The Royal Lineage — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2016, Chapter 14


The Royal Lineage

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on July 1st, 2016 at 9:59 PM
Greater Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 33 min 56 s

Recording : ROY0490LG4
Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English and in French languages
and publication by Guylaine Roy © 2016


14  (Words spoken in French.)

2 Who will help us, says the Lord? Satan, maybe?

3 The devil does not help the son of my house. The devil is serving his belly. The devil is serving his hand.

4 The devil is only destruction, perdition of the man and of the woman of my house.

5 Yes, they wish to destroy, destroy my house, to prevent production, to prevent construction;

6 oh, but I am threatening you, I send you away with all my might, I push you away, yes,

7 and I unfetter the passageway, I smooth down the path. Oh yes, I cover the Earth of witnesses.

8 They will see that my hand is great.

9 They will see that my sons are honoured, that my daughters are honoured,

10 among this unclean nation of bad people, among this bad nation,

11 this nation that is lost, diabolized, diabolical, infamous; but I still have these Lights in the world.

12 The pureness of your hearts illuminate my eyes in the heavens.

13 Recognize this now. Cherish this.

14 Cherish this, the pureness of your souls, the pureness of your Robe.

15 You my son, you my daughter, the pureness of your Robe, recognize it.

16 Keep your Robe, keep your Garment clean. Keep yourself, keep yourself and keep yourself.

17 Keep yourself, ah, and you will see if I do not send a cloud of servants

18 at your service, at your service, at your! and at your service!

19 because it will be my will and it will be my commandment.

20 My will will be done. Oh, I declare tonight, oh my will will be done.

21 In your house, my son, there will be many servants, I swear this unto you and I promise this unto you tonight,

22 not servants to be crushed, no; but, yes, servants who will be a blessing,

23 a blessing, that they will have joy to be serving you.

24 Yes, you my son, serve me.

25 Serve me! Serve me! Give me! And give! And give!

26 Give courage, valiance! And valiance! Give! Give to my throne

27 and you will see if my throne is not luxuriant enough to bring unto you the equipment, oh, the labourers, oh, the rebates.

28 Oh, I think of all, all of it! It is all calculated! It is all calculated to the line, to the point.

29 It is all calculated, says the Lord. It is all calculated.

30 It is all calculated. All and all, I calculate. I calculate!

31 I am proud of my measurements.

32 I am proud, yes, of my measurements. I am proud of my plans.

33 I am proud, oh yes. Yes, serve me. Serve me.

34 You are serving me, yes, I see the sacrifice.

35 I see the sacrifice. I see the pain. I see the painful efforts. Oh, I see the burden.

36 Oh yes, be on your guards. Oh yes, give them to me. Give me your burdens.

37 My arms are strong. My legs are ready to attack. Bring on weight.

38 Bring it on and give it to me and give me and give it to me, bring the work

39 and you will see if your houses will not be garnished and you will see if your houses will be empty boxes.

40 Oh yes, you will see. Oh yes, you will see! And your neighbours will see

41 and they will all see and they will see and they will see that I am the Lord.

42 Oh yes, I am the Lord. Oh yes, I am living!

43 Never doubt! Never ever doubt! Never doubt me.

44 Doubt! Doubt! Doubt! Why so much doubt? Why so little faith?

45 Why and why, why doubt me?

46 Oh, the Creation! I created the Earth! ah, a heap of dust to create the man in all its complexity.

47 And me, –Oh, yes! Me!– and me the Lord, I would be a man so that we doubt about me?

48 Never! never! never! my children, never!

49 it is an order: never! will you doubt your God; for your God is faithful in all things, if your serve him.

50 Your God will always be searching for the best for your house. Your God will always be searching for the best for your life.

51 Recognize tonight, see with your eyes, oh yes, recognize what you have in your hands!

52 Recognize where you come from! Recognize where you came out of!

53 Oh see! oh see once more! and revise! oh yes, revise where you come from.

54 Oh yes, recognize your house. Oh yes, any servant must recognize the crib of his Master.

55 Recognize and serve.

56 Yes when you serve, that is when I see, ah, I can see that you recognize. Yes, serve me.

57 The sacrifice in your house, the living sacrifice! the living sacrifice,

58 while you are living in your flesh, in your flesh you my son, in your flesh you my daughter,

59 in the flesh of all of you who are serving me in my house, serve, serve me. Yes, serve me.

