Occupy The Territory — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2016, Chapter 15



Occupy The Territory

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on July 6th, 2016 at 7:42 PM
Greater Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 6 min 0 s  Recording : ROY0491LG4

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy © 2016


15 No one shall crush children of God. No, no. No one shall crush my children, says the Lord.

2 No one shall crush my children, ah, and my children will never be crushed;

3 ah, and I shall crush those people who will try to crush; ah, they will be crushed;

4 and the crushing will be sudden; and the crushing will be certain.

5 Oh yes, the Lord is in fury! Ah, I will defend my flock. Oh yes, I will defend my flock.

6 I will set up roadblocks, yes, I will mark the limits of my territories, yes,

7 and my flock shall occupy the territory and my flock will graze on the territory.

8 Oh, says the Lord, my people will be using the territory, will occupy the territory.

9 He will graze. Ah, my flock will pasture in peace, my son. Ah my daughter, you will pasture in peace;

10 and you will be able to graze; and they will pasture my sons, they will pasture my daughters,

11 so that they are in peace and, so that they fear not the devourer, no;

12 so that the wolf is pushed away far from them.

13 Shout the victory! Alleluia! Victory is declared, says the Lord.

14 Ah, I declare victory over the enemy.

15 Charge home, my children. Charge home! Oh yes, I am in front of you.

16 Ah, I release, I reclaim the zone and I place my benchmarks in order to open the lane,

17 says the Lord, says the Lord, for you, for you who obey and who follow,

18 who are following my Words, who are following my Word, who are eating my Bread, who are drinking my Blood.

19 Oh yes you are suffering, yes you suffer and you endure my sons;

20 and you are producing and you are producing and continue to be producing

21 so that you produce, yes produce,

22 oh yes produce not for the wicked person, but for me!

23 for me who is the Lord, for me who is faithful.

24 Yes in all things my goodness is great.

25 Recognize the good fortune that is in your life to have a Father like me.

26 Ah, I am a Father! oh yes, the good family father.

27 Yes my family is great; yes I take care of my family.

28 Oh yes, I have the means to defend my family, to defend my interests, yes.

29 Oh yes, I will defend and I will be defending, ah, those people who dread me.

30 Oh yes, you must dread me; and those people who do not dread me,

31 and those people who do not dread my lane, those people who do not dread my arm,

32 ah, those people who rise up, those people who dare, ah, those people,

33 yes, they will be mowed and, mowed until the time they are not there anymore, and that they are no more;

34 because it is my sons and it is my daughters who have priority. The priority is on my children.

35 Yes the pagan person believes to be superior, but it is not so.

36 It is not so, for it is my sons who serve my Word who are superior to all things.

37 Yes my Word is superior to every thing;

38 and those people who honour this Word, those people who follow this Word, those people who are eating it,

39 yes those people who love it and those people who respect it, yes those people are great,

40 those people are true, those people are great, are really great to my eyes. Oh yes!

41 And my consideration is the most important consideration of all the considerations;

42 for, what I will think of you when you will present yourselves in front of me

43 at the end of times, yes when my Son will be back,

44 yes only my consideration will count, only the consideration of my clan,

45 only the consideration of my sons and of my daughters, of those people who will have honoured my Word.

46 Honour my Word. You will be judges. You will judge.

47 Yes you will be judging the nations, the nations of this world.

48 Yes you will be there and you will be judges.

49 You will be established as judges to judge and you will judge well because you will have honoured my Word;

50 but honour  my Word, oh yes, and me, I will take care of the judges of this world.

51 Yes, I am taking care of the judges. Oh yes, I am taking care of them,

52 yes, so that they take good decisions for my sons.

53 Good decisions! Good ones! Decisions within the terms of my plans.

54 My intentions are fulfilled, says the Lord, ah, and they are fulfilled

55 and they will always be fulfilled, always in order to honour my Word and my children. ♦

FRANÇAIS : Occuper le territoire
— «La Sainte Bible se continue»
Livre 2016, Chapitre 15


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