My So Precious Jewels: God’s prophecy. In “The Holy Bible Continues In 2016” (chap. 3)

My So Precious Jewels!

God’s prophecy
pronounced in the gathering
of the saints of God

Recorded on February 6th, 2016 at 10:54 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 12 min 18 s ROY0476R4P

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy © 2016


3  No, my hand is not too short! oh yes!

2 for you to see it at work, yes, inside each one of you, in your life.

3 Oh, my ear! my ear is not too deaf to hear, ah,

4 the call of my sons and daughters, oh, the prayer of my children. the request of my children!

5 Oh, my ear is attentive, oh, more and more attentive.

6 More and more, yes, my eye is on you, brothers and sisters, my children, my jewels.

7 You are my jewels, oh my jewels, the so precious jewels of my crown!

8 O chosen and precious stones, oh, you are my stones.

9 You are my sons, you are my daughters, oh yes, you who were not my people.

10 You who were lost and enemies, –enemies!– oh, of my Spirit, yes, you seeked me

11 with a heart and a determination in order to find me.

12 Yes, I answered your call unto me, saith the Lord, and I answered your cries unto me.

13 Yes, you were in distress. Ah, you were in anguish.

14 Ah, you were in darkness. Yes, you were lost, ah, in the pit.

15 You were, ah, so, so far, but I heard you.

16 Ah, I did lend my ear unto you, ah, recognize that. Recognize me.

17 Recognize my hand, yes, which is on the move. Oh, my hand, it is on the move!

18 Ah, even mankind! the wicked people outside! they see my hand acting

19 and they do not give me any glory; but you, my sons and daughters, you are my glory.

20 Ah, you are… Ah, you are… ah, ah, so precious, ah, so, so precious.

21 Ah, my Son has not suffered in vain and he did not go on Calvary in vain. Oh no!

22 Ah, I rejoiced tonight, oh yes, my Son rejoiced tonight, ah, to see you, my children,

23 ah, to observe you in order to set your affection.

24 Set your affection unto me and my affection is only for you, my sons and daughters.

25 Ah, only for you, yes, I will rebuke the devourer. The devourer! I will rebuke him so that he comes to serve you,

26 yes, so that he comes to you in order to pour on you the blessing in abundance

27 –In abundance! In abundance! In abundance!– and you even will have no more space to receive in order to serve me.

28 Ah, serve me! Serve me, ah, with all your heart! with all your soul!

29 ah, with all your Spirit! and with all your might!

30 oh, as my daughter is singing it so well. Yes, I am proud of all of you, yes,

31 yes and you recognized, you recognized, ah, you recognized,

32 yes, that serving me in this manner as my heart desires it, that this is the manner by which I want to be served, yes.

33 Yes, many people outside think, they believe to be serving me in their own manners!

34 To my eye, no! To my ear, no! No, my hand, no!

35 for they are illegitimates and they cannot receive my chastisement;

36 but you, receive my chastisement; it is for your good, for the good of your soul.

37 And your good, yes, this is the only thing I desire. It is for your good!

38 Ah, I have so very few! Ah, my soul! oh, is fainting!

39 Oh, my soul is torn! inside of me,

40 ah, for those who draw back, for those who abandon me, ah, those who fail me

41 for the prince of this world, for my enemy, my arch enemy!

42 Ah yes, you read it and you read it often yes, that the day my Son, when my Son will come back

43 conquering victoriously, he will come and he will conquer, ah, my Son!

44 my Son, ah, my affection, my Lamb.

45 Ah, my Lamb, ah yes, yes, my affection is now in you

46 who serve, who are serving me and who are imitating my Son, yes, my affection is for you.

47 Pray! Pray! Pray! Pray! Fast for me! Yes! And keep your life stretched out

48 in order to continually see me take action in your life, yes; for I am pleased in obedience.

49 Yes, it is a sacrifice yes, yes, a sacrifice of praises, a sacrifice of prayers.

50 Ah, I take pleasure to all these sacrifices, yes. Oh, obedience!

51 Obey me! Obey me! Obey me! Yes, recognize me! Oh, keep me! Keep me!

52 The Word of perseverance! Keep my Word;

53 yes, it is more precious than your eye, oh, than the pearl of your eye.

54 Yes, keep! keep my Word! more than ever before! for the days of darkness,

55 –the somber days, days of anguish, days of distress, ah yes, and days of blackness,–

56 oh, they are there. They are there! They are there! Oh, I can’t wait… for I can’t wait…

57 Oh, you are there, you. My sons, my daughters, remain standing before me.

58 Remain standing before me! Don’t become as the foolish virgins!

59 Yes, recognize yes, yes, they did not have enough oil, not enough meetings,

60 not enough consecration, not enough Word: “O Lord, Lord! Open unto us.”

61 Oh, the wise virgins! You must be as the wise virgins, saith the Lord, your God.

62 Yes, remember this very day. Remember this exact hour. Remember!

63 Remember! Remember!

64 And also remember where I pulled you out of,  yes, from the bottom of the pit, ah, there where you were.

65 There where you were, only my hand could do such a thing,

66 saith the Lord, your God, to my children tonight.

Français :
Mes joyaux si précieux!
— «La Sainte Bible se continue»
Livre 2016, Chapitre 3

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