The Metavision — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2016, Chapter 25


The Metavision

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on August 16th, 2016 at 00:04 AM
Greater Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 13 min 5 s Recording: ROY0497LG4

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2016


(The vision of all visions.)

To produce the Word,
to give life to the Word,
yes, so that the Word is everywhere.

3 Propagate my Word, propagate me and go on propagating and I will be propagated

4 and my Word will be everywhere and everywhere you will see and you will see

5 and you will notice and you will read, you will hear my Word.

6 My Word will be there inside, outside, up there, down there,

7 in the heart, in the head, in the eyes and the ears, on the tongue, says the Lord.

8 Propagate my Word. Propagate it in dialects. Propagate it on tongues.

9 Propagate! I want to have an epidemiological propagation. I want my Word to be everywhere and anywhere.

10 Be busy propagating, be busy giving, giving, giving, giving.

11 Yes, you are giving my daughter.

12 I see your work. I recognize, I savour the dishes you are serving me;

13 but yes, go on like this: yes, I have other plans, I still have some plans for you.

14 You will see my plans, yes, in sites: again the Word.

15 My sites, the scaffoldings are rising up to produce the work of the Lord.

16 Yes, rise up, rise yourselves up to the height of the work that I am asking of you.

17 Propagate my Word. Yes, shout me. Shout my name.

18 Shout my name when it hurts. Shout my name when it is too hard.

19 Call up, call up, call up the Lamb. Ah, he will come. He will come! He will come,

20 for my Son is living; and my Son helps his brothers, my Son helps his sisters; yes, my Son helps my daughters and my sons.

21 Yes, I gave you this authority my daughter,

22 this authority to produce and, to give and, to do and, to accomplish

23 and go on accomplishing and giving and propagating and you will see,

24 you will see the eyes of the pagan turn towards my work.

25 Yes they will come in large numbers. Yes, clouds of witnesses will come

26 and they will see, they will see that my Word is genuine, that we do not trample the Word of the Lord;

27 and that we give, yes, that this is the manner by which we are serving the Lord.

28 This is how we do it.

29 This is how we accomplish the ordinances that the Lord gives unto his child.

30 Oh yes! The Lord says yes, it is yes. Oh yes!

31 And here we go! And it’s a go! And the journey is begun. Oh yes!

32 Go on an adventure with me. Yes, take my road. Yearn to be following me in my roads.

33 Adopt my vision, receive my vision, in order to be devotees of my vision.

34 Yes, pagans are devotees of visions and of thoughts and of theories,

35 but you must be devotees of my vision,

36 –because my vision predominates the vision of all people,–

37 yes of the metavision, of the vision of all visions, the vision of all visions

38 yes with my Spirit, the Spirit of the Lord, the Holy Spirit, this Spirit of the Word, yes my Spirit,

39 yes, and you will see your eyes will open up

40 and you will understand, yes, and you will discern and you will know how to act and you will understand,

41 and you will be amazed by the understanding, by the knowledge of my Word;

42 and I will submerge you with an overflow of the knowledge;

43 but do my works, produce my works, do my works.

44 I want to have the works! All the works, the whole and entire works,

45 given on time, yes, at the hour, done at the desired moment, at the requested moment.

46 I am showing you and showing you and I will be showing you, yes, I will show you what to do,

47 but recognize that I am with you, recognize that I will walk with you,

48 recognize that if I am not with you, yes the works will be done in vain, yes, it will all be in vain and you will be vain people.

49 Yes, don’t be vain people. No. Vanity of vanities of those people who search on the left and on the right

50 and who turn away from the production, who turn away from my site,

51 who turn away for the task I assigned unto them.

52 Yes one part! I took one part! I took one part of my plan

53 and I assigned it to the sheep, to the daughter, to the son,

54 given, yes, one part of my Word, of the work, of my plans,

55 yes, and I gave that part and I commanded that part, oh yes,

56 and I am patiently waiting and I am waiting with impatience to be served

57 succulent dishes, dishes, those dishes I am waiting for,

58 which interlock into the plan, in the vision of the vision;

59 but produce this part, honor this part that I am giving you.

60 Oh yes, use it wisely. Be guided by the Holy Spirit. Let your thoughts be pure.

61 Let your flesh die so that it is serving the Everlasting Lord.

62 Recognize the part that I assign unto you, the participation I am giving you.

63 Yes, yes, recognize this in order to recognize

64 who is assigning you the task, yes, and how much this task is great and glorious and magnificent,

65 the works of my Word in order to accomplish the vision of the vision,

66 yes the vision of the Almighty, the vision of the Lord.


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