The Enticement Of The Woman: God’s prophecy. In “The Holy Bible Continues In 2016” (chap. 8)

The Enticement

Of The Woman

God’s prophecy
pronounced in the gathering
of the saints of God

Recorded on April 11th, 2016 at 1:36 AM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 32 min 34 s         ROY0484LG4

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy © 2016


8  (Words translated in English.)

2 Oh, Jesus!

3 Jesus is the name of all names, the name of all names, this name is the name;

4 so is the name of my Son, so is the name of the Messiah, so is the name of my Lamb, saith the Lord, God.

5 I sent you my Son so that he offers you this salvation which is so great and glorious.

6 You will see, yes you will see, ah, the tremors of this Earth.

7 Ah, the sorrows of the heart, the knots inside the belly, ah, the heaviness of the spirit,

8 yes, my Word removes them and pushes them far from you, far from you;

9 for my Word is a balm that soothes, my Word is a good herbal tea yes that soothes,

10 a comforting drink that relaxes, that gives rest to the body, that gives rest to the spirit,

11 that rocks, that rocks the troubled child,

12 that rocks and that rocks and that rocks the knots; removing the knots.

13 Nourish yourself. Nourish yourself. Did you get it? Do you well understand?

14 Nourish yourself. Nourish yourself, saith the Lord. Nourish yourself.

15 Nourish yourself again and again and again.

16 I authorize you to gluttony! for my Word.

17 Nourish yourself. Consume my Word. Consume my Word.

18 Delight yourself of my dishes, of my delights which I prepared, which are waiting for you day after day

19 in order to nourish you and, to fortify you and, to root you so that you may grow green and produce the requested fruits;

20 for my Word is nourishing, my Word is vivifying, my Word is hydrating,

21 my Word is soothing, yes my Word produces beneficial effects.

22 Oh, beware for yourself: if you are not nourishing yourself, if you cease to nourish yourself, you will die.

23 Nourish yourself and you will see, you will see if the knots are after you,

24 you will see if your hands are chained, preventing you from moving.

25 Yes, cease to nourish yourself, oh, cease to obey, cease to accomplish, do as Samson did…

26 Oh, I loved him so much! I loved Samson so much! (Cries.) with all my might! (Cries.)

27 I destroyed him. With all my wrath! I exterminated him. (Cries.)

28 He betrayed me. He paid a high price, a very high price. High was the price, yes, the cost.

29 (Cries.) Destroyed suddenly and without remedy, yes none, whatsoever;

30 for this was the word of the Lord of hosts; the punishment had been given.

31 Use this man as an example of bad conduct, of pernicious follies.

32 Ah, enticement! The seduction of the woman! The snake-woman!

33 Beware, beware, of the stranger woman, of the woman of the other man,

34 of the foreign woman, of the woman who is not of your clan, who is not of your household.

35 Too easy, it is too easy to fall into ambushes, to be all of a sudden pierced by the devil’s daggers.

36 The diabolical people come to you and rip you off of your Armour, snatch from you your Shield,

37 steal your sword of the Spirit, oh, steal from you your Helmet, take away your Shoes, in order to strip you.

38 Ah! Take good care of yourself.

39 Keep women at an arm’s distance, many feet away, meters away, many kilometers if necessary, away from you;

40 for crimes committed with a dagger are perpetrated during a body to body combat!

41 Keep the wicked one far from you; stand fast before his face and stand upright before my face, yes,

42 and I swear before all my angels that your foot shall never, never be moved, saith the Lord.

43 You will be rooted like no tree can be rooted, like no tree is rooted.

44 –The rooting,– you will be rooted in a way to secure your roots to remain in good ground, yes,

45 so that you can hold on, hold on to the seed with all your might,

46 with all your mind, with all your heart, with all your love for my Word.

47 My Spirit will be there to warn you and will come back to guide you and to counsel you yes,

48 but you must listen, oh, listen. Listen! Lend a ear: you must not only hear.

49 You must listen, my son! Listen! Listen and you will see your ways, you will see my hand, my Hand,

50 my Word, my Son, yes the Rays, the luminous Rays.

(Lyrics sang in English.)

51 Let my little light shine! Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh!

(Words pronounced in English.)

52 Let you shine, let yourself shine, let yourself be bright before my eyes

53 and if you perish, I will cut you like the grass. Oh! Suddenly, my decision will take place with no remedy.

54 Keep your foot right, keep your steps right

55 and you shall see, you shall see, oh, my hand that will be right towards you. Oh, right! Oh, right!

(Lyrics sang in English.)

56 It will be worth it all, when we see Jesus. Life will be no more…

(Words pronounced in English.)

57 (Cries.) When you will be with me… (Cries.)

58 Shall one day, be this day where I will welcome you in my place, (Cries.)

59 no more sorrows, (Cries.) no more pain, (Cries.) no more gender, (Cries.)

60 no more race, no more, no more hate,

61 only my Spirit, the Holy Ghost, only, only my Son,

62 only my Power, only my Joy, only my Peace.

63 Shall my Peace be with you today, shall my Joy (Lyrics:) flow, be a river in you.

64 I will never forsake thee, but thee has to never forsake me!

65 Oh, pricey will be the cost. Pay close attention;

66 and I am repeating myself, and I will continue to repeat myself,

67 because I need to make sure that you are warned, that you are in a position to listen!

68 Not only hear! But to listen and, to obey and, to make things of my Spirit,

69 to make my commandments take place

70 in your life, in your actions, in your ways,

71 so that your ways shall be sunny for the rest of your life.

72 That’s my goal! That’s my will!

73 Work with me and I’ll work with all my Power, all my Love, with you.

74 Humiliate yourself and I will elevate you in a way that you couldn’t imagine,

75 you couldn’t! you would not be able;

76 but when you will see this gap, Oh! Oh-my! this gap, oh, thus saith the Lord,

77 this gap between where you are and where I am going to elevate you, oh my son, oh my daughter, oh my people,

78 well, when you will be able to consider, to see,

79 to see the gap, you will have to protect, preserve your soul

80 with all, all, all, all, all your mind, all your strength, all your strength.

81 Where comes the strength from? From what you hear! And where what you hear comes from? My Word!

82 Eat my Word! Yes, eat my Word. Nourish yourself, oh, thus saith the Lord.

83 There is not enough eating in my House.

84 There is not enough people in my people, in my nation,

85 there is not enough people, not enough sheep, not enough daughters, not enough sons,

86 there is not enough that are eating my Word

87 in a way to be fulfilled, to have their cup running over! running over!

88 You have to run this race. You have to win this race.

89 You cannot overrun. No, you cannot! You cannot give too much.

90 You cannot sacrifice too much for me. No, you can’t!

91 No, you can’t! But give your maximum, give what you have.

92 Give with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your strength,

93 oh, with all your body, with all your love for my Word

94 and you shall see, you shall see if my hand doesn’t come in your life.

95 You shall see if my hand will not put in your hand what you are asking for

96 with the right spirit, with the right spirit, with the right spirit.

FRANÇAIS : La séduction de la femme
— «La Sainte Bible se continue»
Livre 2016, Chapitre 8

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