The Perfumes Of My Perfumery — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2016, Chapter 9

“Yes, I have my own perfumery! I have my own perfumery and the demon, him, he resents my perfumes.” (Excerpt from the prophecy)

The Perfumes Of My Perfumery

God’s prophecy
pronounced in the gathering
of the saints of God

Recorded on April 27th, 2016 at 10:36 PM
Greater Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 9 min 45 s               ROY0485LG4

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy © 2016


9  Yes, I fulfill the prayers of my sons.

2 Yes my son, I fulfill your prayer tonight; for my hand is great, saith the everlasting Lord.

3 My hand is great, saith the everlasting Lord.

4 My hand is great, yes; my hand overshadows the enemy, my hand, yes my hand.

5 It control yes, it takes control of things. Oh yes!

6 Oh yes! What can they do against my hand? Hum? What can they do? What can they do? Hey?

7 They can’t do… They can’t do…

8 Yes the demon is struggling, yes the demon is excited, but my hand crushes and my hand organizes.

9 Oh yes, let yourselves be organized, let yourselves be organized.

10 Yes I organize the pagan so that he serves you; oh yes, but my sons too, yes, must let themselves be organized.

11 Yes my house must let itself, let itself be cleaned; my house must let itself be taught, yes.

12 Yes the neck, there! the neck that rises up, the chin that’s up in the air,

13 no, I will make that cease, I will cut that out.

14 Yes, there will be no pride in my house, no nose up in the air, no haughty looks.

15 No, there will be no such thing. There will be no hate, no bitterness, no second thought; no, saith the everlasting Lord.

16 Yes I will do a clean up, yes, so that my house is clean yes, so that it reflects who I am.

17 Yes, let yourselves be organized and I will organize, and I will clean and desinfect, yes, perfume.

18 Yes, perfume my house. Perfume my house with your fruits.

19 Perfume my house with your virtue. Mmm!

20 Let the fruits perfume, let your fruits perfume my house

21 and let my house be perfumed, ah, not with some kind of rubbish perfume,

22 not with perfumes of carrion; no, perfumes!

23 perfumes that are creating pleasure in me, that are pleasing me.

24 And when I smell the perfumes of my sons, of my daughters, ah, feelings of lightness and of joy flow inside of me.

25 Ah, saith the everlasting Lord, I exclaim myself! I exclaim myself! Alleluia.

26 I exclaim myself before the enemy. I exclaim myself before him: I show him my perfumes.

27 Yes, I have my own perfumery! I have my own perfumery and the demon, him, he resents my perfumes.

28 Oh, he resents my perfumes, but yes, my perfumes must remain near me.

29 Ah, my perfumes must remain. Their odour must last on me. Your fruits must be tied to me.

30 Your spirit must be tied to me! To me! To me! The Great, yes!

31 The everlasting Lord, the Great! Yes the everlasting Lord, yes, the infinitely Great One!

32 Your God! who is living! Living! Living: who has Life in him!

33 Whosoever will pray dead gods will be dead like his father, yes, like his father-god who is dead.

34 Death be unto these dead gods! Cursed are these gods, these shameful gods before my face!

35 I never taught any of my sons to pray dead gods. No! Pray me!

36 Me, the vigourous God! Me, the strong God! Me, the living God! Mm! Me, the living God!

37 Hey! There is no other god! There is only me:

38 the everlasting Lord, the everlasting Lord, the everlasting Lord,

39 yes, the everlasting Lord and his perfumes, the everlasting Lord and his Sheepfold, the everlasting Lord and his Son. Alleluia.

40 Oh yes, fear me! Fear me; for I am living, –Oh yes!–

41 but the life that’s in me, yes, the vigour that’s in me, the power that’s in my hand,

42 oh, it can crush, yes crush, grind and, lead to the bottom over there, to the bottom, to not breathe.

43 My living hand can take away life, can give death;

44 but my hand can also elevate, ah, prosper the son, prosper the daughter,

45 who is fearing me, me, who is living, living, the everlastingly living God;

46 living, because I act upon things; living, because I listen; living, because I see; yes living, because I talk.

47 Yes the Lord talks to you tonight: listen sons! listen daughters! and you will understand yes;

48 and when you will understand, yes apply; and when you will apply, you will produce the fruits,

49 you will produce the perfumes yes of my perfumery so that these perfumes remain close to my nostrils,

50 yes so that they confirm that my house is righteous!

51 Good perfumes! Good perfumes!

52 Let your perfumes emanate, oh, as flowers from which perfumes emanate yes;

53 but you must be flowers that fade no more. That fade no more!

54 Do not allow yourselves to fade! Ah, do not let yourselves profaned! It is up to you to guard the walls!

55 Watch over your soul in order to breathe and to emanate the perfumes of my Son.

56 The pagan smells your perfume yes. You, my daughter! You, my son! Yes, he does smell your perfume!

57 He does not always understand it, but he knows that it is not of his race, yes;

58 for they are generations of vipers, they are from outside;

59 but you who possess the perfumes of my house, the perfumes of my Son,

60 do what is necessary to make sure to secrete, to secrete the good perfumes

61 in order to always be recognized to smell a sweat odour before my face;

62 lest that my face turns away from you.

FRANÇAIS : Les parfums de ma parfumerie
— «La Sainte Bible se continue»
Livre 2016, Chapitre 9


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