So Many Sects And, Divisions — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2016, Chapter 16


So Many Sects And, Divisions

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on July 18th, 2016 at 11:05 PM
Greater Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 29 min 43 s      Recording : ROY0492LG4

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language
and publication by Guylaine Roy © 2016


My people are groaning, says the Everlasting Lord.
My people are groaning, says the Everlasting Lord.

2 I will dry off the tears of my people. I will dry off… (Pause.)

3 I will make my servants become great men and great women.

4 You will be considered. You will be considered and they will consider you.

5 A consideration will take place and they will honour you; and you will see if… if your Father is dead, if your Father is blind.

6 Ah, I see. I am with you. In the depths, yes, in the innards, I see.

7 Yes, I am battling. Oh, I am battling. I am battling.

8 I am battling in order to unite. I am battling in order to be one with my people.

9 My people, –my people!– may I call this crowd my people? may I call this crowd my people?

10 May I call this crowd a nation? Is this my nation in which there exist so many sects? and, divisions?

11 My Spirit united, –united!– and you will be united, says the Lord.

12 You will unite and you will follow in order to unite.

13 Oh, pay attention if you are those people dividing from the others. Pay close attention if you are those people who believe to be superior to the other people.

14 Stand at attention! All of you, you must all be standing at attention!

15 You must be standing at attention! Yes, pay close attention.

16 My hand is there. My hand is at the razor’s cutting edge, within a hair’s breadth of the shaving, of the cut.

17 Do not wait –do not wait!– that my wrath remains to finally explode;

18 because when my wrath will burst out on my people!

19 on the dividing cells, which are dividing and preventing the cement to unite,

20 my dagger blade will be cutting, producing blood of sons, producing blood of daughters.

21 How come, how come, how come have I reached this point?

22 Because of… Because of the flaws found in your spirit.

23 Because of the flaws found in the spirit of my daughters, in the spirit of my sons.

24 Because of the flesh that is manifesting itself to such a point that

25 we end up believing we are higher than the other person, we end up thinking we have the right to set aside another person,

26 and that one person thinks… and thinks he has the right to… and has the right to this, and has the right to that;

27 and my Word is scorned! Hoo! My Word is ridiculed.

28 My Word is dishonoured by those people who should be the first ones to be honouring me and serving me.

29 Serve me. No kidding, serve me!

30 Serve me with all your might, with all your soul.

31 I am not expecting offerings only. I am not expecting perfumes only. I am expecting a sincere love, a charity of the heart.

32 You must be charitable. Be charitable daughter with your brother. Be charitable brother with your sister.

33 Yes, yes, there is too much divisiveness! Why are there so many carnal considerations?

34 I do not care about your concerns when comes the time of my Word.

35 If your own concerns reach a point of perturbing my Word, of disturbing my flock, I will cut you!

36 Regardless of the rank, when comes the time to purge, we do not consider what is the level of the rank;

37 we consider the heart, we consider the actions, we consider the tongue;

38 and we judge, and we judge, I judge! I am the Judge of all the judges and I am judging you.

39 I am observing you. Oh, I am holding myself back!

40 My people are all that I have: I must work with what I have, with what has been put in front of my face,

41 with those people who have the ambition to serve me in truth, to serve me in truth.

42 Serve me in truth. Love me in truth.

43 The flesh has nothing to do with me, but your soul wants to have me, –wants to have me,–

44 yes, it seeks my Words, my Word, yes;

45 and you will be great people, and you will be great people like Lazarus,

46 –valorous Lazarus!–rejected by mankind, mortified, sick.

47 I saved him of my hand. With my hand, I saved him.

48 Let me save you and I will save you, and you will be saved;

49 but serve me, serve me, serve me, fear me.

50 Oh, many people are serving me without fearing me and I regret it. Serve me with fear and trembling.

51 Produce because you know that you are serving the Very-High God.

52 Remember inside yourselves that you are serving the Very-High God and know that I see your hearts.

53 I see your thoughts in your mind. I probe the spirit of my sons, the spirit of my daughters.

54 I know what their motivations are, but you must make sure, –make sure!– make sure

55 that your motivations are pure, that your motivations are worthy of my Word,

56 that your sacrifice is not made in such a way that it is going against my Word.

