Chase The Wolf! — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2015, Chapter 19

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God’s prophecy
pronounced in the congregation
of the saints of God

Recorded on July 11th, 2015 at 5:21 PM
Longueuil (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 5 min 37 s ROY0467CEL

Original recordings, transcription,
translation in English language,
edition and publication

by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2015


19  (Prayer to God.)

2 Everlasting Father, cause a carnage, a divine carnage, Everlasting Father!

3 Ah, who will resist before your hand, your mighty, burning hand,

4 ah, so that you bring back, bring back the flame, bring back the Sheep!

5 to bring back, bring back, bring back, bring back, to chase the wolf, chase the wolf!

6 Go hunting for wolves! Ah, chase the wolf from before my Sheep. Ah, chase him! Ah, yes!

7 Go attack! attack! attack! attack the enemy! in the name of Jesus,

8 in order to not let our Sheep be snatched there, like that there! be grazed by the enemy!

9 Ah, Satan, I hate you!

10 Ah yes, Everlasting Father, send your legions, yes, your legions!

11 I want to have legions! I want to have the legions belonging to my Father, yes.

12 I want legions to be on the move!

13 I want legions who cut, who penetrate, who tear, who graze, the enemy,

14 in the name of Jesus, to defend the race, to defend the divine race,

15 to defend sons, to defend daughters, in the name of Jesus,

16 who are weak, yes, in the name of Jesus,

17 who drag, ah yes, who drag their leg, who have their leg in a precarious shape, in the name of Jesus,

18 to bring back, to bring back, to do and to redo, to bring back, to vivify, to renew,

19 to renew the desire, to renew the joy, to renew the divine authority,

20 yes, to renew, to renew, to give back, to redo, to restore.

21 Give, Give joy! Give joy, associate joy, the Word, associate it!

22 Associate joy with thy Word, Everlasting Father, so that they see it,

23 so that they see this association of joy, of genuine joy, of heavenly joy, of pure joy, of joy, of joy.

(End of the prayer to God.)


(God’s prophecy.)

24 I want some joy, saith the Everlasting Lord. I want some joy! I want some joy!

25 Give me joy! Yes, go forth with joy! with joy!

26 Come with joy, with the joy of my Word, joy!

27 Re-enter into joy! Re-enter, re-enter, re-enter and re-enter again!

28 Jump in my bath! Jump! Jump in my bath!

29 Yes, exalt yourselves in my bath! Jump again, yes, and drink, drink!

30 Refreshed, yes, washed, washed in my bath, washed, clean, sanctified, purified, redeemed!

31 Redeem! Redeem your sins!

32 Redeem, to bring back, to restore the divine authority, to restore the divine protection.

33 Chase! Chase! Chase! Chase again! And chase!

34 Yes, grab your weapons and chase them!

35 Chase! Chase! and me too, I will chase, me too, I will send.

36 Me too, and me too, me too, I will do the same.

37 Ah! All my servants, all my legions, all my legions are ready.

38 All my legions are ready, all my servants are there, they all have a brandished sword.

39 They are ready for the attack, they are ready for the final attack!

40 Yes, they are ready. They are only waiting for my signal. They are there. They are waiting.

41 Ah, voracious! Yes, voracious! Ah yes, they will tear everything on their transit, except those I will save.

42 I will save, ah, I will save those ones that I will want to save. Ah, I will save, I will save, but…

43 Yes, I will remove the satanic yoke. I will remove the yoke. I will break the yoke.

44 I will break, I will break this sphere, ah, this sphere which covers, which covers, which is affecting the mind there,

45 which prevents me to talk, which prevents me to reach my sheep.

46 I will break it, I will break and break the yoke and break the yoke, ah, break it in thousand crumbs,

47 so that I have access to my sheep, so that I bring back my sheep, so that I take back my sheep,

48 so that I take back my sheep from the enemy outside.

God’s prophecy originally pronounced in French language available by clicking here:
Prophétie de Dieu prononcée en langue française disponible en cliquant ici :



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