Humble And Few People — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2015, Chapter 14



God’s prophecy
pronounced in the congregation
of the saints of God

Recorded on March 29th at 9:01 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 14 min 42 s ROY0424R4P

Original recordings, transcription,
translation in English language,
edition and publication
Guylaine Roy ©  2015


14 Yes, humble and few people, yes, saith the Lord,

2 humble and few! few, few! so few! ah, so few! oh!

3 Ah, my soul! My soul is rejoicing in my Son and my Son is not dead in vain, has not suffered in vain. Ah, he was not crucified in vain.

4 Oh, yes, you are there, my sons, my vessels of honor oh, my precious vessels!

5 oh, precious stones! so precious! chosen and polished, polished, ah, polished! and repolished! ah, yes, in my so precious hand.

6 Remain, yes, remain, remain steadfast, yes, remain steadfast, steadfast!

7 Stablish, ah, your feeble knees, your feeble hands, your heart!

8 Circumcised in the heart! circumcised in the heart! that’s the one who is my son, that’s the one who is my daughter.

9 Circumcised in the heart, yes!

10 Ah, yes, my anointed are telling you and they are telling you again and they are repeating it to you and for you that is salutary

11 for your salvation, for your sanctification, for your perfection,

12 oh, in order to show up, yes, the day of the coming of my Son, the day of his appearing.

13 Yes, as fast as the light of the morning, as the sun rises, yes, as fast, as brief, will be his coming. Be ready!

14 Don’t be like the foolish virgins, yes, indocile, yes, unconcerned, indifferent,

15 but be wise, wise! wise! for the salvation of your soul. Be good examples, examples! yes!

16 Yes, my anointed men are saying it and the Scripture repeats it: “Be my examples, my followers, to the example of my Son, yes.”

17 Yes, for many people, my Son has suffered in vain. Ah, many don’t know me, don’t recognize me.

18 Yes, they do not recognize me. They do not know my plan. They do not know my Word. They do not know me.

19 They do not recognize me in my Scriptures. They do not recognize me in the anointed people.

20 They do not recognize me in this ministry and they cannot dwell in it,

21 yes, in order to be recognized, in order to be recognized as not being a part of us, ah, as being foreigners.

22 You who are people of my household, people who are insiders, people who are part of my foundation, you are on my foundation.

23 Yes, be careful of the manner by which you will be building on my foundation.

24 No one that believe not! no one! no unbeliever, uncircumcised and, name them all,

25 name them! whoremongers, fools and religious people of this world,

26 will not see my glory, will not see my kingdom, will not dwell in my presence.

27 Yes, they will knock, they will knock at my door, saying:

28 “Hey, Lord, Lord! Lord, Lord! Lord, Lord! Open to us!”

29 Oh, yes, they will recognize me in my wrath, in my severity, ah, in my everlasting punishment!

30 And you who are part of my household,

31 yes, you do receive the chastisement, yes, that is to be received just like sons and daughters.

32 Yes, accept it. Accept it! Humble and submit yourselves! Repent! Convert yourselves! Finally convert yourselves!

33 Reach repentance! for those who sadden my Spirit that I cherish, yes, that I cherish, yes, with jealousy…

34 Oh, for the Everlasting Lord, your God, is a devouring fire, a consuming flame, a living flame that destroys, ah, ah.

35 Yes, you know me, you who do know my Scriptures, you recognize me.

36 Yes, dwell in this humility, yes, to dwell in my hand. Humility, it comes before glory; for the glory belongs to me!

37 The glory belongs to me! to me! No one can serve two masters. You cannot do it. You cannot do it.

38 You cannot do it. You cannot do it. You cannot do it.

39 Who is your master? Who? Which master are you serving? The God of this century, of this world?

40 Yes, recognize! Examine yourselves now! Yes, make an examination, an inventory of your life.

41 Yes, examine each, each action, each, each day, each minute:

42 are you accomplishing? are you adding on? are you adding on? adding on your works?

43 Are you adding on your works? your works for my glory? Are you executing my work?

44 To my commandment, you shall serve the Everlasting Lord, Him only! yes, with all your heart, with all your soul,

45 with all your Spirit, with all your body members, with all your strength!

46 And my Son too, He accomplished, He accomplished, He accomplished my work.

47 Jesus said it: “It is finished.” It is finished! It is finished, yes.

48 Is there another thing? Was there another thing? Was there another thing that my Son had to accomplish?

49 Yes, just like my servants, they are, yes, adding, adding on the sufferings of my Son; for my servants do suffer.

50 They are suffering, ah, even though you are not aware of it.

51 You are not conscious of it, you do not see it; but me, saith the Everlasting Lord, I see.

52 Me, I see, saith the Everlasting Lord.

53 Yes, you, who are suffering for me, who are suffering with me, suffer with me.

54 Having this ministry, having this ministry, having this ministry, yes, oh, oh, we lose not our courage.

55 Ah, don’t lose your courage, but fortify yourselves, sanctify yourselves, purify yourselves.

56 Ah, move closer to me, so that I may get closer to you as close as the belt is close to your waist.

57 Examine yourselves to see if you still have some faith left, if some faith is still left in you.

58 Without faith, you cannot be pleasing unto me.

59 In all things, through faith, my anointed, through faith, my Son, always through faith.

60 Without faith, it is impossible to please me, saith the Everlasting Lord.

61 Without sanctification, nobody will see God. Oh, sanctify yourselves, purify yourselves.

62 Dwell in my hand. Remain in this joy. Dwell in this joy.

63 Yes, I want my nation in joy. I want my people full of joy.

64 I want my nation to rejoice in me, so that my angels rejoice, so that my Son rejoice.

65 Ah, rejoice with me, saith the Everlasting Lord.

66 Yes, who are lying down, yes, you who have laid down your life, my anointed, their lives are laid down, laid down!

67 They are there to nourish you, to nourish you, to nourish you, to nourish you, to nourish you.

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