And Stronger Than Ever Before — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2016, Chapter 2

ipad-820272_1280And Stronger Than Ever Before!

God’s prophecy
pronounced in the gathering
of the saints of God

Recorded on February 6th, 2016 at 10:28 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 6 min 44 s           ROY0475R4P

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy © 2016


(God’s prophecy inspired by
the preaching of the day
and First Peter 5.)

2 Casting all your care upon Him. Upon Him! Casting all your care upon Him… All your care! All!

3 Without exception! All! All cares! All worries!

4 All the little bags! All! All! All!

5 for Himself, Himself, the Lord, the Father, Christ, the Holy Ghost,

6 who is working at taking care of you, at taking care of the little bags,

7 at taking care of the worries, at taking care of the fuss and frills, at taking care and at taking care,

8 so that His vineyard is alive, so that His vineyard is victorious,

9 so that his sons, so that his daughters, are at work, are producing

10 the fruit, the odour, the perfume which are desired, the perfume asked for, the perfume asked for by God.

11 The Lord God, He wants to have perfumes and He also wants to have worries.

12 He wants it all! He wants all of it in the name of Jesus-Christ.

13 I am chasing you, Satan! out of the mind of my daughter

14 and I am also chasing you away from all my other children who are in my house,

15 so that peace and so that joy and so that patience,

16 perseverance, strength, courage, yes, so that the work takes place,

17 so that the work gets accomplished and, so that it goes on to be accomplished furthermore,

18 and always, and stronger, and stronger than ever before,

19 yes, so that you accomplish and accomplish, my daughter. Yes, you will accomplish!

20 And my sons, and my other daughters, will also accomplish,

21 so that the usefulness… so that  my sons are profitable in my house.

22 If there is one son, if there is one daughter, who dares not be profitable, let him or her be cursed to the root.

23 Let the fig tree be cursed to the root!

24 I don’t want to go there! God does not want to go there!

25 My Son went there! but I do not want to go there and I will not go there;

26 for my children will be subject to the work of the Holy Ghost, they will be subject to discipline,

27 which is the weight, which is the characteristic trait, of my children.

28 I want to have all the little bags, the little bags of bitterness, the little bags of whatever,

29 and bigger bags too, sometimes. I want it all! I want it all, saith the Lord God.

30 I want it all! And I want it all, again and again! and always!

31 so that my houses, so that my temples, so that my vineyards,

32 are not growing weeds on them which are starting to suffocate the root.

33 To suffocate! To suffocate! And then to cut!

34 You, my daughter, I chose you, –Don’t you remember this?–

35 I chose you among so many other people, among so many other seedlings.

36 Yes, I chose you. I subjected you to my hand.

37 Yes, my Holy Ghost is following after your spirit, yes Spirit for spirit, saith the Lord God.

38 The Spirit is running, the Spirit is travelling, so that you accomplish,

39 so that you do your part, so that you all do your part, in order to do it all,

40 all that is asked for, all, all, all, all, all! all!

41 Ask for forgiveness! Be charitable! To never abandon the meetings!

42 Work! work! and always work! more than ever before!

43 so that the cohesion (1) is among my sons, is among my daughters,

44 so that cohesion takes place, that the flesh dies,

45 that the flesh is working on full blast and even deeper on to the point of being burned to go down to the core of the Earth.

46 This way, when I will explode, yes, when I will send balls made of fire,

47 torrents and all kinds of curses on this planet,

48 my vineyards will be found producing again and again and again for my glory.

49 For my glory! for my glory! let your usefulness be perfect, my daughter.

50 Let your faith be perfect, my daughter: I am taking care of it all!

51 You are giving it all to me, therefore, I am taking care of it all.

52 Of it all! And of it all! And again, of it all!

53 All, all, all, all, all! Is this complete? Is there something that is more complete than that?

54 Is there something more complete than the complexity which is found in my Word?

55 My Word, I want all of you to navigate on my Word

56 as you navigate on the streets when you are doing your errands.

57 No matter what all of you are doing, I want all of you to be also navigating on my Word,

58 so that your eyes are on my Word

59 and so that your eyes are working at getting to know more things about my Word

60 and in the end to be able to accomplish, to establish,

61 to make a demonstration of the Word.

62 Go on with courage! and you will see my hand being accomplished,

63 you will see my plans being accomplished,

64 you will see it with your carnal eyes, but the original cause, the hand, will be spiritual.

Français :
Et plus fort encore!
— «La Sainte Bible se continue»
Livre 2016, Chapitre 2


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