The Sister Of Moses — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2016, Chapter 6

women-777861_1280 photoshoped no jewelsThe Sister Of Moses

God’s prophecy
pronounced in the gathering
of the saints of God

Recorded on March 20th, 2016 at 2:19 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 36 min 38 s         ROY0479R4P

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy © 2016


—Track 3 on CD—

Appreciate your Jesus!
Appreciate your salvation!

2 Appreciate your Lamb! my Lamb! my Lamb!

3 My Lamb! my living Sacrifice! appreciate Him!

4 Appreciate! appreciate! appreciate Him! yes, for his goodness,

5 for his love, oh, for his affection, for his unspeakable gift.

—Track 5 on CD—

6 Appreciate him in all his splendour! ah, in all his magnificence!

7 oh, in his greatness! oh, in all his Light!

8 in all his goodness! in all his patience! and in all his longanimity!

9 in all his meekness! ah, in all his affection! ah, in all his love!

10 oh, in all his love!

11 Oh, yes! Yes, I want you to be! yes, in all of my affection. I gave all of my affection:

12 my only Son! my only Lamb! my only Pearl!

13 Oh! Recognize me. Recognize all of my goodness. Recognize.

14 Yes, recognize me.

—Track 7 on CD—

15 Consider my anointed people. Yes, consider my Spirit. Consider my anointed people. Ah, consider them in your life!

16 Many among you, misprize, oh, misprize! you are misprizing!

17 yes, you are murmuring, ah, ah, which I hate! Which I hate!

18 Never murmur. Do not touch! my anointed people. Do not touch! my anointed people.

19 Do not touch my anointed people, do not touch my anointed people,  do not touch my anointed people; for I keep an eye on my Word.

20 None of the words, none of my words, ever fell on the ground.

21 Never fell in vain, none of my words.

22 Oh, consider my goodness toward you.

23 I cannot tolerate disobedience among my people,

24 neither murmur, ah, which I hate, that thing which I hate.

25 Never speak badly among you! brothers and sisters, but edify each other, purge and uplift each other.

26 Ah, look in my Scriptures, you read it, did you read it? Yes, do you know what happened to the sister of Moses?

27 Remember these examples. Remember these examples of disobedience.

28 I cannot tolerate, I cannot accept, oh, I consider not persons.

29 Yes, we confess, you confess, yes, that you love me; whosoever hate his brother is the brother of whosoever destroys.

30 Before the Decree bring forth! recognize my goodness;

31 otherwise, you will also get to know my severity! for those things I cannot tolerate.

32 I cannot tolerate, such thing, such a thing among my people.

33 I cannot tolerate… Follow my Son’s example. Follow my Son’s example!

34 Yes among my disciples, yes, my Son was an example to follow. He was my example

35 without any root! of bitterness; for I protect my vineyard, saith the Lord,

36 and I will excise, and I will cut, and I will excise again,

37 and I will cut, yes, in order to purge and in order to clean.

38 Ah, Jesus, when he was walking on this Earth,

39 ah, with a Sword, ah, his Sword was sharp, my Word:

40 “It is written…” and: “It is still written…” and: “It is still written…”

41 and: “It is still written…” and: “It is still written…” and: “It is still written…”

42 Ah, He was cleaning his floor. Yes, He was cleaning his land.

43 Examine yourselves! Each one of you, examine yourselves;

44 because the love they have toward these ones and the others,

45 this is how I will recognize my disciples;

46 this is how I will recognize you, my disciples;

47 this is how people will recognize you, by your fruits,

48 by what comes out of your mouth, by your life, by your determination,

49 by your love for this ministry, by the love for MY ministry, MY ministry,

50 MY ministry, my Pearl, that I polish, that I am repolishing,

51 and repolishing, and repolishing, repolishing, oh, oh, repolishing and repolishing, and repolishing.

52 Yes, you who are this Stone, yes, you who are my Columns! oh, who are my Jewels!

53 oh, my anointed man, oh, as the apostle Paul, also declared it in his time,

54 yes, you are my crown, you are the jewels of my crown.

55 Ah, you are my so precious jewels, oh, the supportive columns in my ministry,

56 in order to establish and to continue to support what my anointed man established

57 forging, labouring, oh, cleaning, oh, planting oh, this Word in you.

58 Ah, where is your affection? Where is your affection? Where is your affection?

59 Where is your affection? My Lamb! My Lamb! My Lamb!

60 Yes, ah, many, many among you, consider.

61 Consider me, consider my anointed man, consider,

62 so that this flame, this flame, this flame is burning, that my flame is burning.

63 My Flame is burning: my Son is burning in you, oh, whom I love.

64 Oh, whom I love! Oh, whom I love! Oh, whom I love!

65 Oh, whom I love! Whom I love! Whom I love!

FRANÇAIS : La soeur de Moïse
— «La Sainte Bible se continue»
Livre 2016, Chapitre 6


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