60 Everything is not only money on this Earth. Everything is not only pecuniary on this Earth.

61 Oh yes, I look at the heart. I look at the bowels. I look at the fruits of the Spirit.

62 Ah, I look at the courage. Ah yes, I look at the patience.

63 Ah, I look at the pureness, oh, at the pureness and brilliance of your soul.

64 Your souls are precious jewels, precious stones, oh yes; and in these stones, yes, is my Word.

65 And the Light shines and reaches me. And the Light shines, –my Word,– on this Earth.

66 Ah, and the Light shines. Oh, and the Light shines.

67 And the Light will be shining on this Earth thanks to my sons, thanks to my daughters.

68 Ah, the Light shines! Ah, the Light shines! The Light shines!

69 Make it shine! Make it shine! Make it shine!

70 Oh, make shine, make shine, oh, the Word in you.

71 Oh, let the Word express itself in you. Let your faith be perfect. Oh, let there be no doubt.

72 When my Son came on the Earth, oh, he fought the good fight

73 until the time he was hanged on a tree.

74 Oh, take example on him, on the Son who obeyed, on my Son, on my Lamb. (Intense crying.)

75 Obedience will always produce a greater gain than the gain of disobedience, says the Lord.

76 You will always be losing if you are disobeying my Word. Always! says the Lord. Always!


(Words spoken in English.)

77 Every day of your life will be a burden and I won’t be there to help you, to recover you.

78 You will be in disaster and you will be in disaster

79 and you will stay in this, and you will stay in it, and you will die in it

80 because my Word won’t be there for you, won’t be there!

81 Oh, I won’t be there! because all my energy, all my power,

82 all my attention, all my love, everything will be

83 for my people, for my sons, oh, for my daughters.


(Words spoken in French.)

84 I am a Father for you, a Father for you, (Crying.) but let me be a Father for you.

85 Let me love you. Let me mould you to my hand, to my hand, to my hand, to my hand, says the Lord.

86 My hand wants to be moulding, the Potter wants to be moulding, but the clay is hard.

87 Oh, the clay is hard. Oh, the clay! Oh, the clay! Why so much hardness? Why so much hardness?

88 Ah, the clay! the clay! (A few words missing here.)

89 Let my Water soften the clay. Let my living Water, my Word, soften you.

90 Let my Word tenderize you (Intense crying.)

91 in order to remodel, ah, to remodel, to give back the old glory,

92 ah, to restore, to restore, to restore my children who are so far away,

93 so far away, so far away, so far away. (Crying.) I want to have Light. I want to have Light.

94 I am searching for Light and I am suffocating; and I am suffocating now. (Crying.)

95 I am finding no more… I am finding no more Light.

96 I want to find Light inside of you, Light inside of you, Light inside of you,

97 my Word inside of you, my luxuriant Word

98 that must live inside of you, that must make things grow, that must root itself.

99 Definite rooting! Definite rooting! Definite flowering! Definite greening! Says the Lord.

100 If the Word of Life gives you Life, even much more will it give life

101 to all that is an object of flesh, to all that is earthly, earthly, earthly.

102 Me, I consider the heart, I consider the Robe and what is inside of it.

103 Oh, I seek Light. Oh yes, oh yes, I seek Light.

104 So much darkness! So much obscure darkness!

105 Ah, obscure and thick smoke which chokes the Word, which prevents reaching me,

106 ah, for how long? oh yes, for how long? for how long?

107 for how long? oh yes, how long? and how long? for how long?

108 Make your choice! My choice is made! I do not make any error!

109 I made my choices and my choices are there and I am waiting on my choices.

110 Oh, let my choices, let my choices be accomplished, let my choices obey;

111 oh, yes, for when you are my choice you do not decide, you execute! ah yes, you incline yourself;

112 for you are recognizing the greatness of the Being who chose you!

113 oh yes, you incline yourself, you go down on your knees and you bend down,

114 you recognize the hand in which you are eating; you are recognizing the hand in which you eat!

115 Oh, recognition! recognition! recognition!

116 you are recognizing in action and recognizing in the quotidian and recognizing and recognizing

117 and recognizing the Very-High God, the Very-Very-High God.

118 Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, I hid myself. (Crying.) I hid myself from people. I hid myself from the ungodly people.

119 I went to hide myself in my paradise, far from the universe, far from the Earth,

120 oh far away; very, very far away, far away, very far away,

121 oh, I went to hide myself? Hide myself! Hide myself! (Crying.)

