God’s Head Staff And Seamen — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2016, Chapter 13


God’s Head Staff And Seamen

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on June 24th, 2016 at 7:38 PM
Greater Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 14 min 57 s ROY0489LG4

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy © 2016


13  Says the Lord:

2 I will crush the stone, that stone that prevents my children

3 to unite together, to love each other, to talk to each other, to even only look at each other,

4 oh, that stone, that piece of ore, which is a bad piece of ore, a bad stone,

5 a bad stone paralysing the flesh, paralysing the spirit,

6 preventing the members to be useful to my Spirit. My Spirit!

7 My Spirit, you cannot see my Spirit.

8 You might be believing that your intentions are being accomplished as you planned them,

9 but it is my intentions which are being accomplished, the goals that are mine! not yours.

10 You think it is the goals which are yours, but it is the goals which are mine!

11 If I tell you to turn right and that you turn left, I can guaranty you that I will lead you to the left.

12 If you refuse, if you conspire, I will have two choices:

13 to push you even deeper into your way of sins or else to wait and to use the power of influence.

14 My influence is great.

15 My influence is greater than what my children think it is, says the Everlasting Lord.

16 Oh, my hand is great. My arm is long. My back is strong.

17 Oh, my plans are grandiose. My paths are mysterious and I enjoy the fact that it is so.

18 Let me work with you; otherwise, you will lose yourselves;

19 you will go lose your soul and you will go to get lost; and you will lose everything.

20 It will only be a source of perdition and only a source of loss to have lost so much! time and energy for nothing.

21 I made plans for my house. If you think you know what is your destiny, well,

22 let that destiny be to the image of the one I already planned for you.

23 Ask and I shall answer. Ask me what it is I am hiding you, ask me what it is that I planned

24 for you, yes, for each his own plan which gets integrated within a greater plan.

25 And any of my servant who does not respect the plan will find himself into perdition.

26 I want to see more virtue inside of you as you are my children.

27 Why this lack of virtue? More fruits! fruits of my Word.

28 When there is no fruit, I see that my Word cannot work inside of you!

29 Your little inclinations! carnal inclinations, your little personal inclinations.

30 You are no more to yourselves because you are mine, entirely mine.

31 The Lord says yes; and if I say yes, it is yes; and if I say no, it is no;

32 and if I say black, it is black; if I say white, it is white.

33 So, go to the left or to the right or to the front or to the back, but let it be according to my ordinances.

34 If I command to the right, it is not to the left; if you go to the left, you will see your loss.

35 If I say to the left, make sure to go to the left! don’t go to the right!

36 There are reasons! There are reasons!

37 Yes, my Spirit understands the Earth, understands humans. It understands and it understand.

38 I understand much better than your little brain, than your mind can ever understand;

39 and if I believe that you must be at that point,

40 it is not in favor of a vain abuse on my part;

41 it is because there are reasons which are behind my decision to place you at that point.

42 Follow my plan. Follow my plan. Make sure my plan is followed.

43 Recognize me. Recognize the opportunity you have to be in my battleship;

44 and recognize, yes, my love, my peace.

45 My seamen must cease bickering.

46 You are in my battleship; and on my battleship there is discipline;

47 and on my battleship, there is love and there is joy;

48 and on my battleship, no seaman puts his hand on another seaman;

49 and on my battleship, oh, there is no back-thought.

50 On my battleship, we look at each other and we love each other.

51 On my battleship, we love each other and we love each other and we love each other, yes;

52 because you are recognizing the spirit of God, but find it! seek for it! love it! Ah!

53 You are not seeking my Spirit!

54 You are there seeking! things which are so innocuous! so carnal! so useless!

55 Seek my Spirit! Seek my glory! Oh-oh-oh! (Cries.)

56 Seek my face! Seek me ! and ask me and shout unto me!

57 Shout unto me and you will see, you will see if I will or not let the seaman’s hand on your head.

58 No seaman, no seaman, no seaman! none of them, no seaman!

59 not even my head staff members

60 has the right to put his hand, to put his foot on my child.

61 Seek my face! Seek my face! and find me!

62 and find me; and you will see if I do not exist,

63 if my hand is too short or too small or too weak to solve your little problem!

64 Seek me! Seek me! Seek me! Seek me! Seek me!

65 It is me who is the Lord of all armies!

66 Seek me! and the goats in my house will be cut off! cut off! cut off! ♦

FRANÇAIS : L’état-major et les matelots de Dieu
— «La Sainte Bible se continue»
Livre 2016, Chapitre 13


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