A Baby Lala!: God’s prophecy. In “The Holy Bible Continues In 2016” (chap. 5)

A Baby lala!

God’s prophecy
pronounced in the gathering
of the saints of God

Recorded on March 20th, 2016 at 00:35 AM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 13 min 42 s       ROY0478CEL

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy © 2016


5  My people are a baby, saith the Lord. My people are a cry-baby. My people are a baby lala.

2 My people, my people, yes my people are not listening to me.

3 Why? Why the need for so many, so many repetitions?

4 I am repeating and, repeating and, repeating and, repeating and, repeating,

5 forever and always yes, repeating, but my repetitions are not made in vain.

6 My repetitions are producing their effect. My repetitions are taking place.

7 Yes, my repetitions are hitting again and hitting again the nail,

8 so that sanctification takes place, yes, so that the converting is present;

9 and if the nail cannot enter into the plank in order to make this construction which is my will,

10 ah, that nail there, ah, that plank there, ah, I will eliminate them,

11 eliminate, eliminate, eliminate, push aside, crush,

12 so that what is left with me, is perfect, is united, is woven, is loving, is peaceful.

13 Gathered together, the few, the small amount of people, gathered together in my hand, in my joy, under my protection,

14 yes, you are mine, you who are remaining in my Spirit.

15 The spirits, the spirits, the spirits, yes, the wicked spirits are knocking at your door;

16 but, me, I tell you that if you open, all of you, you will all die.

17 Keep these doors, keep these doors, keep my doors,

18 keep my doors, keep my venues, keep my atmosphere.

19 Keep, keep, keep the wicked spirits, keep them from coming, from making problems, from stimulating and stimulating.

20 The wicked one is stimulating your body: your spirit is stimulated

21 to stimulate and to excite the flesh of your brothers, the flesh of your sisters,

22 because the goal of these spirits is to excite and stimulate the flesh to such a point!

23 that my Spirit is no more capable to remain in this place to unite my sheep together.

24 They are spirits of dispersion, of divisions and of carnal passions

25 whom I will cut and, cut and, cut;

26 and it will cost me whatever it will cost me, saith the Lord.

27 Oh, it will cost what the cost will be, but you will see that I will purify, that I will purge my house,

28 so that what will remain will be pure gold, the finest gold you have never seen,

29 so that this gold, yes, so that these sons, these daughters, oh yes, this small remnant,

30 is my greatest joy, my greatest pride.

31 Yes, I will not consider the number, I will consider the value, the value, the great value,

32 of my children who keep my Spirit, who keep my Spirit at all times,

33 at all times, at all times, ALL times.

34 I keep my Spirit at all times. I cherish my Spirit at all times.

35 I placed my Spirit in you so that it stays in you at all times.

36 Work at it : work at keeping my Spirit in you at ALL times,

37 –Ah, at all times! And all times!–

38 in order to never perturb, to never excite, to never titillate,

39 ah, those spirits which are carnal, carnal, carnal, carnal.

40 The flesh that is there, the flesh is insatiable.

41 The flesh, –Ah, the flesh!– the flesh has no limit, has no satiety.

42 The flesh has no moment when it is content;

43 but my Spirit, to the contrary, when you keep it in you at all times,

44 the satisfaction is perfect, yes, satisfaction is there, joy is there,

45 ah, charity is also there, yes, and humbleness.

46 I am constantly sending you people, words,

47 in order to create situations which will allow you to develop the qualities of my Spirit.

48 Yes, you must develop these qualities. Yes, patience must be developped.

49 Gentleness, humbleness, temperance, yes, the fruits of the Spirit

50 must blossom, must emanate from you, must demonstrate

51 that you have the Spirit, my Spirit, that you have it in you, that you cherish it in you,

52 that you let none of the spirits which are coming and knocking,

53 –or even, your own flesh that is there,–

54 to make you get rid of my Spirit,

55 in order to let the flesh take over, to let all the fuss take over.

56 Swathe! Swathe! Swathe your wounds. Swathe your problems.

57 Swathe yourselves in my Spirit. Swathe yourselves. Swathe and swathe!

58 And cease, yes cease, cease, cease,

59 –I said cease and I tell you again to cease.–

60 cease to stimulate and cease to let others stimulate you

61 and cease to let the spirits stimulate you to stimulate

62 your brothers and your sisters in vain and useless passions which will soon be undone;

63 yes, for I will welcome my pearls, –whomever will be remaining of my people,– in my paradise.

64 He will be, they will be perfect; they will not create any conflict in my paradise

65 and what I am telling you is to do the exact same thing in my house, saith the Lord.

66 In my house, do the same thing: work at achieving harmony.

67 Work at loving yourselves, at loving one and the others;

68 even if this love must go through actions which the flesh does not want to accomplish.

 FRANÇAIS : Bébé lala!
— «La Sainte Bible se continue»
Livre 2016, Chapitre 5

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