57 The time has come for the inspection to take place.

58 I have set you to stand at attention. Yah, I am warning you, but now, I am inspecting you.

59 Yes, I am inspecting you –yes, yes!– and I am inspecting you. Oh, I am looking at you.

60 I see you. I see you! I see you and I am judging you.

61 Make all your efforts

62 so that the thread that is still holding me back from cutting you becomes stronger and prosper,

63 so that the plug plant, –yes, if there is still some Life inside of you–

64 so that they produce flowers and so that they produce again; otherwise

65 the blade will come faster than you can imagine it. Be standing at attention!

66 This is a warning that is more than very serious, that is more than grave.

67 I am talking to my people, oh yes, but my people must hear and execute;

68 because my judgements will come and you don’t want, –you don’t want,– that my judgements fall

69 to punish you, to cut you, if you become rye grass in my field.

70 My people is one, my people must be one:

71 this entity, this entity unto which I give the most attention.

72 Yes, pay close attention to the carnal considerations.

73 Pay close attention to these specific considerations when you take an action, when you say a word.

74 Yes, pay close attention, watch out to avoid that my wrath is kindled on you to not cease never again.

75 This entity which is mine,

76 yes, this community, this nation, I wish it to exist.

77 I am moulding it. I try to mold it.

78 I try, and I try, and I try, and I am still trying, always trying

79 to mold the child of my house, to influence that child, to smooth, to polish and polish,

80 polish your hearts, polish the flesh, dress up the flesh with charity, with charity.

81 Where is your charity towards your brothers and your sisters? Where is your charity?

82 Where is your charity? Oh, where is your charity? Where is your charity?

83 You are hiding it so far away that I see it no more, but my Spirit will be there moulding you unto charity, says the Lord.

84 And if you cease to be charitable, and if you do not become charitable,

85 and if you lose faith, and if your faith is not growing bigger,

86 and if you cease to hope, and if your hope becomes extinct,

87 oh no, you will only be able to fail, you will only be able to make it before me being haggard,

88 haggard, losing, lost! finding no more your crib.

89 I will move you far away from my house, if you do not practice the fruits of the Spirit!

90 My fruits! My Word! Practice! Practice!

91 Recognize that you are lacking charity towards this one and that one. Recognize this now!

92 Become aware of this, –yes, become aware of this!– because…

93 because the thread, –the thread!– has now become so thin. The thread is thin. The thread is thin.

94 My goodness is great. Oh, do not wait for the thread to break.

95 Do not wait for my patience to be over; do not wait, take an action.

96 Take note yes that I am warning you today to stimulate your faith,

97 to stimulate your hope and above all to stimulate your charity.

98 How could I end up granting you salvation, how could I end up having this charity towards you,

99 if you did not even have it oh, among yourselves,

100 towards your brother and your sister, towards your own family, the family of God, my family?

101 Disdain your brother, –Hoo-hoo-hoo!– disdain your sister in Jesus-Christ

102 and I will also disdain you, oh, I will spit you out of my mouth; because disdain shall not live in my house.

103 No! Pride will be cut out, pride will not survive, vanity neither.

104 The love of money will be erased, yes.

105 Read again! Remind yourselves what are the fruits of the Spirit;

106 and these fruits, ah, you must raise the level of the fruits of the Spirit. Take them and charge yourselves.

107 Charge yourselves with the fruits of the Spirit and dress up with fruits, with these specific fruits.

108 Dress yourselves up, you must be dressing yourselves up! with my Spirit, with my Word.

109 Dress up. Dress up. There is not enough clothes.

110 My children are not enough dressed up of the kind of virtue that I am asking them to have.

111 Sanctify the body, oh, sanctify the spirit and you will see my hand accomplish great things for you.

112 Yes, you do not want my hand to be working against you;

113 but when my plan tells you to go ahead of you and that you are seeking for new roads on your left and right,

114 well, you then have a problem; because, for my part, I always find a solution

115 even though this solution is not always my desire and is not necessarily to your advantage;

116 because  I punish –I punish!– severely those people who turn their back to what I am dictating them.

117 Great regrets you will have. Bitter, your mouth will be filled with bitterness.

118 Your soul will be a lifeless, old bed sheet that will be dirty and roaming about.

FRANÇAIS : Tant de sectes, de divisions
— «La Sainte Bible se continue»
Livre 2016, Chapitre 16



  1. Meaningful post. I try to walk in the light of the Holy Spirit every moment. I try never to be the source of any one’s misfortune nor pass the opportunity to perform a charitable act. Just those two things are a whole heap of Christianity. Thanks for recent visit to my blog. Blessings.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is a very powerful word thank you … just started to follow you, Thank you for being obedient to these powerful words from the LORD. jacky x


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