The Oppressor In Great Danger – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY


The blacksmith forged them crooked.

The Oppressor In Great Danger

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on October 7th, 2016 at 7:52 PM
Greater Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 9 min 42 s         Recording: ROY0506LG4

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2016


1 (Prophecy for the inconsolable.)

2 Ah, the oppressor is there, yep! The oppressor is there, but me too I am there, me too I am there.

3 Me, I am there, God says.

4 When God says that the oppressor is crushed, he is crushed:

5 there is no turning back, there is no breach, it is done.

6 It is declared that the oppressor will be put back, that the oppressor will be eliminated;

7 for whosoever oppresses my house is in great danger.

8 Whosoever is not with me is against me.

9 Whosoever is not serving my sons and my daughters, they are against me.

10 Those people who do not serve me, they are against me; and I shall go against them.

11 Oh, I will go against them and you will see that my hand pushes hard;

12 and I will push hard and push, and push, and push, push.

13 Yes, I will push the enemy out of your way and I will eliminate him:

14 he will reach the end of the path, yes there by the wayside, at the bottom, the ditch bottom.

15 At the bottom of the ditch, he will go, they will go, those people who mount barricades to oppose themselves against me.

16 Oh, don’t you dare to oppose, to oppose yourselves; for I will oppose myself

17 and I will win, says the Lord, and I will be destroying nations for my daughters,

18 ah, I will destroy, I will destroy clouds of people for my sons,

19 ah, I will be without, without, without mercy, without, without, without mercy.

20 No one shall attack the people who are born of me, yes, my children who are mine,

21 mine! not those people from elsewhere, but those people who are mine,

22 my breed! yes, my breed, this holy breed,

23 yes the breed honouring me, glorifying me and serving me,

24 oh yes, those people! those people will be protected and will be vindicated, yes;

25 and the barricades of the enemy will be cut out.

26 Oh, the fire will be spread over them. They will be destroyed.

27 Oh, they will no more have dissident voices. Oh yes, I will cut into pieces all of their tongues.

28 Oh, the tongues will be cut out. Oh yes! there will be no more tongues! no more tongues!

29 Ah, the tongue!

30 We take away the tongues, yes the tongues which are talking against my sons, talking against my daughters.

31 Oh, I will cut out these specific tongues.

32 Oh yes! Oh yes, discernment! Yes, I will give discernment

33 to those men and women who will not have went against me,

34 yes, so that they see that my sons are just people.

35 Oh yes, yes my daughters are just. They are women who are just and they are men who are just.

36 Oh yes, they are just people!

37 Oh yes, my sons are powerful men. Oh, my daughters are powerful women.

38 Oh yes, they are great people! Oh! They are great women! oh yes, menacing women! menacing men, of course!

39 Oh yes, the enemy, him, he sees that; he sees the greatness, the strength of my sons.

40 Yes my children, they are strong; my children are vigorous, oh yes, the enemy does not like this;

41 but me, I drive away the enemy and I drive away his schemes and I drive away his schemes

42 and I pierce him through his schemes and through his ideas, his mind.

43 Yes his mind is twisted. Oh yes, his mind is twisted yes, twisted!

44 Oh yes, they were not forged in a good blacksmith’s forge, no; the blacksmith forged them crooked.

45 Oh yes, they were formed to be crooked and they are not…

46 Oh no, they will never become straight: redress will never be there,

47 no; instead of that, my hand will disperse them and will dispel them yes,

48 yes my hand will disperse them somewhere else and they will be dispersed somewhere else and they will disperse themselves, to be dispelled yes.

49 Yes their remains will be blown, blown far away, far, far away, on lands.


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