The Venomous Spider: Prayers, God’s prophecy. In “The Holy Bible Continues In 2016” (chap. 30)


The Venomous Spider

Two prayers unto God followed by
God’s prophecy pronounced in a
gathering of saints of God

Recorded on September 5th, 2016 at 10:26 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 9 min 37 s           Recording: ROY0502LG4

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English and French language and
publication by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2016


30  (First prayer.)

2 Heavenly Father,

3 Loose the grips of the devil that he has on situations.

4 Yes as you have known how to free us, free her heavenly Father. Free her in the name of Jesus-Christ.

5 Make it so that the wicked people, and the black-hearted people are unveiled,

6 so that they are neutralized, so that they are stopped from making evil things.

7 In the name of Jesus-Christ, at her age our sister deserves to keep her dignity.

8 Let her focus again on her husband, let her focus again on the Word so that she dismisses the abusers and the thieves.

9 In the name of Jesus-Christ, in the name of Jesus-Christ, we pray for that specific sister.

10 We pray for that sister who is caught in a snare who was brought, manipulated for the benefit of ungodly spirits.

11 (Second prayer.)

12 Yes, heavenly Father,

13 Open up the eyes of your children, the eyes of your household, open up the eyes for those people who must be unveiled.

14 In the name of Jesus-Christ, unveil the wolves in the house of God.

15 Unveil the wolves and keep us away from all wolves

16 so that the wolves are not bitting us,

17 and so that the wolves are not stripping us financially becoming grains of sand

18 which come disturbing the mechanism, which come disturbing the organization,

19 which come disturbing the body of Christ,

20 which come as wicked people, which come as parasites,

21 which come parasatizing, which come sabotaging the spirit of God,

22 which come sabotaging the life of your serving children in order to manipulate and twist.

23 Yes, heavenly Father,

24 Go and open up the eyes of your children, of your sons and your daughters.

25 Open up the eyes. Open up the eyes so that the wicked one is unveiled.

26 Unveil the wicked one in your household, Father. Unveil him and chase him out. Chase him far away.

27 Do not tolerate the wicked person in the house of God, in your house.

28 You cannot tolerate such a thing. No one has the means to afford tolerating that.

29 No one has the financial means, no one has the means to tolerate

30 whited sepulchres, devils in disguise, slick and smooth talkers.

31 We need to have true people, we need to have good soldiers,

32 –not soldiers of fortune, not deserting soldiers,–

33 we need to have soldiers, good soldiers, yes soldiers, soldiers

34 who are fighting and, who are discerning

35 the spirits which are around them seeking to destroy them.

36 Heavenly Father,

37 Instill discernment into your children. More discernment!

38 To be discerning the wicked person who is coming and attacking, who is attacking and tempting,

39 yes, who is coming just like this in order to destroy, to destroy my house.


40 (God’s prophecy.)

41 Satan, Satan, I am thhreatening you. Satan, I am threatening you.

42 Oh, listen to me. Listen to me carefully. Hear me well.

43 I am threatening you. I see your canvas being drawn. I see you intruding and incrustating yourself.

44 I see your bad shots being set up. Yes, I see you. You see me too!

45 Go on watching me, oh, and you will see me even more when I will stop you,

46 when I will neutralize you, when I will tear you to pieces and when I will shred you.

47 Yes, I will make you go through the shredder and you will be shredded

48 including your plans and the agents working for you.

49 Yes, yes the Lord hears, the Lord sees tonight, the Lord, the Lord listens to this prayer.

50 The Lord will go, will go ahead and the Lord will undo, destroy.

51 Oh, Satan! You have woven your canvas! You have woven your web!

52 I will destroy your net. I will destroy your network! Destroy!

53 I will cut the head of your network. I will destroy your net. Oh, I will not allow nets to exist in my temple.

54 There will be no web in my temple, oh, and the spider will be crushed.

55 Yes, the venomous spider, I will crush you, says the Lord. Watch out! I will crush you!

56 Yes, shiver! Ah, I feel you shivering. You are right to be shivering, because I am coming.

57 I am coming, I am riding my army. I am coming! I am coming! I will break you.

58 I will break you including, yes, those people collaborating with you even if they are of my household.


(Prophecy worded out in English.)

59 That’s it! This is it! Thus says the Lord:

60 This is it! Enough! Enough! Too much! Too much! Too much of you!

61 Too much of bad, of bad spirits! Too much! Oh, too much!

62 Your cup is empty. Your cup is empty, don’t you fill your cup?

63 Do you fill my cup with my Spirit, with my living water?

64 Or do you fill your cup with the poison of the spider, of the scorpions?

65 What do you drink? What are you drunk with? What makes you live?

66 Oh, and I shall break you if you drink the poison and if you try

67 to poison my house, to poison my sons, to poison my daughters.

68 You shall be broken by my hand and my hand will be devastating.

69 Oh the lands, the lands that are too hard, that won’t let themselves be worked out, I will break them.

70 I will burn the lands, there will be no more. ♦


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