith? a little bit of Light?

26 “…the Lord, whom ye seek, the messenger of the covenant whom ye delight in, he shall come, saith the Lord of hosts.” (Malachi 3, KJV 1611)

27 “Ah, who can, who may, who may, who may, who may abide the day of his coming?” (Malachi 3, 1611)

28 Who shall stand when he appeareth?
For he will be
like a refiner’s fire,

29 oh, the refiner’s fire, ah, like fullers’ soap.” (Malachi 3, KJV 1611)

30 Crushed sons:

“He shall sit, the Everlasting Lord shall sit as a refiner

31 and he shall purify the silver
and he shall purify the sons,
ah, and purge them…” (Malachi 3, KJV 1611)

32 Here, we go through purification

“… as we purify gold and silver,” (Malachi 3, KJV 1611)

33 “that they may offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness. Righteousness! Righteousness! Righteousness!” (Malachi 3, KJV 1611)

34 Follow the examples, follow the example of the little widow,

35 follow the example of all these people, of the little woman who emptied her oil cruse, yes, on Jesus’ head.

36 Yes, his disciples, they saw nothing, they recognized nothing

37 of what she was doing, of her offering of righteousness, that she embalmed him.

38 She embalmed me. She embalmed me.

39 Let yourself be embalmed, let yourself be embalmed, yes, through my oil, oh, my Word, my oil.

40 My oil! My oil! My offering of righteousness! My offering of righteousness!

41 Ah, Jesus recognizes, he recognizes, all those who bring to me

42 and he forgets none of your good deeds. He doesn’t forget.

43 The Everlasting Lord who has created the ear, hears he not? who has created the eye, sees he not?

44 Ah, for the judgement will begin within my household and if the righteous scarcely be saved,

45 what will happen? what will happen? ah, what will happen? what will happen? to the ungodly? Eh?

46 To the mocker, to the sinner, to the unjust, what will happen?

47 Ah, the refiner’s fire! Hey, let yourself be purified. Hey, let yourself, yes, be purged.

48 Recognize, yes, –Ah, except ye be reprobates.– ah, my goodness. Recognize my goodness.

49 Recognize my anointed man. Recognize my anointed men. Recognize him. Recognize them.

50 Recognize them. Have for them, plenty of affection, and of charity and of love and of compassion;

51 for the sounding of thy bowels towards me, they are no longer felt. Ah, I am no longer feeling them!

52 Ah, but you, my elects, who are always there, always there, ah, my bowels, they are open, they are open.

53 Ah, my doors are open, my sluice gates are open, ah, my bowels are open for you.

54 Ah, why? why this relaxation? why? The flesh!

55 There is my enemy, yes. It’s a fact, yes, he is there! but the flesh! humankind!

56 Ah, do not give access, do not give access, to my enemy.

57 Do not give him an access. Resist him with a steadfast faith: “It is written…” “It is written…” “It is also written…”

58 Jesus always resisted! always! always! always! always resisted!

59 Ah, my Lamb, ah, in whom I have placed, yes, all, all, all, all all, all, all, all,

60 all my affection, all my affection, all my affection, all my affection,

61 all my affection, all my affection, all my affection, all my affection.

62 Show your affection. Show me your affection. Show me! Show it to me!

63 Ah, faith without works, it is dead! dead! dead!

64 Ah, bring forth fruits worthy, worthy, worthy, worthy of repentance, worthy, worthy.

65 Yes, I want to gather these fruits. Yes, give me! Give them to me! Give them to me!

66 Yes, these fruits can be produced only through my obedience, obedience, your obedience towards me.

67 Obedience, obedience, obedience, obedience, obedience : living sacrifice living sacrifice, living sacrifice.

68 My Son, living sacrifice, ah, yes, has He suffered in vain? Show me, saith the Everlasting Lord.

Original prophecy worded out in French available by clicking here:
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