A Merciless Enemy — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2015, Chapter 22


A Merciless Enemy

God’s prophecy
pronounced in the gathering
of the saints of God

Recorded on August 30th, 2015 at 4:59 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 13 min 20 s ROY0471R4P/CEL

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy © 2015


22 (Words in tongue.)

2 Ah! Fortification! Ah, my Spirit fortifies people, fortifies the flesh. Ah! Come to me, towards me

3 with cries, supplications, ah prayers, with thanksgiving.

4 Lay down, lay down, lay down, oh, this vessel. Pour before me these praises, these invocations

5 so that I collect them, so that I act in your favour, so that I fill you up.

6 Oh yes, ah come to me, saith the Lord, your God.

7 Call on me! call on me! and again, call on me!

8 in order to beg me, in order to see my hand act! in your life!

9 Command the work of my hand! Yes, command my hand! Oh, isn’t this written? Oh yes!

10 Yes my anointed ones, they are begging you! repeating unto you!begging you!

11 for your good, for the good of your soul, of your salvation.

12 When have you seen one of my children being abandoned? When?

13 Oh no, no! Yes, you who are holding on, you who are resisting me!

14 ah, many! yes, many! many!

15 ah neglect me, ah leave me behind ah for the god of this century yes.

16 My hand, is it too short? my extended arm? Oh no!

17 but it is your sins! oh, which put a stop to my blessing.

18 My Son, my Blessing! ah my only Sacrifice! Ah my Son, my affection in Him!

19 Yes you who are serving me, you have all my affection and serve me again

20 and after having served me again and again, and again, and again, serve me again.

21 Have I not served you? Have I not given you? saith the Lord, your God.

22 Yes, can you still call me your Father?

23 Am I still worthy to be called your Father?

24 Where is the honour which is owed to me? And where is the fear others have of me?

25 Place your eyes on those who abandoned me and you will be with them one day or another.

26 Keep your eyes on the fullness of my Word.

27 Plunge your eyes in order to draw, in order to draw and to draw,

28 so that I fill you up, so that I fill you up, and fill you up,

29 with my Son, with my Son, so that I fill you up with my Son

30 so that I see my Son in you.

31 Beware, beware for your soul yes more and more;

32 because the days, oh the dark days, the days of darkness yes,

33 are there at the door! Yes, they are there!

34 Ah, you must not be as the foolish virgins who felt so sure of themselves,

35 but at the arrival of my Son, oh you must be ready and wise, you must be wise,

36 in order to not be as those who will say: “Lord, Lord! Open us!”

37 Ah, know, recognize, recognize my patience, recognize my longanimity;

38 for my eye, oh yes, is watching, yes, for the protection of this place.

39 Oh, I cherish! I cherish it. Oh, I cherish this place so much!

40 Oh! And be careful, yes take care of your pearl, yes the pearl ah of great price.

41 Pamper, yes cherish this place. Oh, cherish this place, embrace the cause of this place,

42 oh, in order to not be… lest to be driven far, very far,

43 to be so far, so far, yes so far, and to not be able to come back.

44 Oh, cherish me; for my cherished ones cherish me!

45 yes for my cherished ones, I cherish them.

46 Oh, dress up! Yes dress up yes with all the weapons oh of my Spirit,

47 in order to resist, to resist, to resist my longlasting enemy

48 and also, to resist your flesh which is a merciless enemy, oh, a ruthless enemy.

49 Bring under control your flesh! bring under control your mind,

50 oh, in order to walk with my mind, with my Spirit; for I cherish it with jealousy, Hoo! Hoo! jealousy!

51 Yes, recognize me! yes recognize me! to be a devouring fire!

52 a fire which consumes! yes everything that is dry! and ready to be thrown in the fire!

53 oh, in the lake of fire which burneth, oh, with fire and brimstone, oh which burneth everlastingly!

54 Oh, fear me, fear me, fear me, fear me, fear me, fear me, saith the Lord, your God! 

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