122 I moved far away from the darkness, oh, that was invading

123 the Earth that I had built, the man whom I created. (Crying.) Oh, why so much rebellion?

124 Ah yes, Satan, I am crushing you, oh, I am crushing you, I am crushing you.

125 And you know what?

126 I am even crushing your agents, oh yes, all your agents who try to have a grip on my children,

127 oh yes, your agents, oh, your generals,

128 who are only wind, only of passage. Only of passage! Ah yes!

129 And even in their passage, there is the Lord, there is my hand,

130 oh, to stop, to take a hold of the mouth of the enemy and to put it in the fire, to reject it far away,

131 to send it to bite on another person, on another ungodly person

132 who is not following me, who does not even believe in me, who does not even believe that I exist! What an insult!

133 Ah yes, they are lost. They are lost. Oh, they are so lost!

134 They are lost; but you, my children,

135 my children born in my house, born in my house, oh, children since birth,

136 children, recognize your house.

137 Ah yes, you do not belong to some odd family.

138 Oh, oh yes, your ancestors in the flesh are only vain perditions and Gehenna;

139 but your brothers and your sisters who are there in the heavens watching you,

140 yes, they wish to be proud of you; they wish to be proud, they wish to be able to say:

141 “Oh yes, my brother! oh yes, my sister! oh yes, go on.

142 Ah one day, we will all be together; ah one day, we will celebrate, (Laughs.) oh yes, we will party together;

143 because we will all be reunited, us the great family of the Lord, oh, my great family which is mine.

144 Oh, let the bourgeois go elsewhere to do their show! Ah yes, let them go elsewhere! Ah yes, let them go elsewhere!

145 Me and my family, we are the Bourgeoisie of any bourgeoisie! the Kings of all kings!

146 Ah yes, my Son is the King of all kings

147 and my sons and my daughters are the Princes of all princes and the Princesses of all princesses!

148 My Princes are all equal! and my Princesses also!

149 You are all my Princesses, you are all my Princes; but you must act as the Princes and as the Princesses of the Everlasting Lord!

150 You are not offsprings of the street!

151 You are not bastard offspings! bastards! of vains mixes! Oh no!

152 You are coming out of my lineage, the lineage of my Spirit, the royal lineage, the royal priesthood.

153 Oh, recognize the royal priesthood. Recognize! And the day that you will recognize

154 you will see your days become more easy going, oh yes, become less heavy and enlightened of my Word

155 and the obstacles, I will get rid of them.

156 I will get rid of the obstacles, oh yes, of the fences and walls and of the barbed wires,

157 ah, and of all, all species of creatures, of any creature, all living being

158 which were blocking the access between me, –me, the Lord,– and my child.

159 And if there is a child between my child and me, well, he will have to push himself aside,

160 he will have to push himself aside, he will have to push himself aside!

161 and serve me and let me have access to my child, yes, yes, yes.

162 There is no obstacle. Do not become an obstacle. Oh, dread me, dread me and dread me! oh yes;

163 for if you become an obstacle to my plans, oh I am telling you, oh I am warning you,

164 in truth, I am telling you, oh, cut, cut, the cut yes, ah tribulations will come, oh yes;

165 but my plans will be accomplished. I will accomplish, I will accomplish it all.

166 It will all be accomplished and I will bring you with me.

167 I will come to get you out of the depths, oh yes, oh yes, out of this infect Earth.

168 I will come to get you, ah yes, I will come, (Crying.)

169 you who are only serving me, ah yes, I will take you and I will transport you.

170 What a joy it will be! What a joy!

171 After having battled everything, after having won over everything, I will look at my son, I will look at my daughter.


(Words sang in English.)

172 Oh, it is well, it is well son, it is well my daughter,

173 Come in my peace, come close to me, let me show, show myself to you

174 and let me show me, oh let me show me and let me show me.

175 I want to show me, oh I want to show myself,

176 but let me show you, oh I will show you and you will see

177 what I have for you, oh, and I will show you, I will show you

178 and you will see and you will enjoy me and you will love me

179 because I will be your God and only.

FRANÇAIS : La lignée royale
— «La Sainte Bible se continue»
Livre 2016, Chapitre 14



  1. God’s Word is ever the same. He does not change. We always know a prophecy from the LORD only when it does not run contrary to the revealed theology i.e. the Bible – God’s own protocol. But can you please tell me who’s crying in this prophecy. May the good LORD continue to use HIS valued born again children to do HIS will till HE comes for us at the rapture! Amen!


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