Head Of The Armies, I Am — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2016, Chapter 36


Head Of The Armies, I Am

Two prophecies of God
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on October 17th, 2016 at midnight
Greater Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running times : 4 min 9 s and 3 min 28 s
Recordings : ROY0508LG4 and ROY0509LG4

Recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication by
Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2016


36 (Prophecy following a prayer.)

2 Let the body be well. Let the skin be well. Let the body be well.

3 Let the body be in communion with the Spirit, yes with my Spirit.

4 Yes, my Spirit is well and the body is well and I am well

5 and you must be well; because I am well, you shall be well.

6 Yes, my Spirit is dwelling inside of you, my Spirit is inside of you.

7 The Spirit of the Eternal is in you, in you! in you! in the name of Jesus.

8 My Son yes, he died; and yes, those people who honour him are carrying my Spirit;

9 and, yes, my Spirit will not allow handicaps, will not allow pains.

10 No, no! My Spirit will look after the temple, yes, this temple, my temple, my temples.

11 You must be my temples. Yes, you must make it so that I contemplate you.

12 I wish to contemplate the beauty of my temples. I wish to savour the fruits of my temples.

13 I wish to receive and you will receive and you will receive.

14 Oh yes, money will be there. Ah, yes, the earthly supplies will no longer be at stake, no;

15 because you serve the Eternal, the Most-High Lord,

16 the Eternal who gives to those people who honour him,

17 the Eternal who heals those people who cry,

18 the Eternal who listens to those people who listen, to those people who follow my route, the route which is mine.

19 Follow my route and you will see;

20 you will see my blessings and you will also see my commandments;

21 you will see that I will command you.

22 Yes, Head of the armies, I am! You must be dignified to be part of my army.

23 You must be dignified. You must be dignified. Imitate your Brother. Imitate my Son.

24 Imitate him and you will see victory and you will see victory and you will see victory victory, victory.

25 (Sang prophecy.)

26 My Word of Life! And I live; and you must live; live my Word of Life!

27 And live, live my name. Live, because you are my breed. Live, yes, and savour my meals.

28 Live, and I will make you live! Live, and I will live! Live. Oh, live!

29 Live for me. Do this for me. Give it all to me.

30 Give it all to me: give yourselves up, give up your life, spread your love, spread sacrifices;

31 because I am calling for this, and I am calling for, yes, a double portion.

32 I wish to have double portions.

33 Sons, daughters, serve me. Serve me, double portion;

34 because I demand and when I demand, I must receive.

35 If you withhold, if you are not producing, well, I will be obliged to cut you out;

36 but you must produce, such is my will. Oh, I am the Eternal Lord of the Armies and my army must serve me.

37 Serve me, I will be there, I will be ahead of my children in order to serve them.

38 Serve the Eternal and I will be serving you.

39 Drink, eat the Word of Life, the Word of Christ.


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