Faith! Believe Only! — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2015, Chapter 18



 God’s prophecy
pronounced in the congregation
of the saints of God

Recorded on June 7th, 2015 at 9:36 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA

Running time: 4 min 55 s ROY0466R4P/CEL

Original recordings, transcription,
translation in English language, edition and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2015


18 Thus saith the Lord! Thus saith the Master!

Faith! Faith is a firm belief in the things that we haven’t seen yet.

You still haven’t seen what is waiting for you, but believe in it.

Believe that I will make a door, that I will open the sluice gates, that I will destroy,

–yes, I really said destroy,– nations for you.

You will not even need to pull out any sword, not even need to face justice.

I will do that for you, for you who keep faith, for you who stay strong, for you! because faith is the foundation.

Whosoever believe not in my Son, is only hell, he is only called to return unto dust;

yes, for when dust itself will be cleared, their soul will not be cleared, and they will have to contend with my judgments.

10 They will be confronted with their decision to have not believed in my Son, in my Lamb, yes, in this perfect faith.

11 Whosoever has problems, yes, sons, you all have problems.

12 Carnally, you see the word problem, but, me, I am telling you:

13 “Fix the word faith on your problems and believe only.”

14 Only! Only! Only and only again!

15 “Fix the word faith on your problems and believe only.”

16 Only, only, only and again, again, again, only again!

17 Believe only! Believe only! For, if you believe not, what can I do?

18 What can I do if you have no confidence in the Everlasting Lord? in your heavenly Father?

19 What can I do? What could I do? I could not even change your faith.

20 You have to work at it through my Word. You have to listen to it, masticate it, digest it, keep it, contrary to the carnal food that is evacuated!

21 One keeps the Word so that it is deeply rooted and that the roots expand and that when the thief will want to say:

22 “Ah, there! Here, a beautiful stump! Ah, why not pluck it out? It will be good wood.”

23 No! Because the roots are so deep, that even the strongest horses, the strongest, ah, motors will not be able to make it come out of there.

24 Even the most vigorous demons will not be able to root it out; for it is buried, hidden in my Word.

25 This is how you have to function. Faith is the rooting. Faith is the sanctification. Faith and the works.

26 Take faith and believe only, such is the desire of the Everlasting Lord tonight, your God.

27 Pay close attention, I really said: “Believe only, only.” 

Original version pronounced in French available by clicking here:
Version originale en français disponible en cliquant ici :


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