Work more! Produce more! — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2016, Chapter 10


Work More! Produce More!

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on April 30th, 2016 at 8:50 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 18 min 34 s       ROY0486R4P

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy © 2016


10  Work with me, thus says the Lord.

2 Work with me. Work and work and work and, more and, more and, more and, more.

3 How could I say more? Work more and do more and produce more.

4 What will I do if I don’t get the produce? the produce to produce! Produce! Produce!

5 Oh my sons, oh my daughters, produce, accomplish, do it right, do it for me, do it for my Son.

6 Oh my Son did not die for nothing. He did not die in vain. He did not die in vain.

7 Oh my Son, I gave my Son! I gave my Son

8 for all the nations, for all of them, all of them.

9 I had this Israel. I had this nation and they spat in my face. Oh, don’t spit in mine.

10 No, you sheep, you daughter, you son, don’t you dare spit in my face.

11 Oh, I will break the yoke, I will break the yoke

12 that is cutting my sons, that is cutting my daughters, from myself.

13 Continue to pray! And pray more! And produce more!

14 Have this love for one another. Have this production. Produce some produce.

15 Cry my name. Cry, cry, cry!

16 I am crying with you, doing with you, producing.

17 I am out there with you fighting the devil, to work together, not just alone.

18 You can’t do it alone. You can’t do it alone! You can’t do it carnally.

19 The body, the flesh, the bones, if they don’t have my Spirit,

20 this Spirit, my Spirit, the spirit of the Most-High, this Spirit,

21 if you don’t have it, if you don’t possess it, if you don’t let it take place in your ground,

22 if you have rocks, if you have whatever obstacles,

23 you won’t produce, but just die, just die, just die.

24 I want my sons, I want my daughters, to live,

25 –Oh live!– and be my joy, be my glory, my satisfaction.

26 Could I smell the production, please! I want to smell production. I want to smell!

27 I want to smell and I want to smell and I want to taste what you have for me.

28 What did you produce for me, son? What did you produce for me, daughter?

29 Show me, how did you multiply what I gave you? what I put in your hands?

30 “Well? I didn’t produce. I kept it. Oops!”

31 I am opening my heart, my resources, my love, my entire self,

32 to the ones that do the same for me.

33 Do the same for me! And if you don’t! well, what can I do more?

34 How could I produce more? offer more? What can you expect more from me?

35 I gave it all. I gave it all!

36 Was my Son not enough? Was my Son not enough?

37 Was my Son in vain? a vain sacrifice? for your souls?

38 I am the Most-High and I want to bring you to my highness.

39 Let me elevate you. Let me! Let me.

40 Let my hand work and work, and work in your hand

41 do the work and work, and work, and work.

42 Let my hand work in your hand, work and work, and produce.

43 But if you don’t produce, if you don’t let my hand in your hand to produce,

44 and to fight and to cut and to take the evil away,

45 –What if you don’t let my hand in your hand?–

46 I will punish you until you obey; and if you don’t obey, and if you go,

47 you will see my face at the end and you will cry, all, all your soul.

48 All your sadness will be in vain.

49 Don’t be in vain. Don’t be in vain. Be this plant! Be this plant!

50 Be this plant for me. Be this plant for me. Continue to follow.

51 Continue. Continue and continue. Continue.

52 Oh, how much time? How much time? How much?

53 How many? how many times? that I repeat and repeat:

54 “Produce! Do more! Give me more! Give me more!

55 Produce more! Bring me more!”?

56 Do my sons and daughters have ears to hear?

57 Wouldn’t my sons and daughters be like me with ears? with a mouth?

58 with eyes to see? that you need to produce more?

59 to make, to show your life, to say:

60 “God, I belong to you. Show me the way. Show me what I have to do.”

61 “Now I produce more and more and more and more for you.”

62 “Oh, heavenly Father, I will produce and I will produce,

63 and produce from the sweat of my body.”?

64 Produce, says the Lord. Say my name.

65 Say my name, to see if I am not listening to you.

66 (Cries.) I am crying all my temples that were taken away from me by the devil;

67 but when I look around my house, oh I see and I see you all, and I see all my sons, and I see all my daughters,

68 and I say: “Well, I have some left, I have some, I still have some few

69 to work with, to make this house glorious again, luxurious,

70 to have my Spirit in all the place, all around

71 in you, in and out, everywhere because it is my will.

72 I want my Spirit to be all around you and in you so you will be able to produce.

73 You have to make this Seal. Respect, honour me.

74 Honour the Lord, your Father, the Most-High.

75 Bend over Him, if He asks.

76 Do! Do! Do! Do! Do! Do for me. Do for me.

77 Accomplish! Accomplish and you will see: you will see my hand.

78 You are in my hand; but then, you will see my hand in action, hot,

79 taking away from the devil and putting this blessing in your hands to work with me.

80 Take the blessing and work with me. Produce more.

81 Take the blessing. Make the blessing prosperous to produce more, do more.

82 Think of new ways to do things for me.

83 There is the old ways. There is the new ways.

84 As the devil is always thinking of a new way of their ways

85 to get in and divide my nation,

86 I want you to think and, work and, meditate

87 how you can serve me more, how you can serve me in a better way,

88 how you can make my glory much, much higher on this Earth.

89 You are my only tools. You are my only satisfaction.

90 I don’t want to get satisfaction from pagans out there.

91 I don’t want them to be my Tools. Rusted tools!

92 I want my shining vessel. That’s how my Son was.

93 That’s how he produced, that’s how he accomplished, this eternal sacrifice.

94 Oh well! Do and do well. Do well.

95 Don’t accomplish half of the work, three quarters of the work,

96 to become… to come so close and to let it go, to let it slip away;

97 to let slip away such a great salvation, –such a great salvation!–

98 to let it slip away for so little, for an excuse, an illusion of pleasure.

99 Don’t let these in your way, don’t let these separate you from me;

100 because if you do, you will be separated from my good hand, my loving hand

101 and you will start to understand my hand,

102 my hand that punches, my hand that destroys.

103 You don’t want to know this hand. I don’t want you to know this hand.

104 Nobody wants to know this hand. Satan did. He wants you to know it.

105 But in my house, nobody wants to know it.

106 You don’t want to be there. It is severe, intense. It is a Calvary.

107 Be righteous, be strong, let me strengthen you and you will see,

(Words which are sang.)

108 you will see the peace, you will see the joy of the Lord,

109 you will see my hand. You will see.

110 You will see, sons. You will see, daughters. You will see. (Cries.)

111 Let me show you, be in a position to let me show you;

112 and I will show you (Cries.) oh, I will show you for you to see.

113 Oh, I will show you, (Cries.) let me show you (Cries.) how my hand is loving for you. (Cries.)

114 Let me love you. (Cries.) Let me love you. Let me love. Let me show.

115 Let me be in your life. (Cries.)

116 Why? (Cries.) why?

117 so many that didn’t let me show?

118 so many that didn’t let my hand?

119 so many that have forsaken me?

120 Oh and I will, oh I will run after them;

121 but you don’t want to see what I have for them. No! (Cries.)

122 So let me show, (Cries.) let me show you, let me show you what I have for you.

123 Just let me show you. Oh, when I will show you, what I have for you.

124 Just let me show you and let your eyes see me, let your eyes see my hand in your hand.

125 Just let me. Just let me.

126 Let me show you and I will show you, I will show you all of me.

FRANÇAIS : Travaillez plus! Produisez plus!
— «La Sainte Bible se continue»
Livre 2016, Chapitre 10


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